Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oompa Loompa? What Is That?

First, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to my SIL, Laura, for doing a guest post for me yesterday! Now I want to get busy bikini shopping! I am so very ready for Spring!

Let me do a little weekend recap for y'all!

On Friday I got my mug and Target gift card that I won in a giveaway at Grimm Tales! Yay! Go visit her and tell her that I sent you!
It's time for this mommy to go to Target!

I know most of you saw this pic on Instagram that I posted at 5 AM Saturday morning while I was getting ready for work. I had to go outside like this with rollers in my hair to crank the "baby" truck in the weakest snow I've ever seen. Seriously, I don't even want to call it snow but it was white and flaky! If you don't know about the baby truck, you can read about that here
VS bathrobe with Uggs and rollers! I feel a trend coming on!

Well...unfortunately, after this pic, things did not go as planned. Ugh! I had an accident on my way to work. I hit some black ice while crossing the Loosahatchie (tell me that ain't country) River Bridge. As soon as I began to cross it I lost control of the baby truck. I did some spinning and sliding before heading toward the concrete barrier head on...you know the thing that is separating the bridge from the water wayyyyyy down below. It happened quickly but I had enough time to wonder if I was going to bounce off the wall or plummet into the river. Thank God, I bounced off! It was one of those "life flashes before your eyes moments." Anyways, other than a sore neck, arm, knees and a lingering headache I am fine. The baby truck, however, is done/toast. I have made fun of that truck so many times but it saved my life. Yes, I lost control because it is so light weight but it also probably bounced off that wall the way that it did because it was so small. So, RIP baby truck! You were good to us! Now time to foot some heavy bills for driving a Tahoe to Germantown twice a week and Brian driving a huge diesel to Memphis 4 times a week. Does anyone have a baby truck for sale? Ha!

I went to work Sunday without any problems on the road except a small panic attack while crossing the bridge! Afterwards, I headed down to Southaven, MS (only 10 minutes from Memphis...no big road trip) to see some of my friends that I used to work with. It was so good to see them all! We had fun catching up! I don't think I watched a full minute of the game. I have really missed my friends.

 Some of the old NICU crew from the NBC! Miss y'all!
One of my BFF's, Anna, and Ben, whom I have known my entire life, and me sporting some scrubs! Ha!

Just before I left, one of my other BFF's, Joyce, gave me a gift...Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! Hahaha! Why?? Because I have never seen it! One night during a 3AM conversation at work a couple years ago, someone said something about a oompa loompa and I asked "what in the world is that?" You would have thought I'd said something really bad because there was dead silence followed by lots of questions and laughter. She saw this movie on sale the other day and thought of me. I plan to watch it this week. Don't judge me...I grew up in a home where I was led to believe that "Smokey and The Bandit" was the greatest movie ever!

I have been in class the rest of the week at work so we have been off our normal routine here but hopefully we get back on track today. I am going to try to run today. I wasn't as sore from the accident yesterday as I was the first 2 days afterwards. I don't want this to be something that gets me sidetracked from the hard work I put in last week plus I love to run. It is such a great way to relieve stress. 

Anytime I have my phone out Caleb looks at me and says "Chee"! So cute!

Me and Aubree, my mini-me!

That's all I've got for y'all today! I'll update on how my run goes today with my broken down body! Ha! Have a lovely day!


  1. So glad you're ok! And Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was one of my favorite movies as a kid lol!

  2. omg RIP baby truck!!!! glad you are okay though! :)

  3. Love the look... I definitely see a fashion trend. :-) And glad you are ok! That black ice is scary!

  4. You okay girl with the accident? OMG "Chee" is adorable and WTH you haven't seen Willy Wonka - it is great.

  5. Oh goodness, thankfully you're okay!
    My guy drives a diesel too... gah, I hate how much he has to spend on gas. All those clothes and shoes down the drain... HAHAHAHA!!

  6. Aubree looks just like you. At one point I threatened getting a maternity test to make sure Bennett was mine. He's started to look more like me as he's gotten older though. You look very tall in the picture with the scrubs. How tall are you?

    1. Hahaha! Too funny! I think she looks more like her dad the older she gets! I am 5'8" so I guess I'm just average. I probably look tall in that pic because I had on my clogs that I wear to work and they do add a couple inches. Brian and I are the same exact height. Depending on what heels I wear I may look taller at times. Lol! Hope Bennett is feeling better!

  7. That story scared the crap out of me. RIP poor baby truck lol. What did Carter say about the truck. Aww chee. : ) y'all are twins I swear lol!

  8. That Caleb is so cute! I just want to kiss his sweet cheeks. Got to spend some time with Aubree yesterday and she's really growing up. So good to see her. I'm usually there on the weekend when she's at her dad's.

    1. She was glad that she got to see y'all. She called you Miss Vickie at the dinner table and Carter said don't call her that...she's Mimi! Lol!