Monday, December 30, 2013

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Oh hi! It's me again! I promise I'm going to do better at this blogging thing. It's a 2014 goal of mine which you'll get to soon read about later this week.

The Friday before Christmas was Aubree's Christmas dance. She was beautiful! 
When Brian takes our looks like I just smacked her and am trying to break my own neck.

Best shot of us and her eyes are closed. I'll take it!
But seriously, y'all, she was gorgeous!

So this year for Christmas we got Flu A...H1N1...whateva you want to call it but I refuse to say I had "swine" flu because I love bacon too much and it may turn me against it. It came with 2 sides...bronchitis and sinusitis!! Antibiotics, steroids, and nasal spray for everyone!

I had my flu shot and I'm glad I didn't pay for that thing! I admit I probably didn't get as sick as I would've without it. Instead of feeling like I'd laid in front of a combine and let it spin me into its headers and spit me out (Lordy she's country and graphic) I only felt like I'd been hit by a Peterbilt (my daddy's a trucker). I didn't get fever until Christmas night and it all started on the Friday before. Apparently being vaccinated can also "mask" some symptoms or whatever. So YAY for exposing errry'body! 
Come sit on your momma's lap and let her breathe H1N1 on you little cuties!

All the delicious goodies I made with my aching flu hands! It obviously didn't alter the taste. But really, I wore gloves. Can't stand stickiness on my hands. Yuck! 
The boys on Christmas night. :)
My dad and Aubree stopped by for a quick minute so she could open gifts and he left me food from my Meemaws. I think they held their breath the entire time!
And the cuties sporting their little shirts the day after Christmas at the pediatrician's office. We never got out of our pajamas on Christmas Day. 
And Lawdyyyy! I don't think we'll be eating Honey Baked Ham for a while here! Love them during the holidays but we've eaten this thing for days! I kept checking the expiration date like it was gonna change. If you're ever looking for a gift that keeps on giving here's another idea!

So, it was not the greatest Christmas ever. We didn't get to spend time with our families. Brian's grandparents and mother were down with the flu too. We also have no idea what the next several months may bring for us so that is sad too. Nobody's dying or divorcing...take a deep breath...but it's not something I will talk about here right now. You understand, right?

I hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and were not recipients of our gift that keeps on giving...unless it was the Honey Baked Ham of course! :)

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