Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

I love Summer second to Fall. There's always so much to see and do with the kids this time of year. Let's just hope Mother Nature continues to be kind to us here in the South for a little longer. Usually by now it's at least 200 degrees out and we haven't been above 90 yet. I know better...but if she could wait until after my first 5K that would be great! Why the hell am I doing my first one ever in June?

The first exciting thing that is coming up is a 5K in June with Holly, Laura, Lora, Janessa, Meredith, and I heard Jake will be there too! Like I said, it will be my first one and I am very excited and scared at the same time that I may die. Ha! I haven't run more than 2 miles in well over a month because I run either when Brian gets home from work in the morning and I feel bad because I know he's tired and doesn't want to watch kids or because I run while the kids nap with Brian and I worry the whole time that something bad is going to happen while I am out. I need a freaking treadmill!

Next is my 5 year anniversary! We have been married for almost 5 years and we haven't killed each other. This is HUGE! We usually go on family vacation for this but this year it will be just the two of us. We are going to Las Vegas. It isn't our first trip there by any means but this will be the one that we finally go see and do all the things we haven't had a chance to and we probably won't go back.

St. Thomas 2008

Magen's Bay in the Virgin Islands
Las Vegas 2009. We didn't take a single pic together. Crazy!
Next up is The Memphis Zoo. We will spend lots and lots of time there this summer. I have several friends with kids the same age as the boys and we meet there pretty frequently when the weather is nice. We have already gone once this Spring.
Carter and friends checking out the polar bears.

Aubree will be bringing back her Lemonade Stand with homemade baked cookies this summer. She enjoys it. It puts a little cash in her pocket and it gives her something to do. The last time she set up last year she sold out in 30 minutes. It's delicious!
Lemonade last year!
Brian's family has a nice house at Pickwick near the Tennessee River. We haven't gone in a while since I was a weekender. A trip there and letting Aubree and Carter ride the waverunner is definitely on the bucket list!
Camping. Brian has gone on and on and on about how he wants to go camping. I've never been camping. Sounds AWFUL to me but my FIL has a nice camper and I am willing to give it a shot with the camper. No tent though. Sounds like hell instead of a vacation to me. I think a couple of our friends with kids may join us. No date set yet but hopefully it will happen this summer complete with fishing, roasting marshmallows, and alcohol.
I really want to take a trip to St. Louis and see a Cardinals game! Carter played baseball this year and he played for the STL Cards. Haha! He enjoyed it. I think it would be fun plus there's lots to do in STL and Brian has some family there. And I could finally meet Melanie!

I try really hard to go to Mall of America once a year. I didn't make it last year. This year I am taking Aubree before school starts so we can spend a day or two there and do some school shopping. We usually fly there and ride the train over to the airport and spend the day shopping and then fly back that night but there's no longer an early morning flight to Minneapolis from Memphis and the latest one coming back connects in Atlanta. I am not a fan of flying over my destination just to get home so we will have to stay over night.
I'm not so sure she will want to go to this store anymore. She's out of the doll phase. =(

 All 3 kids waiting on the train from the airport to the mall.
Johnny Rockets, Rainforest Café, and Nestle Toll House are my favorite parts! Oh, and Lola and Steve Madden of course. Haha!
There is also talk about a possible trip to either Gulf Shores or Destin with my friend, Anna later in the summer. I just can't go a summer without going to the gulf. I am a beachy person and Brian is not. He told me he was when we first started dating but I think it was because he had been living in a frozen tundra for 5 years. Anna said we could split the cost of a condo and she loves my kids. Win win! Hope we have the funds to make it happen by the end of summer. We shall see!

 Carter in Destin, FL a couple years ago.
Gulf Shores, AL last summer.

The boys last summer.

Sweet little man.
Aubree will stay super busy this summer with camps. She is going to basketball camp, cheer camp, tumbling camp, volleyball camp, and who knows what else? Glad she is trying different things to find what fits her best.
Of course there will be lots of time spent outside swimming, playing on the playground, chasing fireflies, hopscotch, and water gun fights!
Last but not least is I want to meet my friend Chrissy somewhere in Nashville this summer if she gets the chance. Chrissy just welcomed a baby boy to the family and I am so happy for her and her family! You should go check out her blog and read her story about the journey of bringing Luke home.
What are you doing this summer? Any fun trips planned?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Weekend I Kinda Had Off and Food: The Enemy

 I was not planning on making a post on here today. You know, kinda like I haven't for the past month! I am tired. My kids were bad today. Yeah...I said it. B-A-D! Anyone who says kids aren't "bad" obviously does not have 3 of them and they sure as hell haven't gone to Walmart with the three children solo! Or they are heavily medicated. I do love them to pieces and hope today was just a fluke. Tomorrow is a new day after all!

Most of you know I resigned from my position as a weekender and have gone back to work full-time which in the world of nursing is 3 12-hour shifts per week. Pretty sweet! I will still, however, be working weekends for the most part because it works best for us as far as childcare goes. So, this weekend I worked Friday and Saturday nights and I almost died 4 times from being so tired and slept a few hours on Sunday then we headed to a family cookout for Memorial Day.

I had a BLAST! It was so great to spend time with family during the weekend. The kids played and went swimming. We played horseshoes and ate lots of good food. I got to catch up with a few of Brian's family members that I hadn't seen in a while. I love how they love us and our kids.

 Roasting marshmallows.
 Aubree and Carter having fun at the pool.
 Snapped this while chasing my little cotton-top around the yard.
 Brian's Aunt Wanda with her great nephews.
 We played horseshoes and I was very rusty!
Ahahahaha! Caleb wearing goggles.
Now for the not-so-great part. I had no idea that food was my BFF until I recently decided to start eating better and cutting back. Let me just tell y'all, it is a freaking wonder that I don't weigh 500 lbs. I recall my friend, Dawn, saying at work one night about a year ago that she hoped she lived to see the day that I became fat because she watched me eat 4 pieces of pizza, a couple cheese sticks, and 3 pieces of cake in a 12-hour period. I thought whatever, girlfriend. Momma right here has had 3 kids and looks good, eats like she wants so it ain't happening. Ha...ha...ha!! I'll take retracting that statement for 500, Alex!
I have terrible female problems. We'll just leave it at that. It is a wonder I had one child much less 3. We thought Caleb was not going to happen. Mainly because there was just about to be no uterus to grow him in but my doctor was so hung up on me being in my 20s and she really encouraged us to have another baby if we had the least desire to do so. So after about a year we found out we would be expanding our family.
When Caleb was about 6 months old, my hoopty uterus attempted to take me out. It was bad. Like the kind of bad where you call your FIL and explain things that he shouldn't know about you because you're pretty sure that you're about to die and you'd like him to come watch the kids. I will never forget his response...damn, you need a hysterectomy. Haha!
So, 2 days later I had surgery. I believe it has caused some changes in my hormones and I can no longer eat like the pig I used to be. Well, I can but it will show. I didn't really notice it until I tried on a swim suit back in the winter. It was all good until I did a reverse view. Holy Moly! When I gain, it all goes to my buttocks and thighs. So, that's where all the red velvet and caramel cake with wine was going. Oh, and the cream cheese pastry warmed up from Starbucks like erry'day!
Now, I am not saying that I am fat. I don't think that I am. I have never thought that I was fat. However, I do believe that it could happen. I believe that if I continued to eat like, as Holly says, it's the only way to get into Heaven that I would have a little problem.
I started doing Pilates, which  I swear by. I also started running. I do challenges here and there. I love squat challenges. I feel so much better on the days that I work out. It really does make a difference.
I decided that I should start to make more healthy choices in my diet and cut back. Ok, so this is the part where I realized how MUCH I used to eat and I do not see how I am not ginormous! I only snack on fruit, yogurt, cheese, and Stacy's Pita chips now. I used to buy a dozen cupcakes a week and hide them from my kids and snack on those. I only put reasonable portions on my plate now and don't go back for a second helping. Before, I ate until I had that feel stomach ache feeling. I guess I thought you were supposed to eat until you felt like you were going to pop.
I feel much better now as far as my stomach. I used to have GI issues and I can now see why! However, I feel almost depressed sometimes about food. I didn't realize that often times I would eat just to eat I suppose. I catch myself multiple times a day wanting to go into the pantry for a snack and I am NOT hungry. What in the world?!? I would snack while I cooked dinner. Why? I mean I was getting ready to eat dinner so why snack? I would snack after the kids went to bed while drinking wine. Not because I was hungry. I am starting to think food was a companion of mine. I feel like I should be snacking right now as I type this.
I am sharing all of this because I am struggling, y'all! Like I said, I don't think that I am fat but I have got to continue to do as well as I have been over the past few weeks. It's not just the issue of fearing weight gain, it's the yucky family history of heart disease and cancer that I have. Not to mention that I want to set an example for my kids.
We are going to Las Vegas in about 3 weeks and I plan on eating like a pig and drinking like a fish but I am a little afraid that it may make me feel like crap or even puke! We can't have that!
Does anyone else feel like food is their BFF? Anyone eat because they are bored? Everyone ready for me to shut up? Haha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Can't Breathe

True story, y'all. On Monday I felt as though I could not breathe and it wasn't just from my stupid allergies. Nope. It was the fact that my 11 year old walked into the doors of Junior High to begin cheerleader tryouts and that she did NOT want me to go in with her. I was stunned and shocked. I mean I thought I would need to sign her in and wait with her until the coach showed up. Nope again!
I even insisted that I walk her to the gym just in case she couldn't find it. Well, she went on a field trip last week to tour the school so another fail!

So, I just stood there looking at her in the parking lot and I asked if I could at least take a picture. She huffed a little and made me do it where nobody could see. I just snapped a quick picture. I couldn't tell if it was good or not because my eyes were full of tears. I mean the kind of full where if you blink about a 100 tears are going to stream down your face. She immediately turned and walked away.

I got in my car and noticed she left her water. Yay! I had an excuse to enter the building! Score! I did and she looked a bit shocked. She was with her childhood friend and they agreed to let me get a picture and then I had to immediately leave the premises.

As I was leaving I began to cry so hard that I could barely breathe. I was already nervous about this whole cheerleader thing but I sure wasn't expecting any of this. At all! I had absolutely no tissue in the car. What kind of mother with 3 kids has no freaking snot rags? I had a clean diaper in the glove box for a Caleb emergency and I used it for a tissue. The guy sitting next to me at the redlight on Highway 51 stared at me like I was crazy. What?!? You've never seen someone wipe their face and blow their nose into a diaper? Me neither but whatever works!

I got myself together before I arrived at the house. I didn't want Brian to give me a hard time. I walked straight to the pantry and shoved about 10 Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips in my mouth. It was this very moment that I realized I am an emotional eater. Yeah. So. Whatever.

I walked into my bedroom and it must have been obvious that I had been crying because Brian asked what was wrong and I just completely burst into tears. I mean we are talking ugly cry in full blown effect!
I am sure my ugly cry was worse than this.
I had a small meltdown explaining the situation to Brian. Apparently things that I had no idea were bothering me were, in fact, bothering me. I cried about how I am turning 31 next week. Yeah I know I did a whole post on how great the 30s are. Bite me! I was having a moment. Ok?!? The 30s are still better than the 20s. I also boo hoo'd (not sure how to spell that and don't care) about how Caleb won't even let me feed him anymore. He cries until I give him the spoon or fork. Last but not least I cried about how I can't have anymore babies and I am sad because there won't be another baby in this house. Really? O.M.G.! I don't even know where that one came from. It had to have been hormones. I mean HAD TO HAVE BEEN!!
Like usual, Brian had no idea what to say and didn't make it much better but at least he didn't make it worse. I went and flipped on the television and Dr. Oz was on. What the crap? I needed some Oprah in my life at that very moment. I didn't want to listen to him talk about how clogged my damn arteries are. So I just found the next best thing...Paula Deen!
It's Thursday and I still feel like I can't breathe. Why? Well...because I am so worried about her feelings getting hurt if she doesn't make the cheerleading squad. She is at an age where things like that are a really big deal. Aubree has always been more of a softball player. Yes, she cheered when she was really young but she loved softball more. She shocked me with this cheer thing. I am happy that she is trying out. I think it's great but I am a mother hen. I had to let her do this. She may be great at it. She has to "find" herself and that makes this so hard. I just worry because so many of those girls have danced and cheered their entire lives. She has worked really hard though. They are announcing cuts at school today. I am just as nervous as she is!
So...I will update via Instagram today. It is going to be a busy day. Caleb starts speech therapy and Carter has a baseball game and I really hope that we will be practicing with friends for final cheerleader tryouts scheduled for Friday. Fingers crossed!
I leave you with pics of Aubree. It really hit me this week that time does fly. Like the country song says "Don't Blink".
Baby Aubree sucking her thumb. Photo by Phil Ramsey Photography.
Playing in her saucer
The thumb again with a pine needle. Ha! By Phil Ramsey Photography
Christmas 2005
Disney World
5th birthday dinner with Cinderella at The Magic Kingdom
First day of Kindergarten
Heading to my BFF's wedding
Waiting on the train to Mall of America in Minnesota
What a diva! I still hate those shoes!
Aubree and Garner at tryouts this week when I was not really "allowed" in there. Ha!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday Memories and Linkup

Chrissy, Holly, and I are hosting a linkup today for everyone to share their favorite birthday parties and stories. The three of us celebrate our birthdays this month. Mine is next Monday.

The person with the best birthday story wins a $50 gift card to Kiki La'Rue!! Say what?!? should come as NO surprise at all that I could not narrow it down to one birthday. I mean that's why I have no tattoos. I have decision issues. Sue me.

All 30 of my birthdays have been great. I could not find pictures for all of them so it's hard to remember every single birthday party. Speaking of looking through old pics...I came across some OLD stuff tonight. Every time I look through old pics I feel like Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers should be playing in the background. My family is super country.

My favorite birthday was my 7th and I am so sad that I can't find pics. I clearly remember finally getting my ears pierced and my mom took me and my friends to stay at a hotel next to The Mall of Murder Memphis that is no longer there. The hotel had an indoor pool and we had a blast. Fun!

Now for some birthday with pics! This was my 3rd birthday and I do remember bits and pieces of it. I clearly remember the location. It was called Showbiz Pizza and is now better known as...wait for it...Chuck E. Cheese. Ha!
Little Lindsey
They had the best pizza!
And the ball pit! Back when those were safe!
Billy Bob was the coolest! There was also some kind of strange looking cheerleader. Ha! By the way, you couldn't pay me enough to go to this particular location anymore. Talk about dangerous!
Next, I remember having a birthday party at the local skating rink that is now a bowling alley in my hometown. It was my 4th birthday.
That would be me with my mouth wide open. Hmm...looks like I am wearing mint.
No, that's not a little boy. It's me sporting a bowl cut! Why, mother, why? I was proud of my pink Cabbage Patch cake. Glad it was pink or my guests may have been confused.
I loved riding those little things.  I think they were called turtles.
On my 6th birthday my mom went all out. I had a nice party at school and then a carnival themed party at home with friends and family.
Everyone in the Kindergarten class wanted to be my BFF. Haha! Actually the blonde kid is my first cousin. Lol!

The classroom party came complete with a magician. Everyone was amazed and I was the cool kid for the day. Not sure why I wasn't looking at the camera.
Now the carnival party but GOOD GOD my hair is distracting! I call these the bad bang/mullet style days.
My sister and I with the clown. I think her name was Tubby. I remember she painted our faces and smelled like an ashtray. Haha!
Look at the unicorn on those chubby cheeks. No...really, you're admiring the mullet, aren't ya?
Apparently, Tubby yelled out something that got everyone's attention and caused me to have chest pains as I am giving the univeral sign for chest pain. Ahahaha! I've mentioned the childhood boyfriend before. Look at him all pitiful with his broken arm. I believe I've also mentioned I am married to his 3rd cousin. Lol! He is now one of my best friends that I NEVER see.
Last year my 30th birthday was on a Sunday and as a weekender I was working of course. My work family is the best. They made sure I was taken care of.

 Lots and lots of sweets to get us through the 12 hour night shift.
Speaking of being a weekender, I guess I can now share that I am going back full-time and giving up the part-time weekend gig. It's been nice but it's time for me to enjoy some weekends off with my family. I will be working three 12-hour shifts per week and will still mostly work weekends BUT I don't have to work every weekend. No more of this 3 weekends off per year. Yay...Yay...Yay!!! I hope my old school birthdays were interesting. There were lots of slumer parties and a couple of ice skating parties. Love birthdays! They seem to mean more each year. Be sure to link up and share your favorite birthday and don't forget the best story wins a $50 gift card to Kiki La'rue.
Ready. Start. GO!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work It, Girl!

 Most of you already know from Instagram (@linzlee1982) that I am working hard to whip it into shape before vacation in 45 days for our 5 year anniversary. I think it's working too. I can tell a difference in the jiggliness (yes I invent words) of my boot-ay and my thighs have slimed down. Those are the 2 places where I truly believe that the warmed cream cheese danish from Starbucks 3 mornings a week to reward myself for pumping breastmilk at work 3 times during a 12 hour shift went. Dang that was a long sentence. Also, I would drink a bottle  a glass of wine every night that I was off work and enjoy it with either a piece of red velvet cake with cream cheese icing or caramel cake as a reward because I had managed to keep 3 kids fed, clean, and alive for that particular day. I partially blame our Kroger because they slice up whole cakes and sell individual pieces dirt cheap. I hate to pass up a good deal and waste delicious food. I stopped doing all of the above as part of my New Year's resolution and I have stuck with it. I did not cut the sweets out at that time because I was trying to lose weight. I cut them out because eating crap food like that makes you feel like crap. Plus I don't want to get "The Dia-beat-us" like a few of my family members. Ain't got time for that mess!

Now, I don't want anybody fantasizing about killing me because you think I have a nice body so why am I working out like it's the only way to get into Heaven, as my friend Holly says. Ha! I am trying to eat healthier kinda, lol, and tone up. I tried on a bikini a couple months and it was all good in the front minus needing a boob job but I won't even go there today. I'll save that for some other time. The rear was a different story. For the first time in my life I wanted to take that bikini off like it was on fire and pretend that never happened. It was my booty that was the problem. I've had 3 kids and could come home from the hospital and slip back into my old jeans so how did this happen? ALCOHOL in my Brad Paisley voice! That's how! I didn't start drinking wine until around October of last year after I stopped breastfeeding. Let's just say, I really liked the wine and mixing it with all those sweets was not a good idea. It tasted good though.

I am currently doing 3 different fitness challenges for the month of May. I am doing a squat challenge, a VSit challenge (hate IT), and a plank challenge. These are a good combo as they are not time consuming at all. I am still trying to run at least 2 times a week and do Pilates 3 times a week. When I don't work out or run for more than like 2 days I feel like crap!

So, if you want to join me in the challenges and it doesn't mess with your OCD to start a challenge on the 8th day of the month then please do! I find the more the merrier AND I love posting my pics about the challenge on IG to hold myself accountable so sorry if I am bothering anyone with that. I don't mean to.

In other news, Aubree will be trying out for cheerleading next week at the junior high she will attend in the fall so say a prayer for her. She is at that awkard age where if things don't go as planned she thinks the whole world is coming to an end. Caleb gets his own post this week so I can update everyone about him. Carter won the game ball . He told me after his nap yesterday that he dreamed he won the game ball and then he did later that evening. How awesome is that?

Practicing basic motions using a video. Lol! I know nothing about cheering. Nothing.

Caleb at The Memphis Zoo last week. He took his shoes off the first 5 minutes we were there.
He was so proud of winning the game ball!
Last but not least, I am doing a linkup with Chrissy and Holly next Tuesday about your favorite birthday story! We all 3 have birthdays this month. So, start reminiscing and digging out old pics to share with us. A giveaway is def included in this linkup and it's one you don't want to miss!


 Happy Wednesday!!