Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work It, Girl!

 Most of you already know from Instagram (@linzlee1982) that I am working hard to whip it into shape before vacation in 45 days for our 5 year anniversary. I think it's working too. I can tell a difference in the jiggliness (yes I invent words) of my boot-ay and my thighs have slimed down. Those are the 2 places where I truly believe that the warmed cream cheese danish from Starbucks 3 mornings a week to reward myself for pumping breastmilk at work 3 times during a 12 hour shift went. Dang that was a long sentence. Also, I would drink a bottle  a glass of wine every night that I was off work and enjoy it with either a piece of red velvet cake with cream cheese icing or caramel cake as a reward because I had managed to keep 3 kids fed, clean, and alive for that particular day. I partially blame our Kroger because they slice up whole cakes and sell individual pieces dirt cheap. I hate to pass up a good deal and waste delicious food. I stopped doing all of the above as part of my New Year's resolution and I have stuck with it. I did not cut the sweets out at that time because I was trying to lose weight. I cut them out because eating crap food like that makes you feel like crap. Plus I don't want to get "The Dia-beat-us" like a few of my family members. Ain't got time for that mess!

Now, I don't want anybody fantasizing about killing me because you think I have a nice body so why am I working out like it's the only way to get into Heaven, as my friend Holly says. Ha! I am trying to eat healthier kinda, lol, and tone up. I tried on a bikini a couple months and it was all good in the front minus needing a boob job but I won't even go there today. I'll save that for some other time. The rear was a different story. For the first time in my life I wanted to take that bikini off like it was on fire and pretend that never happened. It was my booty that was the problem. I've had 3 kids and could come home from the hospital and slip back into my old jeans so how did this happen? ALCOHOL in my Brad Paisley voice! That's how! I didn't start drinking wine until around October of last year after I stopped breastfeeding. Let's just say, I really liked the wine and mixing it with all those sweets was not a good idea. It tasted good though.

I am currently doing 3 different fitness challenges for the month of May. I am doing a squat challenge, a VSit challenge (hate IT), and a plank challenge. These are a good combo as they are not time consuming at all. I am still trying to run at least 2 times a week and do Pilates 3 times a week. When I don't work out or run for more than like 2 days I feel like crap!

So, if you want to join me in the challenges and it doesn't mess with your OCD to start a challenge on the 8th day of the month then please do! I find the more the merrier AND I love posting my pics about the challenge on IG to hold myself accountable so sorry if I am bothering anyone with that. I don't mean to.

In other news, Aubree will be trying out for cheerleading next week at the junior high she will attend in the fall so say a prayer for her. She is at that awkard age where if things don't go as planned she thinks the whole world is coming to an end. Caleb gets his own post this week so I can update everyone about him. Carter won the game ball . He told me after his nap yesterday that he dreamed he won the game ball and then he did later that evening. How awesome is that?

Practicing basic motions using a video. Lol! I know nothing about cheering. Nothing.

Caleb at The Memphis Zoo last week. He took his shoes off the first 5 minutes we were there.
He was so proud of winning the game ball!
Last but not least, I am doing a linkup with Chrissy and Holly next Tuesday about your favorite birthday story! We all 3 have birthdays this month. So, start reminiscing and digging out old pics to share with us. A giveaway is def included in this linkup and it's one you don't want to miss!


 Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Cheer coach checking in here! Tell her to make sure and practice jumps. Make sure she knows to point her toes and smiles! Tell her to POP her motions and make sure she is sharp with her motions! And good luck to momma and baby girl!

  2. yahooooo!!! My 1st link up and it's with my favorite NICU nurse!! I'm so excited. I just can't hide it! You have THE CUTEST kids EVER!!! You are rocking the shit out of these challenges!! You're my hero!

  3. dang, she looks like she is 15 in that pic!!

  4. Wooooo for a linkup with 3 of my favorites! I'll have to start looking for pictures. You are kicking ass with those challenges my friend. :)

  5. You are hilarious! The "Dia-beat-us!" I died!

    Get it on girl, you look great but we all want to change parts of us and you can totally do it!

  6. Poor Aubree! I am officially adopting her as my niece! AA (adopted aunt) Darci will teach her everything there is no know about cheerleading while I'm there in September!

    Great job on the challenges! I need to start, like now!

  7. I am trying to avoid "The Dia-beat-us" too. Damn sugar. I need to try this vsit challenge since I suck at squats.

  8. Im not sure Im going to join your challenge, but I enjoy watching from IG :) I love reading your updates on there :) Dont apologize!

  9. SO glad you are seeing results... Can't wait to read all the Birthday stuff tomorrow.

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