Thursday, September 27, 2012

Atoka, Memphis, Gilt Edge, Randolph...all in one day! was not like most others. In fact it had a lot of randomness to it. My boys were both up at 4:45 wth this morning...random. Brian took Carter to preschool like always. Caleb and I were supposed to be going to Sam's, which we did, but I mean the mall is right there and so I just swung right on in and accidentally spent a couple hundred at Macy's and picked up some "supplies" I really needed...random!! Next, pick up Carter from preschool (btw...Aubree is out of town with her dad, she's still around) and he wanted to go see the Mississippi "Wiver" and told me we had to go to Aunt La's house to see it. Oh poor boy thought the river only ran through downtown Memphis. Time for a geograpy lesson and your first trip to the bottoms....random! So, off to Randolph we go. He got to see the river but we didn't get out because there were some creepers lurking in the parking lot at Richardson Landing. I enjoyed the ride out in the country with the boys and enjoyed showing Carter where my grandparents lived when I was growing up and where they went to church. He was excited to see it all. Not much has changed out that way...which I think is just fine and dandy! Way to keep it real Gilt Edge, TN!

 This is New Salem Methodist in Gilt Edge, TN. My grandparents went to church here. Lots of memories behind those brick walls!
Carter was checking on the cotton.
I have got to make a post about my boys and their milestones for 1 and 4! See...I plan to have all my posts for 2012 printed into a book for us. Isn't technology wonderful? 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

True Story Tuesday

I can be random at times. This is one of the things that Brian and I have in common. However, I will never be as random as him. So, tonight while the baby was crawling all over me while I laid in the floor watching Carter run from one side of the room to the other in nothing but randomly thought of my little sister. I miss her. It makes me sad that my kids will never meet her. There's plenty of other things about her not being here that make me sad. I share stories about her with Aubree every now and then. Tonight as I watched my boys I was reminded of what it was like growing up together. We were only 21 months apart. Lots of fighting but we shared a bond that was like no other. I may have smacked her in the head before school but if anyone laid a hand on her once we got to school their ass would have been grass (my dad's favorite line when I was growing up). I hope I was a good big sister.

Anyhow, I thought of one of the funniest things that ever happened to us and I even laughed. Picture it...Covington, TN 1994 (in a Sopia Petrillo voice...Rebecca you heard the story but I know you want to hear it again)...I woke up freezing cold in the middle of the night. I have no idea what time it was because there was no power. The next thing I know is that there was a LOUD crash right outside my window. Sounded like a bomb...then here comes my Dad (thank GOD he was off the road at the time) asking if I was ok. I replied yes but I am cold and now I am scared. He explained to me that we were having a Ice Storm and the trees were falling apart and one had fallen over our power lines and ripped the service out of our house. People...I grew up in the country. There were 18 pine trees that lined our house that was surrounded by old Oak trees. Minutes later another crash, then another and they were getting close together. So, I proceeded to take my scared self to get in bed with my sister who could have slept through a tornado had I ever given her the chance! Then half the Oak tree outside our bedrooms split in half and landed on the house. It didn't come through but that was the first heart attack I had ever had! LOL! At this time, my dad decides we should just come get in bed with them. with me...I'm freaking out and freezing! I stop by my bedroom then run to get in bed with the family. A few minutes later my dad rolls over and his head bumped mine. He jumps up and says "Lindsey, what in the hell? Are you wearing your 4-wheeler helmet?" Why, hell yes I am!! My entire body may have been crushed by one those trees but my head/brain was going to be just fine! Hahaha! My family told this story to every guy I dated, any new friends I made, etc.. It is funny now but at the time it wasn't! A few weeks later my dad was in Tulsa in an Ice Storm and he happened to have a camera. He snapped a pic of a truck driver wearing a helmet while driving. Smart guy! I see no problem!

Funny stories like that get me through some days. There are days that I think of her from sun up to sun down. It's hard. I think she would be proud of me. I hope that my kids will be close to one another and share stories like mine someday.

Just one month later my life changed forever
So this was a funny/sad'ish kinda post but I feel better having shared a favorite sister story. I hope it makes someone smile! Any crazy sibling stories?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Carter and Caleb!

We partied it up here on Friday night! We celebrated Carter's 4th birthday which was Saturday and Caleb's 1st birthday which was Monday. We had a really good time. The theme was Cowboy/Western. We grilled cheeseburgers and hotdogs with all the trimmings and, of course, we had cake and ice cream. It's so hard to believe that another year as gone by. Time flies!
 The chip and dip and snack table
Cowboy/Cowgirl hats and bandanas for all
 My 2 oldest that couldn't be still for a pic! Ha!
 Kids playing and Brian's Pawpaw relaxing
Our Grandmothers
 The cake from Miss Muff'n Bakery. It was awesome!
 Happy Birthday, Carter! Make a wish!
 Daddy and Little Brother
 Caleb's cake
I think he liked it!
This makes me laugh! Caleb's mismatched clothes after making a mess and my "Tennessee humidity hair"!
 Carter got a bike which is scary as hell when you are a nurse!
Caleb got a car! Look at that face!
And what party isn't complete without party favors?
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I am counting down to my second weekend off this year...the weekend of November 3! It is much needed! I must go now as it is Monday and that means that all laundry baskets are throwing up, dishwasher is full of clean dishes, and the boys smell funny. LOL! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy, busy week

Wow! This week has REALLY flown by! It has been super busy around here between preschool, multiple trips to Walmart and Sam's in preparation of the boys birthday party, dance class, trip with friends to The Memphis Zoo, preschool birthday party, dance class, everything in between, and the boys birthday party is tomorrow night.

Yes...most of you know that Carter and Caleb's birthdays are 3 years and 2 days apart. September 22 for Carter and September 24 for Caleb...yeah...try calling the doctor and making appointments with those names and birthdays. I have to speak slowly! Anyhow, we are having one big party. I am so excited! Normally, I am so stressed by now but, hey people, I have 3 kids. I do the best I can! I will be sure to post lots of pics from the party.


These are the cupckaes from Carter's school birthday party. They came from Sam's and were soooo good!
So, we meet up with my "Weekend Warrior" work friends, Heather and Laura, and their kids at the zoo on Wednesday. We were all about 45 minutes late...LOL! Oh well! We had a really good time and I think Carter and Ava are crushing on each other. Heather and I kept saying they could actually pass as twins though. The weather was nice and we enjoyed the good company. Hope to do it again soon!
 See what I mean?
 Caleb was such a good baby!
Ok boys...look at mommy and say cheese...ok...thanks anyways! Ha!
I can't believe Caleb is turning 1 already! This has been the fastest year of my life! He's trying to walk and still into everything. OMG...I caught him in the trashcan earlier. I didn't panic, Rebecca W! I know you'll be texting me about this! LOL!
 Turn your back for just a sec...
 Sweet baby in his jammies!
He's so sweet!

And how about those Georgia Bulldogs?? Off to a good start! I'm so sorry for my Missouri friends...Brian ordered a shirt and I just can't resist posting a pic! =) I am off the weekend of the Homecoming game and Brian will be in Atlanta for 2 weeks so we bought tickets to the game! Just need to line up some babysitters. =)
It's all fun and games!
Awkward moment of the week...Aubree wants to have a friend over Friday for the boys party so I see no problem letting her have a guest. She brings me the number for a girl in her class. Now, I am weird about her going places and friends coming here unless I know their parents. I am from this place so I should know almost everyone! Well...this momma I called wasn't feeling it at all. I even found a way to get around to mentioning that I am a freaking nurse and she was all like "yeah, ok, well I'll just have to call you back"...ok then. I am trying so hard to do better with this. I feel like I have caused some scarring in the friend department for Aubree because I rarely let her go anywhere but all I was asking for was this girl to come hang out for 2 hours. Oh well...I tried! It was just really weird because I wasn't sure what to say. Please blog friends, tell me what you do when your kiddos become friends with folks you don't know! I must go scrub floors for the party tomorrow because we all know that the guests will be checking to see how clean my floors are! Ha! Yeah right!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letter

Doing my second link up this week! This comes from Ashley at "Adventures of Newlyweds". Thought this one sounded fun. May have to do this one every Friday.
Dear Exterminator, Why oh why did you decide to stop by while you were in the neighborhood on the one day that me and my boys were sleeping late? I think you should've left after ringing the doorbell the first time but, no, you refused. Glad I am terrified of spiders!
Dear Toy Story toys, Every day I find you guys on my bedroom floor and I move you to the kids room and every night I found you back on my floor looking deadish. Are the kids getting to you? I feel ya!
Dear sweet family, I have really tried to figure out how the spit on mirror thing happens above the sink. I've even tried to make it happen myself but I don't get it. Can we try to get this under control? LOL! (excuse the pale arm)
Dear Fall, I really feel you trying to make your way to TN and I am so ready for you! Cooler weather, boots, football, Halloween, and new seasons of my TV shows!
Dear Real World St. Thomas, I am so glad that you are over! It was like a bad wreck that I didn't want to look at but couldn't resist. I think I have officially outgrown you!
Dear Kelly on Dance Moms, I do not care what anyone says, I love Dance Moms and, Kelly, you can not leave!
Dear Greek Yogurt, I am new to working out and eating better. I think most people in my position would appreciate a warning label about eating you before working out. OMG! It was like morning sickness all over.
Dear Memphis Tigers,  Even though I am a die-hard SEC football, Georgia bulldog girl, I am still your alumni and I believe in you! GO TIGERS GO!
Dear Hubby, Going out to dinner without kids tonight was super nice! However, I am still laughing that you didn't feel like driving because you had jetlag from flying from Atlanta to Memphis! Ha! And thanks for posing for a pic...
Dear Walmart, Love the bike we bought for Carter's bday! However, I don't understand how you don't have a personalized plate with the name "Carter" or even "Caleb", yet "Bubba" is readily available...
Until nex time...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Weekly Update

I know you've all been waiting all week to hear about what's been going on with us! Ha! I really can't believe that it's almost Friday. Ughhh day closer to starting my work weekend. Oh I can't complain though! I have Mon-Fri off and love my job.

You alreay know everything we did on Tuesday from my "A Day in the Life" post. Wednesday Brian left to go to Atlanta for 2 days for work. Me and the boys went to Walmart before Aubree got home from school and blew money on stuff we didn't need picked up a few things. Aubree just had to have some ribs from Chili's so I caved and got take-out. No way I was going in Chili's with my 10 year old, 3 year old, and 11 month old alone. That's just asking for trouble! For the rest of the evening I cleaned BBQ sauce off doorknobs, countertops, etc and vowed not to let that girl eat ribs indoors again. Next time it's outside and she has to hosed down before coming in.

Today we got some very unexpected but much needed rain just as I was getting ready to take Carter to preschool. Caleb and I played all day. He loves all the attention he gets on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the other kids are gone.

Aubree started dance tonight. She is taking Hip-hop and Jazz ballet at Showstars. I think that she will enjoy it. She asked to do it and has several friends there. It's one night a week so it's not a problem with school. She quit softball. To say that she was burned out would be the understatement of the year! She also got her progress report today...4 A's and 2 B's!! GO AUBREE!!!!!!!!!

Finished up our evening playing and studying for a Social Studies test tomorrow that she will pass with flying colors. Oh...I forgot to mention that she had a project this week and she got a 100 on it too. She is doing really well this year as far as grades go but there's  a couple mean girls in her class. We all know what that's like!
You know that you are a mommy or getting older  when you get excited about hanging your babies pics on the wall. All my kids pics are finally hung. We've only been here since March so that's not too bad. I would like to thank my mother-in-law for her suggestions on how to hang the pics as her son was coming up with some crazy unique ideas. Glad to know he'll take her advice. I have a list of things that I need to get to her ASAP! Here's a look at my babies pics. They were done by the one and only Phil Ramsey. He is awesome!

 First pic is Carter. My boys look so much alike. I had this same shot done with Caleb
but you could not tell them apart and they are wearing the same outfit. I thought some may think
why does she have 2 pics of the same kid? Lol!
My baby, Caleb. Look at that smile and those 2 teeth!
Aubree's just takes my breath away! These pics of the pics do them no justice. Her pictures were taken on my family farm which makes them even more meaningful. I actually framed hers myself from an old mirror.
I guess that's all for now. I'll be spending the day with my dad tomorrow at the hospital. Hoping for good results and that nobody there knows that I am a nurse. It can be pretty entertaining when they don't know.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day in the Life

I'm linking up with my new friend, Holly, about "A Day in the Life"...oh what a day for this post. You can view her blog by clicking on the icon above. I must warn you that reading this may cause extreme exhaustion! It's been a busy day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually that way here. Not sure how I am still typing at this point! Ha! And I apologize for how boring this may be. Little Caleb broke the camera lens on my iphone and I did go get it fixed today but it was late. Otherwise I would have included tons of pics! I thought about using my camera but I can't find it. I am so spoiled by my iphone!  And here we go...
My day started at 0522! Baby Caleb wanted his bottle bright and early. Luckily, he wanted to go back to sleep but I saw no need in going back to sleep because...
0630-Time to get Aubree up, fed, and dressed in clothes that meet school dress code! What a diva!
0707-Aubree's bus arrives. She argues that she can take her poptart on the bus because 5th graders are allowed to eat on the bus. Really?!? So all the poor K-4 kids just get to sit and watch and that contract I signed that stated NO EATING ON THE BUS AT ANYTIME was all a lie. Hand it over and get on the bus, little girl!
0715-0730 is silent moment mommy time!Yay 15 minutes! I catch up on blogs and emails.
0735-Time to work on my fitness and pray that nobody wakes up! There's nothing like doing lunges with 2 little boys dangling from each leg! Hahaha!
0810-Shower time. Again, always nice if the little ones sleep through this. I was lucky today! I got to shower and put on make up before anyone got up. Didn't get to dry my hair but that seems to be a thing of the past anyhow!
0835-Time to get Carter up and ready for preschool, breakfast, pack his lunch, and get the baby up and dressed. Now today Carter asked me to leave his clothes out and assured me he could get "dwessed" by himself. So I did. And to my surprise I walked in to my kitchen to find him butt naked eating Trix! OMG!! Excuse the poor pic quality...recall that my camera lens was broken.
0900-Drop Carter off at preschool. And yes, we got the clothing issue worked out. Ha!
0910-Hurry back home to feed Little "C" his oatmeal before he gets cranky and another bottle. He's a growing boy!
0930-Post office
0940-Kroger. Btw...going with just one child is almost like a vacation.Almost!
1040-Home again! Unload groceries and get everything in order for tonights dinner.
1110-Unload/load diswasher. Yeah...I had some dirty dishes in my sink. Don't judge me!
1120-Laundry! We are either the cleanest people in the world or the dirtiest! I have yet to figure it out!
1130-Kitchen clean day! I have to break down cleaning my house into certain rooms on certain days. I cannot commit a whole day to cleaning house...obviously! Countertops, appliances, and getting rid of expired food are easy to do with a 11 month old hanging from your leg while he's crying.
1145-Lunch time
1215-Time to play outside with Caleb. He loves to swing!
1245-Fix bottle, feed him, put him down for a nap
1300(can you tell I'm a night shifter)-Oh yeah...I forgot I needed to pee 3 hours ago!
1305-Sweep and mop foyer and kitchen floors while the little people are not around.
1330-Waiting on another load of clothes. Think I'll watch House Hunters for a minute.
1342-1350-Yes I took an 8 minute nap...set my alarm and everything. I take what I can get!
1400-Pick up Carter from preschool
1415-Pick up Aubree from school
1430-My father-in-law arrives to watch the boys so I can take Aubree to Memphis for a doctor appointment.
1530-Arrive at doctor's office
1645-Head to Apple for some iphone CPR!
1730-Iphone resuscitation was successful! Headed home!
1830-Home again! At this point my sister-in-law and her hubby are watching the boys. Thanks Carrie! Glad chicken was marinated and ready for oven. Boil potatoes for 15 min so they'll bake faster! between this time and 2100, we ate, checked homework, 3 kids were showered/bathed. Are you tired from reading this? Geez!
And I'm not ashamed to admit that after the kids went to bed I watched "Dance Moms" like I do every Tuesday night! Everybody has that one show that they like and that's mine! I am now lying in bed blogging after a hot bath. Feeling pretty tired at this point! LOL!
So this is a day in my life. As busy and crazy as it may seem I love it. I would not have it any other way! I am always amazed at parents who work 5 days a week and have kids. Don't see how you do it!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

If you really knew me...

Thursday I said I'd be posting this so here it goes in no particular order!!
If you really knew me...

You'd know that yesterday was Friday and Brian is off and work is crazy so I was a good peep and went in to help out. Brian and i work opposite schedules for our kids. We are both on night shift. The extra money on my check isn't bad and Brian and I have gotten used to sleeping in the same bed twice a month...

And you'd know we live this way (kinda like single parents) because our kids are our life and one day they'll be grown and we'll have plenty of time to hang out then. You would think it strains a marriage but it works out fine

You'd know that I am a weekender. I have a set schedule...Saturday and Sunday nights. I get 2 weekends off a year. I love being here during the week for my kids but get a little sad on the weekend but it's worth it. It's worse right now because of college football!

You'd know I love my job. I started there before I graduated and fell in love with the babies. There's something to be said about watching the ups and downs a preemie faces and being a part of it but some think I just play with babies. No. It's like a cake that didn't have enough time to bake, the insides aren't ready. From the outside it looks ok but inside not so much. Premature lungs, guts, and a heart are scary. I've hugged mommas when they take their babies home after months in the NICU and held mommas while they let their babies go to heaven. Everyday is different and I am blessed to be a part of it.

You'd know I don't like country music except that one song "Springsteen". Man! That song just takes me back to hanging out in Kroger parking lot, riding out by the airport, parking on the right side at Sonic, and Friday night football.

You'd know I don't like country music because of this boy that begged me daily to be his girlfriend from the 6th grade thru the 8th grade. Yeah...I listened to him gripe about country so much that I turned against it.

You'd know that this boy I'm talking about that didn't like country is my husband and I'll have you know he listens to country now!!

You'd know that I used to love Widespread Panic but "outgrew" them I guess but their song "Mercy" will always give me chills.

You'd know if there were a soundtrack to my life it would consist of music by Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, and some Pink Floyd. Random?? Yes please!

You'd know my favorite thing to eat is a cheeseburger with cheddar cheese plain!! Yummy!

You'd know I didn't discover I liked wine until I was 30 so yes that would be this year! Stella Rosa is my girl!

You'd know my first car was a 1997 formula firebird, black with t tops and chrome wheels. I got in in 1996. Do your math...yes I was 14 and spoiled! My kids will NOT get a new car nor drive at 14. I didn't appreciate it at all! Thanks dad but it's a wonder I'm even alive to make this post!

You'd know that I think Dansko's are a must for nurses and they have such cute designs.

You'd know that even though I'm a nurse I hate germs and avoid the heck out of sick people. If you're having a heart attack or something like that I'm all over it but if you're puking or feeling flu-ish please go away!! Now!!

You'd know I have a fear of head lice!! Omg!! This comes from a bad experience during my brief time working in L&D when I was pregnant. I didn't catch it or I'd still be in therapy but I do put tea tree oil in my shampoo because supposedly they hate it and stay away. Don't ever google head lice!

You'd know I love planning parties! If you're getting married or having a baby I'm having a party for you!

You'd know that I got reacquainted with Brian after seeing his dad out one night. He lived in Minnesota at the time. That deserves its own post soon. Lol!

You'd know that I think Forrest Gump is the best movie ever!! Home Alone is right behind it.

You'd know that I think "The Cosby Show" was the best show ever!

You'd know that I am scared to go in a bank after being robbed at gunpoint while working in one. These 2 jerks had pantyhose on their faces and felt necessary to shoot the gun to let us know it was loaded! Assholes!! If a bank can't nicely place any paperwork to be signed in the drive thru or the mail I'll find another bank!

You'd know if I hear someone make fun of someone because of their weight that I'm likely to snap. Why? Because I had to hug and make my sister happy everyday after school when kids had made fun of her for her weight. And guess what?! She died trying to be skinny!

You'd know that I think family is a treasure but ,Lord, with the exception of my Meemaw, Aunt, and 1 cousin mine is crazy! If you ever want to feel worse or the county know your business let me give you my mothers number!

You'd know my first cousin, Nate, is like my brother. I love him and would do anything for him.

You'd know that fall is my favorite! The cooler weather, my boys birthdays, the boots, football, the hum of cotton pickers and combines. What's not to love?

You'd know that I think Mall of America is the best!! Go there every fall! Mother-in-law...are you ready?? Name the Friday and I'm there!

Ok...that's enough...for now! Hope nobody is traumatized!

The only pic I have alone and it's old and was taken by Carter when he was 2! Lol! Is it the flash or was I anemic?