Thursday, September 20, 2012

Busy, busy week

Wow! This week has REALLY flown by! It has been super busy around here between preschool, multiple trips to Walmart and Sam's in preparation of the boys birthday party, dance class, trip with friends to The Memphis Zoo, preschool birthday party, dance class, everything in between, and the boys birthday party is tomorrow night.

Yes...most of you know that Carter and Caleb's birthdays are 3 years and 2 days apart. September 22 for Carter and September 24 for Caleb...yeah...try calling the doctor and making appointments with those names and birthdays. I have to speak slowly! Anyhow, we are having one big party. I am so excited! Normally, I am so stressed by now but, hey people, I have 3 kids. I do the best I can! I will be sure to post lots of pics from the party.


These are the cupckaes from Carter's school birthday party. They came from Sam's and were soooo good!
So, we meet up with my "Weekend Warrior" work friends, Heather and Laura, and their kids at the zoo on Wednesday. We were all about 45 minutes late...LOL! Oh well! We had a really good time and I think Carter and Ava are crushing on each other. Heather and I kept saying they could actually pass as twins though. The weather was nice and we enjoyed the good company. Hope to do it again soon!
 See what I mean?
 Caleb was such a good baby!
Ok boys...look at mommy and say cheese...ok...thanks anyways! Ha!
I can't believe Caleb is turning 1 already! This has been the fastest year of my life! He's trying to walk and still into everything. OMG...I caught him in the trashcan earlier. I didn't panic, Rebecca W! I know you'll be texting me about this! LOL!
 Turn your back for just a sec...
 Sweet baby in his jammies!
He's so sweet!

And how about those Georgia Bulldogs?? Off to a good start! I'm so sorry for my Missouri friends...Brian ordered a shirt and I just can't resist posting a pic! =) I am off the weekend of the Homecoming game and Brian will be in Atlanta for 2 weeks so we bought tickets to the game! Just need to line up some babysitters. =)
It's all fun and games!
Awkward moment of the week...Aubree wants to have a friend over Friday for the boys party so I see no problem letting her have a guest. She brings me the number for a girl in her class. Now, I am weird about her going places and friends coming here unless I know their parents. I am from this place so I should know almost everyone! Well...this momma I called wasn't feeling it at all. I even found a way to get around to mentioning that I am a freaking nurse and she was all like "yeah, ok, well I'll just have to call you back"...ok then. I am trying so hard to do better with this. I feel like I have caused some scarring in the friend department for Aubree because I rarely let her go anywhere but all I was asking for was this girl to come hang out for 2 hours. Oh well...I tried! It was just really weird because I wasn't sure what to say. Please blog friends, tell me what you do when your kiddos become friends with folks you don't know! I must go scrub floors for the party tomorrow because we all know that the guests will be checking to see how clean my floors are! Ha! Yeah right!

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  1. Those kids are adorable - AND I curse you with that Mizzou comment - kidding. M.I.Z.Z.O.U:) The laundry picture is adorable. Have fun scrubbing the floors.