Saturday, September 8, 2012

If you really knew me...

Thursday I said I'd be posting this so here it goes in no particular order!!
If you really knew me...

You'd know that yesterday was Friday and Brian is off and work is crazy so I was a good peep and went in to help out. Brian and i work opposite schedules for our kids. We are both on night shift. The extra money on my check isn't bad and Brian and I have gotten used to sleeping in the same bed twice a month...

And you'd know we live this way (kinda like single parents) because our kids are our life and one day they'll be grown and we'll have plenty of time to hang out then. You would think it strains a marriage but it works out fine

You'd know that I am a weekender. I have a set schedule...Saturday and Sunday nights. I get 2 weekends off a year. I love being here during the week for my kids but get a little sad on the weekend but it's worth it. It's worse right now because of college football!

You'd know I love my job. I started there before I graduated and fell in love with the babies. There's something to be said about watching the ups and downs a preemie faces and being a part of it but some think I just play with babies. No. It's like a cake that didn't have enough time to bake, the insides aren't ready. From the outside it looks ok but inside not so much. Premature lungs, guts, and a heart are scary. I've hugged mommas when they take their babies home after months in the NICU and held mommas while they let their babies go to heaven. Everyday is different and I am blessed to be a part of it.

You'd know I don't like country music except that one song "Springsteen". Man! That song just takes me back to hanging out in Kroger parking lot, riding out by the airport, parking on the right side at Sonic, and Friday night football.

You'd know I don't like country music because of this boy that begged me daily to be his girlfriend from the 6th grade thru the 8th grade. Yeah...I listened to him gripe about country so much that I turned against it.

You'd know that this boy I'm talking about that didn't like country is my husband and I'll have you know he listens to country now!!

You'd know that I used to love Widespread Panic but "outgrew" them I guess but their song "Mercy" will always give me chills.

You'd know if there were a soundtrack to my life it would consist of music by Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins, Lionel Richie, and some Pink Floyd. Random?? Yes please!

You'd know my favorite thing to eat is a cheeseburger with cheddar cheese plain!! Yummy!

You'd know I didn't discover I liked wine until I was 30 so yes that would be this year! Stella Rosa is my girl!

You'd know my first car was a 1997 formula firebird, black with t tops and chrome wheels. I got in in 1996. Do your math...yes I was 14 and spoiled! My kids will NOT get a new car nor drive at 14. I didn't appreciate it at all! Thanks dad but it's a wonder I'm even alive to make this post!

You'd know that I think Dansko's are a must for nurses and they have such cute designs.

You'd know that even though I'm a nurse I hate germs and avoid the heck out of sick people. If you're having a heart attack or something like that I'm all over it but if you're puking or feeling flu-ish please go away!! Now!!

You'd know I have a fear of head lice!! Omg!! This comes from a bad experience during my brief time working in L&D when I was pregnant. I didn't catch it or I'd still be in therapy but I do put tea tree oil in my shampoo because supposedly they hate it and stay away. Don't ever google head lice!

You'd know I love planning parties! If you're getting married or having a baby I'm having a party for you!

You'd know that I got reacquainted with Brian after seeing his dad out one night. He lived in Minnesota at the time. That deserves its own post soon. Lol!

You'd know that I think Forrest Gump is the best movie ever!! Home Alone is right behind it.

You'd know that I think "The Cosby Show" was the best show ever!

You'd know that I am scared to go in a bank after being robbed at gunpoint while working in one. These 2 jerks had pantyhose on their faces and felt necessary to shoot the gun to let us know it was loaded! Assholes!! If a bank can't nicely place any paperwork to be signed in the drive thru or the mail I'll find another bank!

You'd know if I hear someone make fun of someone because of their weight that I'm likely to snap. Why? Because I had to hug and make my sister happy everyday after school when kids had made fun of her for her weight. And guess what?! She died trying to be skinny!

You'd know that I think family is a treasure but ,Lord, with the exception of my Meemaw, Aunt, and 1 cousin mine is crazy! If you ever want to feel worse or the county know your business let me give you my mothers number!

You'd know my first cousin, Nate, is like my brother. I love him and would do anything for him.

You'd know that fall is my favorite! The cooler weather, my boys birthdays, the boots, football, the hum of cotton pickers and combines. What's not to love?

You'd know that I think Mall of America is the best!! Go there every fall! Mother-in-law...are you ready?? Name the Friday and I'm there!

Ok...that's enough...for now! Hope nobody is traumatized!

The only pic I have alone and it's old and was taken by Carter when he was 2! Lol! Is it the flash or was I anemic?


  1. Can we be BFF's? My fear of head lice is almost medication-worthy. And yes, Forrest Gump and Home Alone are in my top 5. I hope you had a great weekend! :)

  2. AHHHH... Even more reasons as to why I like you...

    I used to be the BIGGEST Widespread fan (I am actually surprised other people know who they are!) I went to their concert in Houston last summer (and it actually sucked. I like all their OLLLLD stuff! My brothers are Phish fans and got me into it way back in the day. LOVE me some Pink Floyd too!!!!!)

    I hate head lice... But, i'm a teacher in the inner city so we have had quite a few kids who have had it. One of the kids in my school last year had to have her whole head shaved because it was so infested. EEK.

    My first cousin was my BEST FRIEND growing up! And even now, we are still pretty close!

    And you already know how obsessed I am with MOA :)

    I seriously got chills when I read about your bank experience. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I have no other words for that... Other than I don't know when the next time I will walk into a bank is (because of your story! Haha!)

    I must have to disagree with one thing though... I've ALWAYS loved wine. Strike one for you! :) JK!

    And I HATTTEEE GERMS & PUKING TOO! I think that too has to do with being a teacher. I can count on MORE THAN ONE HAND the number of kiddos who have thrown up already this year in my classroom. EW. EW. EWWW!

    Okay, I think i'm done blog stalking now