Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Letters

The time has come for Friday's Letters. I love this link-up! Here we go!
Dear Rice Krispies Treats, Why oh why do you only put 24 bars in the box? I don't get it...what is so bad about 25? I wouldn't object!

Dear old man at Macy's, Thank you so much for coming and telling me how cute my baby is! I still can't believe you thought he was only 4 months old. Just like I still can't believe that, after inquiring about his birthday and finding out that he shares his party with his brother (after all their birthdays are only 2 days apart), you told me that is not good parenting and all kids deserve their own party. I am sure that you have planned and thrown so many party's for your own kids. SECURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Caleb, Sweet little man, when will you ever sleep through an entire night? I do enjoy your hugs and seeing your precious face but these midnight, 2:00, 4:00 meetings are no longer necessary. Love you!
Dear Lady running "self check-out at Walmart", I appreciate your offer to watch my baby to be sure he doesn't jump out of the buggy even though he's strapped in while I check myself out, but, this does seem a little backwards doesn't it?
Dear Delta, I am soooooo looking forward to flying with you without kids next weekend! I have not flown alone since March 2008! As a matter of fact, it was Northwest then. I can't wait! I don't have to have first class but I sure won't object!
Until next time...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

They Finally Infected Me

After wiping snot and boogers for about a month now, I think they've finally infected me! Or maybe it was Brian, whom day before yesterday gave me a nice, juicy kiss only to tell me 5 minutes later that his throat was killing him...thanks babe! He suggested I go use Listerine then take a shot of Captain Morgan...stick to doctoring airplanes!

I really have nothing exciting to share but Carter was on a roll last night so I'll share some of his latest quotes:

Mommy I wish there was a toilet in the wiving woom so I don't miss my show...

God is with us. He's behind us driving a Lightening McQueen car....

Mommy there was a man and lady that lived in a garden and God made them leave. I think He was angry. Sometimes mistakes happen, mommy.

Too funny! Over the weekend I got some new Pampered Chef cookware and it really excited me! I'm getting old! Brian and I went to Cracker Barrel for a date Friday. Saturday morning Aubree sang with the school chorus at the Fall Carnival and then I worked the usual Saturday and Sunday night.

Hope your week is going well! Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My "at home" experience with Epi!

I saw this link-up on a blog that I follow and some of the stories have me seriously laughing out loud! I see this as a good opportunity to share a embarassing/funny story that I will never forget...Aubree won't forget it either! about 3 years ago I was going through a time in my life when it seemed that I was allergic to almost everything I ate and later we found out I am allergic to corn, sesame seeds, and latex. One afternoon I got up early after working all night to let Aubree in when she got off the school bus and my tongue and lips felt funny. I ran to the mirror and sure enough they were swollen. I had cut myself that morning and put a bandaid on and the latex tried to get the best of me. 

I ran to the kitchen and took 4 Benadryl (only safe for a severe allergy...don't try this for seasonal stuff)  and a Pepcid hoping and praying that would stop the reaction as I was and am still terrified of my Epi-pen. I hope I NEVER have to use it. I had to go to work that night and I very rarely call in. My sister-in-law, Carrie, was on her way over to watch the kids. She's a nurse so I figured if I fell out she would save me. Lol! Just before I got in the shower I sat my Epi-pen on the bathroom counter and told Aubree what was going on. I had taught her how to use it with the practice pen as she is allergic to milk.

As soon as I got the shampoo in my hair I hear Aubree scream and look at her and she is as white as snow and there's blood dripping from her finger. My little sunshine thought I'd laid out a practice pen(she has a touch of ADD) and she shot herself up with EPI!!!! OMG!!! People, I sometimes push Epi as a nurse BUT I only push 0.1 cc's! For crying out loud I work with 1 lb babies! This kid just shot herself up with an adult dose of it. I jump out of the shower with shampoo still in my hair, throw on a shirt 3 sizes too big with NO bra and some mismatched shorts. She was just about to faint so I laid her on the couch and what did I have to do? If you guessed call 911 you are right! I mean at that point I wasn't sure if we were both about to fall out dead.

So, with my swollen lips and tongue I had to call 911!
Dispatch: 911, Where is your emergency?
Me:(spoken with a VERY thick tongue)1412 Meade Yake (Lake) Woad (Road)
Dispatch:I'm sorry? Could you repeat that?
Me:(still thick tongue, only louder) 1412 Meade Yake Woad!!!!
Dispatch:What is your emergency?
Me:(I recall this part sounding very tongue-tied)My tongue and wips (lips) are swollen and my daughter shot herself wif (with) my Epi-pen.
Dispatch:So you're experiencing anaphylaxis and your daughter injected herself with the epinephrine?
Me:Yeth. (Yes)
Dispatch:I'll send a response team.
Me:Fanks (Thanks)

They were there in like 2 minutes. I was still in my cute little outfit with my wet hair full of shampoo and swollen lips. I went to high school with 2 of the firefighters and knew the EMT...YAY this day just keeps getting better by the freaking minute! Aubree had a heart rate of 170 and was shaking like a leaf. Of course there's nothing you can do to reverse Epi so she had to wait it out. By this time my swelling had decreased significantly. So I did what any other nurse would do, finished my shower and carried it on in to the work house.

At the moment it was NOT funny but now it is one of the funniest things that has ever happened here. Poor Aubree. She is terrified of her Epi pen! Totally understandable!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fastest Year Ever!

If reading about other people's kids drives you crazy you may want to click off this post now! Ha!This post is for my Caleb. I can't believe it's been a year. The older I get the faster time flies by. I wasn't much of a blogger when I was pregnant with the little guy so I'm including some of that. Some of the pics have his age on his shirt and some don't. They got misplaced a few times after we moved.

 Caleb's first pic! About 8 weeks here. It was so good to hear that little heart beating.
Our little gymnast at around 11 weeks. Haha!
19 weeks. This was the ultrasound that revealed the gender BUT we waited to find out at our gender revealment party. It was so much fun! Talk about anticipation!
 I have never wanted to cut a cake so badly!
 It's a BOY! (You're shocked...right?)
That moment when you realize that you are going to have 2 "Little Brian's" running around!
Carter visiting me during our 4 day hospitalization. Caleb was trying to cause problems!
The summer from HELL to be pregnant! Look at that heat index! 128!
Oh Lawdy! I was about to pop!
Carter and Aubree waiting while we were in the OR.
Sweet little baby!
Flew to Minneapolis at 3 weeks old! Ha!
First Christmas!
6 months
7 months
8 months
At one year you weigh 18lbs 8oz. I didn't get your length because your big brother was in a panic that he was about to get a shot. Yikes! You are walking and can say "mama" and "dada" and something with a "t" sound. You LOVE to eat and LOVE your Vanilla Flavored Soy milk. Ok ask Vanilla Soy Milk? Ummm...yeah. This kid was breastfed for 11 months and whole milk caused a rash and apparently formula is not as sweet as momma's milk (SORRY TMI) so there you have it. At one year, you are so sweet until bedtime. You do not sleep thru the night. You get up at least 3 times and will cry until acknowleged. It's all good though! =) You are my little baby, my last baby. You have turned me into the mommy that all my children deserve and I am so thankful for you! I prayed and prayed for you! You are a true joy and totally worth puking everyday for 9 months. I would do it all over again to have you. (((HUGS)))

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

Now that the weather is cooler and it appears that it MAY stay that way I am finally getting that "Fall" feeling. Tim Simpson did look a little anxious with his 6 PM forecast yesterday...talking about severe weather chances tomorrow. Ya'll (Memphis friends) know how Ole' Timmy Tim gets about severe weather. Hope it stays away but some of the worst tornadoes I have seen here were this time of year. Aubree is here so she will def keep us posted! Haha!

My sweet friend, Elizabeth, is getting married in November so we had a bachelorette party for her on Friday at my other sweet friend Laura's house. Oh my goodness...we sure had a good time! It was nice to get away from all the snot and whining that Brian the kids were experiencing last week.

 Me and Elizabeth, the bride-to-be! I love her!
 L1 and L2 aka Lindsey and Lyndsay
 A few of my sweet friends

 Elizabeth, Tonya, me, and Heather =)
So you already know where I spent my Saturday and Sunday night. Moving on...I made homade potato soup in the crockpot yesterday. It was DELICIOUS! I will def share the recipe later this week. This afternoon Carter and I made cupcakes while Caleb napped and to surprise Aubree when she got home from school. They look and smell yummy!

 My helper

After it gets dark tonight I am going to take Aubree and Carter out to pick 2 houses in our neighboorhood to BOO! We made Halloween buckets with surprises in them and we will leave them along with instructions and a sign that says "We've been BOOED" at these 2 houses. The neighbor will then enjoy their surprise, hopefully, hang the sign on their door and BOO 2 other neighbors. The kids are excited.

Our surprise to 2 lucky neighbors
Tomorrow will be busy! The boys have their 1 and 4 year old checkups with SHOTS! Oh NO!!! Tomorrow I am going to do a post for Caleb's first year. Enjoy your evening! =)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Lazy Day at Home

The kids and I were LAZY today. I think Caleb is the only one that actually was not in pajamas all day. I love days like that! We slept in and lounged around the house all day. I even had dinner in the crockpot by 11:00 so I didn't really have to cook tonight. I made Chicken Tacos that I found a recipe for on Pinterest and it was super easy and delicious.

Ahhh...I need to get out more! Ha! I seriously LOL'd at this today on the Bubble Guppies! You should watch!
A few pics from our lazy day
 He's like...can I not eat cheerio's without the camera?
 He has a thing for the dryer!
Big boy!
I meant to post yesterday how VERY proud and excited we are for my sister-in-law, Carrie, and her hubby Paul. They were both accepted to CRNA school! This is HUGE! For those who may not know, this is a program for RN's to become certified in anesthesiology. It's a very competitive program to get into. Way to go guys! You can put me to sleep wheneva! Ha! Just have plenty of Zofran and Phenergan on board!

Carter is happy for his Aunt and Uncle!
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

School Projects, Snot, Shopping, and a Creeper

Catchy title there, huh? Well...I was totally MIA in the blog world last week. Aubree had a school project that was assigned 2 weeks ago while she was with her dad and when did I find out about it? Last Tuesday! When was it due? Last Friday! I felt like I was back in college scrambling around to get a project done. Now, let me say that I was not a last minute type of gal, no, nursing school just makes your entire life that way! So, this project had to be researched, a posterboard with visual aids, and a COSTUME! WHAT?!?!? Anyhow...we pulled it off.

Aubree is wearing an old dress of mine. It was PART of her costume. 
Waiting for the bus. child is a BAMMER!
 Little "C" sporting denim and shoes for the first time!

In the midst of the nightmare project, Caleb comes down with a cold. He was fussy but I treated his symptoms and we were moving along then Carter catches it. Yay for 2 snotty boys! Ha! I thought that only grown men whined and carried on when they are sick. that is not the case! It is a MALE thing. Carter moaned and groaned with every breath he took for 2 days. Yikes! Before I know it Saturday rolls around and it's time for me to go in to work. I thought the boys were on the mend but when I got up Monday afternoon I realized that was not the case. We went to the doctor first thing this morning. Caleb has his first ear infection, both ears at that! So he is on antibiotics for the first time. Carter is still just snotty and should get better without any meds. I know when my pediatrician sees us coming in between well-child visits he gets anxious. You know nurses don't take their kids to the doctor. Ha!

Shopping...oh yes of course! The boys didn't have fever and since we were in Memphis we went to Toys R' Us so Carter could use his gift cards, Macy's to pick up my free gift and had lunch at Wolfchase Galleria while we were there, Sam's, and finally Kroger. We are exhausted! I planned for us to TRY really hard to get up to Minneapolis this week since Aubree is on Fall Break but I am not taking a baby on a plane with a ear infection! NO THANK YOU! Hopefully we will make it up there soon. You know before it becomes a frozen tundra!

On to the creeper...ugh! Tonight while cooking dinner my doorbell rings. I answer it and this guy in his mid 20's is standing and I open the door. He tells me he had been selected to go to culinary school in Paris prob Paris, TN and he's selling children's books to earn money to get over there BUT most people in the neighborhood don't want the books so they've just been making a donation. Ummm...I smell bullshit crap!!! So I told him I wasn't interested but thanks. Then he looks at me and says you can't even make a $20 donation? No, I can not. So I'm thinking first of all, if you are so good to be able to go to Paris to learn how to cook where's your scholorship? Second, GET A JOB! Third, he had on a Ohio State sweatshirt! Anyways...I told Brian he's probably gonna come back and kill me later. Ha! People like that creep me out! I don't mind kids coming to the house selling stuff and even that gets old week after week but come on dude!

Hope everybody is having a good week! Talk to you soon!