Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fastest Year Ever!

If reading about other people's kids drives you crazy you may want to click off this post now! Ha!This post is for my Caleb. I can't believe it's been a year. The older I get the faster time flies by. I wasn't much of a blogger when I was pregnant with the little guy so I'm including some of that. Some of the pics have his age on his shirt and some don't. They got misplaced a few times after we moved.

 Caleb's first pic! About 8 weeks here. It was so good to hear that little heart beating.
Our little gymnast at around 11 weeks. Haha!
19 weeks. This was the ultrasound that revealed the gender BUT we waited to find out at our gender revealment party. It was so much fun! Talk about anticipation!
 I have never wanted to cut a cake so badly!
 It's a BOY! (You're shocked...right?)
That moment when you realize that you are going to have 2 "Little Brian's" running around!
Carter visiting me during our 4 day hospitalization. Caleb was trying to cause problems!
The summer from HELL to be pregnant! Look at that heat index! 128!
Oh Lawdy! I was about to pop!
Carter and Aubree waiting while we were in the OR.
Sweet little baby!
Flew to Minneapolis at 3 weeks old! Ha!
First Christmas!
6 months
7 months
8 months
At one year you weigh 18lbs 8oz. I didn't get your length because your big brother was in a panic that he was about to get a shot. Yikes! You are walking and can say "mama" and "dada" and something with a "t" sound. You LOVE to eat and LOVE your Vanilla Flavored Soy milk. Ok ask Vanilla Soy Milk? Ummm...yeah. This kid was breastfed for 11 months and whole milk caused a rash and apparently formula is not as sweet as momma's milk (SORRY TMI) so there you have it. At one year, you are so sweet until bedtime. You do not sleep thru the night. You get up at least 3 times and will cry until acknowleged. It's all good though! =) You are my little baby, my last baby. You have turned me into the mommy that all my children deserve and I am so thankful for you! I prayed and prayed for you! You are a true joy and totally worth puking everyday for 9 months. I would do it all over again to have you. (((HUGS)))


  1. Love this little guy so much!! =D

  2. Just found your blog - what a BEAUTIFUL little guy! aww!

  3. Love all of this! But, I seriously hope that I look like you when I am pregnant! Girl, you looked fabulous! I love that you did a gender reveal party! I want to do one (when/if I can get pregnant) but i'm not sure that I have the patience to wait!