Tuesday, October 9, 2012

School Projects, Snot, Shopping, and a Creeper

Catchy title there, huh? Well...I was totally MIA in the blog world last week. Aubree had a school project that was assigned 2 weeks ago while she was with her dad and when did I find out about it? Last Tuesday! When was it due? Last Friday! I felt like I was back in college scrambling around to get a project done. Now, let me say that I was not a last minute type of gal, no, nursing school just makes your entire life that way! So, this project had to be researched, a posterboard with visual aids, and a COSTUME! WHAT?!?!? Anyhow...we pulled it off.

Aubree is wearing an old dress of mine. It was PART of her costume. 
Waiting for the bus. Yes...my child is a BAMMER!
 Little "C" sporting denim and shoes for the first time!

In the midst of the nightmare project, Caleb comes down with a cold. He was fussy but I treated his symptoms and we were moving along then Carter catches it. Yay for 2 snotty boys! Ha! I thought that only grown men whined and carried on when they are sick. Ummm...no that is not the case! It is a MALE thing. Carter moaned and groaned with every breath he took for 2 days. Yikes! Before I know it Saturday rolls around and it's time for me to go in to work. I thought the boys were on the mend but when I got up Monday afternoon I realized that was not the case. We went to the doctor first thing this morning. Caleb has his first ear infection, both ears at that! So he is on antibiotics for the first time. Carter is still just snotty and should get better without any meds. I know when my pediatrician sees us coming in between well-child visits he gets anxious. You know nurses don't take their kids to the doctor. Ha!

Shopping...oh yes of course! The boys didn't have fever and since we were in Memphis we went to Toys R' Us so Carter could use his gift cards, Macy's to pick up my free gift and had lunch at Wolfchase Galleria while we were there, Sam's, and finally Kroger. We are exhausted! I planned for us to TRY really hard to get up to Minneapolis this week since Aubree is on Fall Break but I am not taking a baby on a plane with a ear infection! NO THANK YOU! Hopefully we will make it up there soon. You know before it becomes a frozen tundra!

On to the creeper...ugh! Tonight while cooking dinner my doorbell rings. I answer it and this guy in his mid 20's is standing and I open the door. He tells me he had been selected to go to culinary school in Paris prob Paris, TN and he's selling children's books to earn money to get over there BUT most people in the neighborhood don't want the books so they've just been making a donation. Ummm...I smell bullshit crap!!! So I told him I wasn't interested but thanks. Then he looks at me and says you can't even make a $20 donation? No, I can not. So I'm thinking first of all, if you are so good to be able to go to Paris to learn how to cook where's your scholorship? Second, GET A JOB! Third, he had on a Ohio State sweatshirt! Anyways...I told Brian he's probably gonna come back and kill me later. Ha! People like that creep me out! I don't mind kids coming to the house selling stuff and even that gets old week after week but come on dude!

Hope everybody is having a good week! Talk to you soon!


  1. HAHAHA... Sorry about your sick boys and running around everywhere for your daughter... BUT, the creeper story was hilarious. I thought I was the only person worried that people were coming to kill me! HAHA

  2. BAH.. An Ohio State shirt - how dare he? LOL... I too freak out when randoms come to my door. I usually tell the kids to hide and hold my dogs mouth shut, then I go hide too. LOL

  3. The nurse e-card is SO true. I do it every time! Last spring, my 2 year old ran a low grade fever for 3 days, but no other concerning symptoms. I just called the peds office & said "I'm sure it's nothing, but if y'all think I should bring her in, I will." They said,"well, if she's had a fever for 3 days, she needs to come in." When she said it like that, I felt a little stupid. When we walked out of the office with the diagnosis of THE FLU, I felt very stupid!!
    To Aubree- ROLL TIDE, smart girl.