Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween

Now that the weather is cooler and it appears that it MAY stay that way I am finally getting that "Fall" feeling. Tim Simpson did look a little anxious with his 6 PM forecast yesterday...talking about severe weather chances tomorrow. Ya'll (Memphis friends) know how Ole' Timmy Tim gets about severe weather. Hope it stays away but some of the worst tornadoes I have seen here were this time of year. Aubree is here so she will def keep us posted! Haha!

My sweet friend, Elizabeth, is getting married in November so we had a bachelorette party for her on Friday at my other sweet friend Laura's house. Oh my goodness...we sure had a good time! It was nice to get away from all the snot and whining that Brian the kids were experiencing last week.

 Me and Elizabeth, the bride-to-be! I love her!
 L1 and L2 aka Lindsey and Lyndsay
 A few of my sweet friends

 Elizabeth, Tonya, me, and Heather =)
So you already know where I spent my Saturday and Sunday night. Moving on...I made homade potato soup in the crockpot yesterday. It was DELICIOUS! I will def share the recipe later this week. This afternoon Carter and I made cupcakes while Caleb napped and to surprise Aubree when she got home from school. They look and smell yummy!

 My helper

After it gets dark tonight I am going to take Aubree and Carter out to pick 2 houses in our neighboorhood to BOO! We made Halloween buckets with surprises in them and we will leave them along with instructions and a sign that says "We've been BOOED" at these 2 houses. The neighbor will then enjoy their surprise, hopefully, hang the sign on their door and BOO 2 other neighbors. The kids are excited.

Our surprise to 2 lucky neighbors
Tomorrow will be busy! The boys have their 1 and 4 year old checkups with SHOTS! Oh NO!!! Tomorrow I am going to do a post for Caleb's first year. Enjoy your evening! =)


  1. I love Bachelorette parties... and you just turned into quite the baker. :)

    Good luck with shots tomorrow! Those are always harder on Mommy.

  2. I love the Boo idea. I know the kids will love doing that! Those cupcakes look way too yummy!! Hope those shots went okay =)