Friday, June 22, 2012


We just safely returned home after spending the week in Gulf Shores. Carter has been asking to go for months to the beach. He loved it! We missed Aubree. Its her dads week and she had softball. :(

It was nice to get away and I can't say we did a lot of relaxing with a 3 year old and almost 9 month old but we enjoyed it.

We also stopped and had lunch with Brian's cousin, Shannon, in Spanish Fort. We ate at Bass Pro Shops. Who knew they had a restaurant?!? Not me...

The pic of Caleb standing in the car was when we were parked for lunch. Don't want anyone to worry! Haha!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

I wanted to share a pic of the sweet little gift Carter gave Brian for Father's Day. We did the interview for the gift a while back and ever since then he wants to "tell me a little bit about Daddy". One pic is a close up so it's easier to read and I just framed it and put a airplane on the frame. Can't go wrong with an airplane.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lemonade and Cookies

We had a decent week. Aubree and Carter had their lemonade stand but this time they added a "bakery". They sold sugar and chocolate chip cookies. They were sold out of everything except a few cookies that we stashed in the house within about an hour and a half. They enjoy it and I love watching them have fun. Making memories! We met some of our neighbors too. Most exciting to them was the cop that stopped by and Aubree told him "no charge" but he refused.

The bedroom upstairs we were finishing is done! A big thank you to Jeff Scott aka Uncle Jeff, Unky, and Chickenhead. Yes, he and Carter like to pick on each other! Ha! Now we can move Aubree out of the office that will most likely be a playroom. She slept up there 2 nights in a sleeping bag. I think she's ready for her own space upstairs.

Brian took Carter to see The Avengers and they both enjoyed it. All I've heard about since then is Iron Man, Captain America, and The Hulk and I know nothing about any of them. Guess I need to get with the program!

Caleb now has 6 teeth. He's so precious. He's discovered the washing machine and loves it! He's also become a climber...especially on the stairs which involved a fall today but I won't even go there. I've cried and beat myself up for taking my eyes off him for less than 2 minutes enough. I know kids will be kids and injuries and falls will happen but it sure does hurt a momma's pride. I just thank God that he didn't get hurt.

So, I'll be working this father's day weekend BUT Brian is off for 10 days and after Sunday I'll be off for 12. We'll celebrate next week. Our 4 year anniversary is next week too.

I hope everyone had a good week and has an even better weekend! Continue to pray for Lucy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another week flies by

I finally got to go to one of Aubree's games. Laura went with me. The weather was really nice. She was in a tournament in Cordova. I only got to stay for one game. She had 2 more that afternoon. She's a good little player. I'm proud of her! I'd love to teach her how to pitch but I'm afraid I'll break/pull something. Haha! Not sure I'd be any good anymore in the first place.

So, of course, I worked Saturday and Sunday nights. Tuesday met my Aunt Jan Jan and Meemaw (guess i'll never outgrow saying that) at Phil Ramsey's to view Aubree's pics. They were outstanding! We did them on my grandfather's farm. He'd have been so proud, especially of the pics with her on the old tractor. Phil does such great work. He's done all the kids recently.

Wednesday we had dinner at Chili's to celebrate Vickie's birthday. Everyone got to come. I love it when we all get to go out together.

And here it is Thursday already! Not much went on today. They came and put the carpet down in the room we are finishing upstairs for Aubree so it's basically done. All it needs is a ceiling fan and smoke detector. Yay!

I'm heading in to work tomorrow night. Been trying to pick up an extra shift here and there since vacation is coming up. So tomorrow will be kinda yucky. Brian works all night tonight sleeps tomorrow. I may get a 2 hour nap before going in at 7 pm. Oh, the things we do for our kids. Would NOT have it any other way though!

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Please remember little Lucy Krull and her family in your prayers!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Jobs

Yes...the 2 oldest kids like to pretend to have "jobs". Carter likes to walk all over the house with his toolset and fix things. He asks me all the time if anything is "broked". Aubree is going to do a lemonade stand here a couple days a week this summer. She gets good business considering we practically live in a construction zone and there's always people looking at houses too. We had to cut business short due to the weather but she had 4 customers in 30 minutes. And the lemonade really is delicious and cold!

Caleb said his first word this week. And guess what it is...DaDa! Brian loves it. He's also getting another tooth so that will be 5!

Finally get to go to a softball game in the morning. Aubree is on a traveling team and that doesn't work with me being a weekender. She's in a tournament in Germantown this weekend. Laura is going with me. We're excited! Will post pics!