Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aubree Has Instagram and Finish the Sentence Linkup

Yes, people. My eldest child has joined the world of Instagram. She has done a lot of growing up over the last couple of months so I caved. I'll let her have an IG account but not Facebook. Believe me, I will be keeping a close eye on her. I already blocked three people that just looked suspicious. She told me one was a friend of her dads. Hate that! His ID came off child molester'ish. Momma doesn't play that. And just for the record, I think she was full of it and it isn't her dads friend. His wife reads my blog and I'd hate for her to get her panties in a wad. Hey girl hey!

So, I am gonna share some of Instagram Day One with Aubree for y'all. Empty your bladders friends. It does get pretty funny especially towards the end. Ha! *If any freaks see her IG name and try to follow you will get blocked. Plus it's private. Mother Hen, here!*

 Aubree is obviously aubree311. SIL posted a pic of herself in a tank with a pic of our great state of TN on it.
About an hour later aubree311 decides to tell Laura that it looks good. Oh she needs to remind her that she loves it and needs to know where it came from. LOL! I love how Laura replies with the "lol." I know I was lol'ing when I read this. Ha! Thanks for being a good sport, La La Lee! Hahaha!
Then Laura posts a pic of how she is organizing her outfits for the week and aubree311 replies "Girl that is so cute." LOL! I die! Ahahahahaha!
Now this is where it started to get interesting and I started to wonder why the hell I agreed to this.
She found my cousin that's really like a brother to me. He posted this at Christmas. "Nothing like a drunk mother on the holidays." Hahaha...funny guy! Until yesterday when Aubree saw this!
Aubree: Mom, were you drunk at Christmas?
Me: Omg! Aubree, no! I cooked freaking dinner for all of us that night!
Aubree: Well, you're drinking and he said you were drunk. (Insert lonnnnnnng sigh)
Is this my child or my mother I am talking too? Geez!
Aubree: Mom, did you really think you were hot?
Me: I didn't say that. He did. He put that as a caption to be funny.
Aubree: Ok, because that's not even a good pic.
Me: Really? Thanks...
Aubree: What? Well, it's not!
Aubree: OMG! Mom! It says that he and Carter are sexy! Is he for real?
Me: He was just being funny!
Aubree: Oh. Ok.
I was sighing and rolling my eyes!
Aubree: Mom why did you say sexy be-atch? What does that mean?
Me: Get off of there! You've spent enough time on there for the day!
Aubree: Ok but first I am gonna like this pic. Your socks were cute that night.
And now for the linkup with 2 of the hottest numbers in the blogosphere!!
1. I laughed so hard I cried when...well, dang. Total privacy acts at work prevent good stories. I'll say that much but I do laugh hard when I tell a story about my sister and I walking up our old driveway together. I looked up and was surrounded by 2 bulls and a bunch of cows that had gotten out (prob my hubby's grandfather's). Anyways, I looked to tell my sister to run and she was already a mile away yelling for me to run. You'd have to have been there.
2. My high school...was definitely the most fun of the 3 high schools in our county. We knew how to party it up at CHS!
3. It really pisses me off...when people drive slow in the left lane!
4. In ten years...maybe I will have decided to suck it up and go back to school to become a Neonatal Nurse Practioner. Maybe...
5. If I could erase one would be the total creep I dated in junior high and part of high school. What a jerk! I wasted a couple years that I could have been having fun with my head in a pillow crying over him and he's still a creep! I love his family though. You can't always blame family for how their loved ones behave.
6. In 1999...I smoked cigarettes (ughhhhh), partied like the Senior that I was in the fall, and worked at Super D Pharmacy.
7. Honestly...I have been a complete selfish cry baby over the last couple weeks. I have considered giving up the weekender gig because most of my friends are out running 5k's and having a good ole time on the weekend and I feel left out. Boohoo! I need to suck it up though. I chose to do this because it is best for our family plus I make more $$ in 2 days than I would working 3 days a week.
8. To me, Sushi...sounds like anaphylaxis. If you don't know what that is you're lucky or you can google it!
9. Someone really needs to invent...a robot or something that does the laundry or at least folds the stuff, especially the white clothes!
10. The first time I drank alcohol...was a total disaster. I got caught and my mother was standing over me in the bathroom the next morning asking loudly "how are ya feeling?" I'll have to do a post on that hot mess one day. I can tell you that Cherry Limeade and Vodka don't mix well with Claritin.
11. The one question I would ask God is...when is Christ returning? It's getting pretty out of hand in the world that He created. I am not even sure this is the world that God made anymore.
12. Lindsey Lohan...bless her. We are literally watching the girl kill herself. Seriously. I can't even watch anymore. that was fun! I'll see y'all tomorrow if this monster of a storm they keep yaking about doesn't blow us all away! Peace!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fast Cars, Greasy Food, and Beer

Well...well...well. If that isn't the title of the year then I don't know what is! First, let me say this. What you are about to read is a recap of my Friday and, most importantly, these are MY PEOPLE! I am not making fun of anyone. I have a redneck side and am not ashamed at all. I may or may not have spent a weekend at Talladega while pregnant with child #2. Lol! My favorite part of that trip was when I was showering in the tiny shower of the camper with no hot water and I asked Brian to hand me my pants off the bunk bed and he said "there's nothing on the bed but a sheet" more than once. Those were my maternity pants! A sheet! Whateva!

Brian told me to wake him up by 2PM Friday after noon. He works night shift. He wanted to go to Super Chevy, which is a festival type thing we have here once a year where people go show their cars and trucks. I was excited...not even gonna lie. I grew up with a dad that loved old Chevy's and owned a bunch in his younger days. When I was younger all the girls wanted to date the guys with the loud pipes on their trucks or the guys with fast cars/trucks. The sound of those cars and trucks mixed with the smell of fumes brings back memories of racing on old country roads back in the day. It's a wonder I am freaking alive!

I snapped a pic of this truck that Brian has rebuilt. It's almost completely done. It looks really good. He says that it "Carter's truck." I say that's a bunch of bull shiz! Ha!
So, we enter Super Chevy and I could feel Brian's excitement. Just look at all these old cars
This was Carter's favorite.
So, when we get to this camaro Brian mumbles something about how I won't let him get a car like this. Brian. The guy with 4 trucks. Really? No, sweet baby. It's not your "old lady" or "the ole ball and chain" that won't let you get a sweet camaro like this. It's your bank account, ok? Ha!
The food. Lord help us! Brian ran walked straight to get a Pronto Pup after only being awake for about an hour. Night shift will have you eating weird things at weird times.
Carter had his first funnel cake. Oh, and yeah, Brian had that beer for breakfast too.
I indulged in these fried potatoes while Brian went and grabbed a grilled chicken on a stick. Lol!
The smell of all this food was just unreal!
After we stuffed our faces we did some more walking around and watched a few cars run down the track. It's been a hot minute since I was in one place with so many mullets, y'all. I mean mullets galore! Here's a few things I saw...a go-cart with a toilet bowl for the seat with a big ass LSU Tigers sign on it. I tried so hard to get a pic but that little guy was fast and my camera is slow. Bummer! I saw a lady wearing blue plaid pajama pants with an Arkansas Razorback t-shirt and red crocs. There was a lot of camo, mossy oak and shadow grass. I saw 2 guys riding a crotchrocket wearing overalls. Now that was really unusual. The others not so much but the overalls and crotchrocket made me do a double take.
So, basically, you weren't cool if you weren't representing some SEC team, wearing overalls, or camo.
As you can see, I clearly fit in. It is nowhere near time for college football but I represent the Georgia Dawgs year round. Go Dawgs! Sic em'!
Hubby was good to go to in his Talladega shirt with a tall boy. Yes sir!
And our sweet little baby boy with the blonde mullet fit right in too. He has NEVER had a hair cut. Lol! Brian freaks when I talk about it. Not sure why.
Later in the evening the cars began to race and clearly you can see that little baby's ears were hurting. So we had to leave.
Carter wasn't ready to leave so Brian's dad met us there so he could stay a little bit longer.
 And I leave you with this. This is a pic of this mommy's Super Chevy! Haha!


I'm Taking It Back to the Old School..

Today I am linking up with Holly, Jennifer, and Kimmy. These three lovely ladies had me up in my attic early this morning digging through some old pictures. I realized this morning that the late 80's and early 90's were some good but weird times for hair or maybe my family didn't own a hair brush. Either way, I hope you get a good laugh enjoy.
Exhibit numero uno. This would be my kindergarten school pic. O.M.G. My hair is as straight as a board. So...yeah, that would be a perm in my little 5 year old hair. There appears to be a green hair bow with a yellow ribbon in it somewhere in that bird nest of hair. John Deere...perhaps?? how it matches my hot pink turtle neck.
Skipping to second grade because I've moved a billion times and lost pics. This came straight out of the yearbook. Ha! Apparently, my boyfriend and I wrote that we loved each other on our pics. I think I remember thinking it was destiny because my pic was right above his. Well, I ended up marrying his third cousin so close enough. Lol! I love my mullet'ish hair style here. I am sure it took my mom a while to curl those bangs. I recall this outfit. It was a blue and white striped denim romper with pink buttons. I sported some white leather Keds with this piece. Oh and PS...that's a pink bandana in my hair. Go country or go home!
 Now skipping to the 8th grade. Lawdy...those were some awkward years. Not sure what's going on with the bangs but they are good and centered AND crooked. Ugh! I love how my earrings are bigger than my ears and have a matching necklace. Loving that vest!
Skipping to my sophomore year. You were not cool if you didn't rock a pair of Timba'lands with some slits cut in your jeans. You also had to layer those t-shirts! Again...the bangs are asymmetrical. My nails look pretty though. Ahahahahaha!
Senior pic! All my bangs are there this time but not looking so hot. I love how Tipton County Schools kept it real and original. Note that they used the same background that was in my kindergarten picture. Love it! This pic makes me laugh because it was taken during the summer before we started school. I had partied it up the night before and I made my 15 year old sister drive me to have this pic taken. She cried the whole time. Bless her heart!
So, this was fun but I am disappointed that I couldn't find more pics. My first grade pic with the snaggle tooth and my third grade pic in the red and white polka dot romper are just priceless. Not to mention the fifth grade pic with a man's tie and a denim shirt! Remember that time when ties were in?  Of course you do! Lol!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Day Off

I have been absent this week. It's been a busy week but I have missed my blog friends. It seems like I have been going non-stop since last Friday. The weekend was so busy that I only had time to see a few pics of my friends running the St. Louis Half Marathon. I was cheering them on in spirit.

This week I was supposed to be in Nashville on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a Neonatal Conference. The conference was only on Wednesday but a few of us from work were going to make it a little get away. It didn't work out for me at the last minute. My father-in-law, who is just wonderful and keeps my kids all the time, had a last minute schedule change at work so it didn't work out. My sweet sister-in-law, Carrie, saved the day! She and her husband came and stayed the night so I could leave at 4 AM and head east towards Nashville. I got a day off from being a stay-at-home-mommy-during-the-week. I surprised my friends. Ha! I am sneaky like that sometimes.

I wore this to the conference.
Top from Charming Charlie-$20
Necklace from Charming Charlie-$12
Mint Jeggings-Tillys-$39.99 and currently buy one get on FREE! They have a varitey of colors. I have coral too.

Good morning, sunshine! This was about 2 hours into my trip. It was just me and a bunch of truckers on I-40. I even called my Daddy. He's a trucker. Ha!
I had to take a pic of this bridge. It was on a two lane road headed into town. I thought it looked really cool. Excuse my dirty windshield. Lots of bugs killed themselves around 5 AM. 

The conference was actually in a town called Franklin. It was my first time to visit the place and I loved it. It was held at The Factory at Franklin. It was so nice. There were several boutiques with adorable clothing and jewelry. If you are ever in the area it is a must see!
I found these shorts there. They are Miss Me. They were on sale for $87. Hmmm...I just have a hard time paying that much for shorts but my mom doesn't! She saw a conversation between Lora and I on Instagram about them and she found this exact pair online at Macy's and had a $20 off coupon. She had them shipped to me for an early birthday gift. Thanks, Mom!
So...when I arrived at 7:30 they were serving warm and delicous cinnamon rolls. I may or may not have had two. At 10:00, they brought out two chocolate fountains with pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, brownies with chocolate chips, bananas, and marshmallows. Did I mention all the tables had candy jars with Kit Kats and Hershey's Kisses? Yeah...these were my kind of people.
It was divine!
The speakers were great. They were all doctors from the NICU at Vanderbilt, which happens to be one of the best. I really enjoyed every speaker. I learned so much! Now back to the food! Ha! They did have a lunch buffet with a Mexican theme but my friends ate Mexican for dinner so we went to a restaurant at the factory. It was called Saffire. Omg! I had a burger and it was the best I've ever had besides Houston's in Memphis.
Yes! I ate every bit of it!
There were a couple more speakers after lunch and we met with some vendors who had lots of new neat stuff that NICU people get all excited about. Ha! Before I knew it, here comes more food. Lord, help!
Cinnamon and sugar muffins. There were all kinds but I picked this one.
I had to jet as soon as the last speaker was finished. We were in a Tornado Watch back home and I wanted to get back before all hell broke loose. Spending that much time in the car alone isn't too bad but I will confess that towards the end I was completely over it and singing loudly and possibly even dancing. Ha! I made ZERO stops! My dad told me I made good time which is a huge compliment from a truck driver. Lol!
I had a great day but it was nice to get back home to this little face!
If you're not following me on IG you should be @linzlee1982! You could have already lived with me through my chocolate fantasy! Ha! I am hoping next week is a little more calm and I plan to share a couple recipes and stories. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Playing Dress Up

The boys and I went to Target a couple days ago and I picked up a few things for Spring. I didn't get to try them on while we were at the store because Carter was whining about how he needed a new Mr. Potato Head because his was missing a ear and Caleb was crying just because he can. Fun times, y'all! So, last night after all the kids were in bed I did what any mom would do...I played "dress up" as Aubree calls it.

Now, before we go any further let me say this. I am absolutely NOT a fashion blogger. A fashion blogger would not take pics of themselves in the master bathroom using an iphone wearing no shoes and no jewelry. Plus I have no idea what I am supposed to do with my hands. Ha! These clothes came straight outta the bag. They are good and wrinkled. I'm just a mommy that likes to look cute when I get the chance. I do post pics of new finds about once or twice a season like a few months ago when my obsession with mint began. You can read that here.

I really like this outfit. The shirt is from Target and is really comfortable. I am actually wearing shorts that look like a skirt. They are also from Target and were $17.99.

This is the back of the shirt. It's lace. So pretty. The shirt was $19.99.

This is another pair of shorts from Target for $17.99 that are red with a floral type of print on them. They are really comfortable. I don't really have a shirt that goes well with them yet so I paired it with my chambray shirt. I am a child of the 80's but I totally fail at the whole tying a knot in the front thing. Ha!
MINT shorts! Yay! Found these online at Express about a month ago and just tried them on for the first time last night. I bought 2 pair while they were 2 for $40.
The navy shirt also came from Express and was on sale for $9.99.
The HOT pink shorts are from Express. I bought them with the mint shorts. I have lots of ideas as far as what I'll wear with these but for last night the black shirt was good. Lol! The shirt is from Target and was $8.99.
 And that's all of my new stuff for now. I could have done much more damage but like I said the boys weren't feeling it. At all!
Aubree looked really cute last night. We went out to dinner and she wore this and created the look herself I might add!
Yay for girls night out!
Happy Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Will You Pencil Me In?

I would be a big fat liar if I sat here and told you that I am not sad about how I am not going to St. Louis this weekend to meet some of my best blogger friends. I may or may not be a little crushed.

I'll spare you all the contents of my weekender contract at work. Just know that I only have 4 shifts left that I can take off through January of next year and I do get paid very well to work every weekend.

There's so many friends out there that I want to meet but weekends are no good for me. I am, however, off all week long and I do have flight benefits which means that I can fly standby anywhere for free! Maybe somebody out there could take a day off during the week so I can come see you!

So, let me just tell y'all some of my friends that I am gonna possibly die if I don't meet soon!


Holly!  She was like my third follower. I started following her back when she was chasing her son around as he powdered their living room and she would refer to him as Dennis the Menace. I have to meet her. I just have to. She is really sweet and funny. I have her blog address saved in my favorites on my phone and I read her posts before my feet hit the floor.

Melanie is up next! She was one of my first 10 followers to and I believe I was like her 12th or something. Lol! We met via a linkup that Holly did...A Day in the Life last year. She is a genuine friend. She was in Memphis recently and I didn't get to meet her because I had childcare issues and had to work the weekend. It broke my heart. I have to meet this lady. Just have to.
My friend, Nancy Clue, and I are going to hang out one day and talk about nursing stuff! Ha! We text about it almost weekly. She is one of my sweetest friends. I can't wait to meet her!

Chrissy and I recently became good friends. We may or may not send each other funny videos via text. Ha! She is so sweet and really is one of my biggest fans! She always makes me laugh.

Darci is another one! She is making plans to come to Memphis this summer. We are waiting for a concert schedule to come out. Now that I had to call in last weekend, unless she is able to get her on a Friday or a weekday I won't get to see her. I've sent her a video via text too. She wanted to hear my Southern accent and Darci is just one of those ladies that you just do what she says. Ha!

I want to meet Angela too but I don't want her to come here. Lol! She lives in Jersey and I've never been to the Northeast so I am depending on her to be my personal tour guide!

Kim makes me laugh daily! We are going to hang out one day and cook Ritz Cheddar Chicken! Lol! She is an awesome mom! We will have lots of fun when we finally hang out!

Caitlin is such a sweet friend! I really want to meet her too! She and I can email each other back and forth a million times.

Meredith, I tried to copy a pic of you but it won't let me! Ha! Meredith is a local friend that I haven't met yet! I have got to meet her soon. Even if we just do lunch of dinner one day.
RaisingSteppe Sisters RunningonEmpty
Most of you already know that these 2, Lora and Janessa, are my neighbors. We like to watch TM2 together or at least text while we watch. Stuff like that! Lol! Of course I have met them but can't leave them out of my favorites!
Last but not least, is Laura. Yeah, I see her all the time. Lol! I am married to her brother. I see her on holidays that don't fall on the weekend, birthdays, etc.
So, there you have it! There's plenty of others that I must meet but my kids are destroying my house. Ha!
Happy Wednesday!