Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fast Cars, Greasy Food, and Beer

Well...well...well. If that isn't the title of the year then I don't know what is! First, let me say this. What you are about to read is a recap of my Friday and, most importantly, these are MY PEOPLE! I am not making fun of anyone. I have a redneck side and am not ashamed at all. I may or may not have spent a weekend at Talladega while pregnant with child #2. Lol! My favorite part of that trip was when I was showering in the tiny shower of the camper with no hot water and I asked Brian to hand me my pants off the bunk bed and he said "there's nothing on the bed but a sheet" more than once. Those were my maternity pants! A sheet! Whateva!

Brian told me to wake him up by 2PM Friday after noon. He works night shift. He wanted to go to Super Chevy, which is a festival type thing we have here once a year where people go show their cars and trucks. I was excited...not even gonna lie. I grew up with a dad that loved old Chevy's and owned a bunch in his younger days. When I was younger all the girls wanted to date the guys with the loud pipes on their trucks or the guys with fast cars/trucks. The sound of those cars and trucks mixed with the smell of fumes brings back memories of racing on old country roads back in the day. It's a wonder I am freaking alive!

I snapped a pic of this truck that Brian has rebuilt. It's almost completely done. It looks really good. He says that it "Carter's truck." I say that's a bunch of bull shiz! Ha!
So, we enter Super Chevy and I could feel Brian's excitement. Just look at all these old cars
This was Carter's favorite.
So, when we get to this camaro Brian mumbles something about how I won't let him get a car like this. Brian. The guy with 4 trucks. Really? No, sweet baby. It's not your "old lady" or "the ole ball and chain" that won't let you get a sweet camaro like this. It's your bank account, ok? Ha!
The food. Lord help us! Brian ran walked straight to get a Pronto Pup after only being awake for about an hour. Night shift will have you eating weird things at weird times.
Carter had his first funnel cake. Oh, and yeah, Brian had that beer for breakfast too.
I indulged in these fried potatoes while Brian went and grabbed a grilled chicken on a stick. Lol!
The smell of all this food was just unreal!
After we stuffed our faces we did some more walking around and watched a few cars run down the track. It's been a hot minute since I was in one place with so many mullets, y'all. I mean mullets galore! Here's a few things I saw...a go-cart with a toilet bowl for the seat with a big ass LSU Tigers sign on it. I tried so hard to get a pic but that little guy was fast and my camera is slow. Bummer! I saw a lady wearing blue plaid pajama pants with an Arkansas Razorback t-shirt and red crocs. There was a lot of camo, mossy oak and shadow grass. I saw 2 guys riding a crotchrocket wearing overalls. Now that was really unusual. The others not so much but the overalls and crotchrocket made me do a double take.
So, basically, you weren't cool if you weren't representing some SEC team, wearing overalls, or camo.
As you can see, I clearly fit in. It is nowhere near time for college football but I represent the Georgia Dawgs year round. Go Dawgs! Sic em'!
Hubby was good to go to in his Talladega shirt with a tall boy. Yes sir!
And our sweet little baby boy with the blonde mullet fit right in too. He has NEVER had a hair cut. Lol! Brian freaks when I talk about it. Not sure why.
Later in the evening the cars began to race and clearly you can see that little baby's ears were hurting. So we had to leave.
Carter wasn't ready to leave so Brian's dad met us there so he could stay a little bit longer.
 And I leave you with this. This is a pic of this mommy's Super Chevy! Haha!



  1. Girl, it sure sounds like you were in my town this weekend!!! I grew up watching my dad and MOM race a lil Chevy that looks quite a bit like Brian's and going to car shows! My mom may have had more trophies than my dad! And we wear our football shirts all year long!

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! But I have to ask what is a pronto pup? Is it food or a drink?

  3. Festivals have the best food and people watching! This makes me excited for our 4H fair!

  4. Men. They always blame it on the wife. Looks like a fun time.

  5. there aint nothing wrong with being a little bit (or a lot a bit) redneck :) looks like a great time!

  6. Ok for some reason half of this post showed up in my blog reader yesterday and I was about to go off on your for not calling out some rednecks!! But now that it's complete....good job. And yes, I saw the overall man on the itty bitty crotchrocket thing. He was without his friend though. But it was hilarious! I worked the freaking gate Saturday....if you didn't have a mullet or camo, then you had to have hand sores to get in....I bathed in peroxide that evening, haha!

  7. A greater tater! That's what we call your fried potatoes in KY. Yummy!

  8. I am so bummed we missed Super chevy this year. I am totally emailing you pics of the year John actually ran his Nova. It was also our anniversary. Super Chevy always fell on the week/weekend of our anniversary the first 4 years of marriage!

  9. I'm bummed that I don't really have a thing for cars so we don't go to this awesomeness. when i was young, I just liked the guys with the trucks that were on HUGE wheels!!! lol and right when you said something about Brian eating a pronto pup for breakfast, I thought "at least it's not beer, that's what FH does"...and then I saw the beer. lol

  10. Fun times with your boys. And, yes, I absolutely sport my Vols gear all year long.

  11. I have been craving a funnel cake since I saw your pic on IG! Now I am craving the funnel cake and the potatoes...lol! Looks like ya'll had fun! :)

  12. What about the fried chicken on a stick?! I wanted to go Sunday but lazy vetoed it. Aww but it's the cutest mullet I've ever seen!