Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Aubree Has Instagram and Finish the Sentence Linkup

Yes, people. My eldest child has joined the world of Instagram. She has done a lot of growing up over the last couple of months so I caved. I'll let her have an IG account but not Facebook. Believe me, I will be keeping a close eye on her. I already blocked three people that just looked suspicious. She told me one was a friend of her dads. Hate that! His ID came off child molester'ish. Momma doesn't play that. And just for the record, I think she was full of it and it isn't her dads friend. His wife reads my blog and I'd hate for her to get her panties in a wad. Hey girl hey!

So, I am gonna share some of Instagram Day One with Aubree for y'all. Empty your bladders friends. It does get pretty funny especially towards the end. Ha! *If any freaks see her IG name and try to follow you will get blocked. Plus it's private. Mother Hen, here!*

 Aubree is obviously aubree311. SIL posted a pic of herself in a tank with a pic of our great state of TN on it.
About an hour later aubree311 decides to tell Laura that it looks good. Oh she needs to remind her that she loves it and needs to know where it came from. LOL! I love how Laura replies with the "lol." I know I was lol'ing when I read this. Ha! Thanks for being a good sport, La La Lee! Hahaha!
Then Laura posts a pic of how she is organizing her outfits for the week and aubree311 replies "Girl that is so cute." LOL! I die! Ahahahahaha!
Now this is where it started to get interesting and I started to wonder why the hell I agreed to this.
She found my cousin that's really like a brother to me. He posted this at Christmas. "Nothing like a drunk mother on the holidays." Hahaha...funny guy! Until yesterday when Aubree saw this!
Aubree: Mom, were you drunk at Christmas?
Me: Omg! Aubree, no! I cooked freaking dinner for all of us that night!
Aubree: Well, you're drinking and he said you were drunk. (Insert lonnnnnnng sigh)
Is this my child or my mother I am talking too? Geez!
Aubree: Mom, did you really think you were hot?
Me: I didn't say that. He did. He put that as a caption to be funny.
Aubree: Ok, because that's not even a good pic.
Me: Really? Thanks...
Aubree: What? Well, it's not!
Aubree: OMG! Mom! It says that he and Carter are sexy! Is he for real?
Me: He was just being funny!
Aubree: Oh. Ok.
I was sighing and rolling my eyes!
Aubree: Mom why did you say sexy be-atch? What does that mean?
Me: Get off of there! You've spent enough time on there for the day!
Aubree: Ok but first I am gonna like this pic. Your socks were cute that night.
And now for the linkup with 2 of the hottest numbers in the blogosphere!!
1. I laughed so hard I cried when...well, dang. Total privacy acts at work prevent good stories. I'll say that much but I do laugh hard when I tell a story about my sister and I walking up our old driveway together. I looked up and was surrounded by 2 bulls and a bunch of cows that had gotten out (prob my hubby's grandfather's). Anyways, I looked to tell my sister to run and she was already a mile away yelling for me to run. You'd have to have been there.
2. My high school...was definitely the most fun of the 3 high schools in our county. We knew how to party it up at CHS!
3. It really pisses me off...when people drive slow in the left lane!
4. In ten years...maybe I will have decided to suck it up and go back to school to become a Neonatal Nurse Practioner. Maybe...
5. If I could erase one would be the total creep I dated in junior high and part of high school. What a jerk! I wasted a couple years that I could have been having fun with my head in a pillow crying over him and he's still a creep! I love his family though. You can't always blame family for how their loved ones behave.
6. In 1999...I smoked cigarettes (ughhhhh), partied like the Senior that I was in the fall, and worked at Super D Pharmacy.
7. Honestly...I have been a complete selfish cry baby over the last couple weeks. I have considered giving up the weekender gig because most of my friends are out running 5k's and having a good ole time on the weekend and I feel left out. Boohoo! I need to suck it up though. I chose to do this because it is best for our family plus I make more $$ in 2 days than I would working 3 days a week.
8. To me, Sushi...sounds like anaphylaxis. If you don't know what that is you're lucky or you can google it!
9. Someone really needs to invent...a robot or something that does the laundry or at least folds the stuff, especially the white clothes!
10. The first time I drank alcohol...was a total disaster. I got caught and my mother was standing over me in the bathroom the next morning asking loudly "how are ya feeling?" I'll have to do a post on that hot mess one day. I can tell you that Cherry Limeade and Vodka don't mix well with Claritin.
11. The one question I would ask God is...when is Christ returning? It's getting pretty out of hand in the world that He created. I am not even sure this is the world that God made anymore.
12. Lindsey Lohan...bless her. We are literally watching the girl kill herself. Seriously. I can't even watch anymore. that was fun! I'll see y'all tomorrow if this monster of a storm they keep yaking about doesn't blow us all away! Peace!


  1. OHHHH girl! You weren't lying! I was on travel mug of coffee and a bottle of water in when I read this and I nearly pissed myself. I wonder what Aubree would think of a certain video!?!? HaHa. I kid! There is no video! Aw booboo! I wish I had time and money to travel to you and all those other marathon parties! I may have convinced the Hubs into a trip in September. I just may have to bring him and G. But at least I could come give you a big ol hug!!

  2. 1999 we could of puffed away TOGETHER.. HAHHAA

  3. Aubree and her IG questions. OMG! My child would be the SAME way I'm sure. Lord help me!

    I would like to know when HE is returning too, just to make sure I am not belly up at a bar...thanks for liking with us!

  5. Your daughter's IG questions cracked me up. LOL!

  6. Oh my gosh, your daughter is hilarious - what did you get yourself into? And I agree about Lindsey Lohan - it's cringe worthy watching her ruin her life - I wish I could just slap her across the face and tell her to wake up!

  7. What does she think of the new kitty cat leggings you're getting? That is the question.

  8. Yep.....laughing out loud over here. Thanks for giving me a peak into what I have to look forward to with 2 sweet little girls. And I am REALLY behind on reading.....just starting with newest 1st: in other words, you've just been warned to get random comments from me from older posts ;-)

  9. Bhahahahaha.. My 11 year old is on insta (no facebook) and we got through the same thing!! #toogrown

  10. tell her to add K&A on ig!!!! lol now you know why i don't let my kids follow me!

  11. Cute socks and she didn't think you we're hot what?! She is too funny lol!! And growing up too fast!

  12. Oh my goodness Brooklyn is hilarious on IG too! And then you have to hear about how many likes someone got. The comments are hilarious!

  13. Hahaha Aubree is so funny!! I love following my 13 year old niece, although sometimes I do call her mother (my sister) and am all "wtf?!" :)

  14. I so loved reading about Aubree's new experience with IG. I needed that laugh.
    My boyfriends daughter is 7 and asks about facebook and etc and i try to avoid the questions haha. She sees us on it and post pictures and always asking why we take pictures and post them. One day she will join the evil facebook world, so not ready for that. How old is your daughter?

  15. Your daughter on IG is just too much. And can I also say that I hate slow drivers in the fast lane??? Move out of my way.

  16. Oh my goodness - Maddie was bothering me for an IG the past year, I was holding out strong, but I caved yesterday and now she has one. And THANK YOU for this post because I just realized I should go look through my ig photos to see if they're all ok for her to be seeing LOL. I "think" they're all okay - but ya never know. Too funny! Your daughter is so adorable - can we make their innocence last forever?!

  17. I don't know what kind of nurse you wanna be... but it sounds fancy. :)