Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello? Is It Me You're Looking For?

Hahaha! Y'all like that Lionel Richie inspired title? I hope you sing it all day because now I will.

I've been gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday. Lol! Thanks Montgomery Gentry! I just had to google those lyrics to see who sings that. Not a big fan of new country music.

I didn't pop in here to sing to y'all on this rainy Friday. I wanted to say hi and I have missed errrrybody. Life has been busier than usual around here. Also, we got answers to Caleb's digestive issues and I've been a bit down in the dumps about it when I should just be thankful we know what's wrong and have a plan to put into action that will make things easier for him. I will share more on that next week.

Did I mention my house was not leveled correctly when it was built?? No? Yeah. Another stressor. I won't go into details about how my beautiful yard and flower bed are going to have to be regraded and resodded. Nope. Not. Going. There. Instead I'll say I'm glad we've figured out the problem and its being fixed. ASAP hopefully because Carter has slept in our room for 3 weeks. Hopefully the flood waters this weekend stay outside!

So, next week I hope to return by Tuesday with a good attitude. I don't want to be spreading my negativity around the blogosphere. I'll have updates about baseball and stuff like the time we showed up at a fellow bloggers house after indulging in Mexican and margaritas. Ha! I may or may not have texted her from her driveway. Also, I have some excited news just not sure when to share it. And HELL NO I am NOT pregnant.

If you're just dying to see what I've been up to lately and see how I post 3 billion pics a day you can follow me on Instagram at linzlee1982. I'm doing 3 fitness challenges via Instagram if you'd like to join. I'm posting this from the awful blogger app so that's why I don't have pics where I'd like them. Instead I'll leave you with some to describe my attitude as of lately. Haha!

Happy Friday! Stay dry Memphis in May Music Fest! Watch that muddy river rise!


  1. You're backkkkkkk!!! :) Sorry about the house problems...that's no fun. Hope next week is better for you.

  2. My husband and I always sing the song to each other in your title! I died when I saw that!!

    And can't wait to hear the exciting news AND I did hear about the driveway fun too! haha

  3. yep. now i have that song stuck in my head. anywaysssss, sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy!!!! :):)

  4. Yay you are back!
    That sucks about your house:( but can't wait to hear about your good news!
    Have a great day:)

  5. I was just thinking where have you been! Dad told me about the house issue. That's frustrating for sure.

  6. And thank you for getting Lionel Richie stuck in my head! I'm glad to see you around here again. Even though I talk to in other ways, I miss you on the blogosphere! I hope things start looking up my love!

  7. oh wow, boo! and yay! that's my driveway! :) i'm gonna need you to text me now and tell me your secret. like 5 minutes ago. thanks.