Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday Memories and Linkup

Chrissy, Holly, and I are hosting a linkup today for everyone to share their favorite birthday parties and stories. The three of us celebrate our birthdays this month. Mine is next Monday.

The person with the best birthday story wins a $50 gift card to Kiki La'Rue!! Say what?!? should come as NO surprise at all that I could not narrow it down to one birthday. I mean that's why I have no tattoos. I have decision issues. Sue me.

All 30 of my birthdays have been great. I could not find pictures for all of them so it's hard to remember every single birthday party. Speaking of looking through old pics...I came across some OLD stuff tonight. Every time I look through old pics I feel like Conway Twitty and Kenny Rogers should be playing in the background. My family is super country.

My favorite birthday was my 7th and I am so sad that I can't find pics. I clearly remember finally getting my ears pierced and my mom took me and my friends to stay at a hotel next to The Mall of Murder Memphis that is no longer there. The hotel had an indoor pool and we had a blast. Fun!

Now for some birthday with pics! This was my 3rd birthday and I do remember bits and pieces of it. I clearly remember the location. It was called Showbiz Pizza and is now better known as...wait for it...Chuck E. Cheese. Ha!
Little Lindsey
They had the best pizza!
And the ball pit! Back when those were safe!
Billy Bob was the coolest! There was also some kind of strange looking cheerleader. Ha! By the way, you couldn't pay me enough to go to this particular location anymore. Talk about dangerous!
Next, I remember having a birthday party at the local skating rink that is now a bowling alley in my hometown. It was my 4th birthday.
That would be me with my mouth wide open. Hmm...looks like I am wearing mint.
No, that's not a little boy. It's me sporting a bowl cut! Why, mother, why? I was proud of my pink Cabbage Patch cake. Glad it was pink or my guests may have been confused.
I loved riding those little things.  I think they were called turtles.
On my 6th birthday my mom went all out. I had a nice party at school and then a carnival themed party at home with friends and family.
Everyone in the Kindergarten class wanted to be my BFF. Haha! Actually the blonde kid is my first cousin. Lol!

The classroom party came complete with a magician. Everyone was amazed and I was the cool kid for the day. Not sure why I wasn't looking at the camera.
Now the carnival party but GOOD GOD my hair is distracting! I call these the bad bang/mullet style days.
My sister and I with the clown. I think her name was Tubby. I remember she painted our faces and smelled like an ashtray. Haha!
Look at the unicorn on those chubby cheeks. No...really, you're admiring the mullet, aren't ya?
Apparently, Tubby yelled out something that got everyone's attention and caused me to have chest pains as I am giving the univeral sign for chest pain. Ahahaha! I've mentioned the childhood boyfriend before. Look at him all pitiful with his broken arm. I believe I've also mentioned I am married to his 3rd cousin. Lol! He is now one of my best friends that I NEVER see.
Last year my 30th birthday was on a Sunday and as a weekender I was working of course. My work family is the best. They made sure I was taken care of.

 Lots and lots of sweets to get us through the 12 hour night shift.
Speaking of being a weekender, I guess I can now share that I am going back full-time and giving up the part-time weekend gig. It's been nice but it's time for me to enjoy some weekends off with my family. I will be working three 12-hour shifts per week and will still mostly work weekends BUT I don't have to work every weekend. No more of this 3 weekends off per year. Yay...Yay...Yay!!! I hope my old school birthdays were interesting. There were lots of slumer parties and a couple of ice skating parties. Love birthdays! They seem to mean more each year. Be sure to link up and share your favorite birthday and don't forget the best story wins a $50 gift card to Kiki La'rue.
Ready. Start. GO!



  1. You were just the cutest lil kid! I am jealous of that Cabbage Patch Kid cake! And the hair! I'm so happy for your big news! Now you get to keep up with all your kids sports!!! Can't wait for our birthday lunch. What day works for you with your new schedule?

  2. "Hello Darlin... It's been a long time..." :)

    And I am loving the bowl cut!! LOL

  3. YAY!!!!! Good for you girl.. and I loved Billy Bob... the end...

  4. You were so cute and YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for being off on the weekends with the fam!!!!

  5. Ok, I think I went to something where that creepy clown was, lol. Maybe something on the square?? I'll have to dig up some old pictures, haha.

  6. I think we spent our birthday at the same place in 1985! HAAA! Happy early Birthday. Mine's Friday

  7. I had a birthday party at Showbiz Pizza too!!!
    I loved Cabbage Patch Kids and unicorns too. We have a lot in common.

    I linked up today and am now a new reader of your blog. So hello, hi, how are ya?
    Have a great day!

    1. Showbiz was the best! Love that we have a lot in common. I am glad you stopped by. Have a nice day!

  8. Looks like you had a lot of awesome birthdays (and hair styles... Ha) as a kid!!

  9. Showbiz was the best! That pic of you either he cake wearing mint, Carter looks just like you there!

  10. your freaking hair......hahahaha love it.

  11. I have pics of me as a kid with that same bowl hair cut. We look so much alike as kids in those first few pics. You have such a Good memory cause I remember Show Biz pizza and all the characters there but would have never been able to remember any of their I don't even remember alot of my Birthday May Birthday's are the Best I just turned 32 on the 7th. Glad you get to spend more weekends home now. Happy Early Birthday!

    1. Awwww! Thanks, Jordan! I didn't realized that you are a May baby too! Happy Belated Birthday!