Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

I love Summer second to Fall. There's always so much to see and do with the kids this time of year. Let's just hope Mother Nature continues to be kind to us here in the South for a little longer. Usually by now it's at least 200 degrees out and we haven't been above 90 yet. I know better...but if she could wait until after my first 5K that would be great! Why the hell am I doing my first one ever in June?

The first exciting thing that is coming up is a 5K in June with Holly, Laura, Lora, Janessa, Meredith, and I heard Jake will be there too! Like I said, it will be my first one and I am very excited and scared at the same time that I may die. Ha! I haven't run more than 2 miles in well over a month because I run either when Brian gets home from work in the morning and I feel bad because I know he's tired and doesn't want to watch kids or because I run while the kids nap with Brian and I worry the whole time that something bad is going to happen while I am out. I need a freaking treadmill!

Next is my 5 year anniversary! We have been married for almost 5 years and we haven't killed each other. This is HUGE! We usually go on family vacation for this but this year it will be just the two of us. We are going to Las Vegas. It isn't our first trip there by any means but this will be the one that we finally go see and do all the things we haven't had a chance to and we probably won't go back.

St. Thomas 2008

Magen's Bay in the Virgin Islands
Las Vegas 2009. We didn't take a single pic together. Crazy!
Next up is The Memphis Zoo. We will spend lots and lots of time there this summer. I have several friends with kids the same age as the boys and we meet there pretty frequently when the weather is nice. We have already gone once this Spring.
Carter and friends checking out the polar bears.

Aubree will be bringing back her Lemonade Stand with homemade baked cookies this summer. She enjoys it. It puts a little cash in her pocket and it gives her something to do. The last time she set up last year she sold out in 30 minutes. It's delicious!
Lemonade last year!
Brian's family has a nice house at Pickwick near the Tennessee River. We haven't gone in a while since I was a weekender. A trip there and letting Aubree and Carter ride the waverunner is definitely on the bucket list!
Camping. Brian has gone on and on and on about how he wants to go camping. I've never been camping. Sounds AWFUL to me but my FIL has a nice camper and I am willing to give it a shot with the camper. No tent though. Sounds like hell instead of a vacation to me. I think a couple of our friends with kids may join us. No date set yet but hopefully it will happen this summer complete with fishing, roasting marshmallows, and alcohol.
I really want to take a trip to St. Louis and see a Cardinals game! Carter played baseball this year and he played for the STL Cards. Haha! He enjoyed it. I think it would be fun plus there's lots to do in STL and Brian has some family there. And I could finally meet Melanie!

I try really hard to go to Mall of America once a year. I didn't make it last year. This year I am taking Aubree before school starts so we can spend a day or two there and do some school shopping. We usually fly there and ride the train over to the airport and spend the day shopping and then fly back that night but there's no longer an early morning flight to Minneapolis from Memphis and the latest one coming back connects in Atlanta. I am not a fan of flying over my destination just to get home so we will have to stay over night.
I'm not so sure she will want to go to this store anymore. She's out of the doll phase. =(

 All 3 kids waiting on the train from the airport to the mall.
Johnny Rockets, Rainforest Café, and Nestle Toll House are my favorite parts! Oh, and Lola and Steve Madden of course. Haha!
There is also talk about a possible trip to either Gulf Shores or Destin with my friend, Anna later in the summer. I just can't go a summer without going to the gulf. I am a beachy person and Brian is not. He told me he was when we first started dating but I think it was because he had been living in a frozen tundra for 5 years. Anna said we could split the cost of a condo and she loves my kids. Win win! Hope we have the funds to make it happen by the end of summer. We shall see!

 Carter in Destin, FL a couple years ago.
Gulf Shores, AL last summer.

The boys last summer.

Sweet little man.
Aubree will stay super busy this summer with camps. She is going to basketball camp, cheer camp, tumbling camp, volleyball camp, and who knows what else? Glad she is trying different things to find what fits her best.
Of course there will be lots of time spent outside swimming, playing on the playground, chasing fireflies, hopscotch, and water gun fights!
Last but not least is I want to meet my friend Chrissy somewhere in Nashville this summer if she gets the chance. Chrissy just welcomed a baby boy to the family and I am so happy for her and her family! You should go check out her blog and read her story about the journey of bringing Luke home.
What are you doing this summer? Any fun trips planned?

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  1. Oh my goodness are you a busy woman. I am with you. I am not a fan of camping. I only stay places with indoor plumbing. sorrynotsorry, but I work too damned hard to not stay in a place with AC and a working toilet!

    How do you guys like Destin? The kids have been begging for a beach vacation, but I am terrified of the car ride. I think Destin is about 13 hours from our house. I can't stand anything to do with the state of Alabama, so Gulf Shores is out of the question. I actually told my husband that if we did go to Destin that we had to have a full tank of gas before we drove through Alabama, because I didn't want to give them a penny of my money....

  2. Sounds like a good summer to me. I'm so with you on camping. I HATE it. My friends used to make me go all the time until finally I put my foot down.

  3. I agree on camping in a tent not being a vacation. I am more than willing, excited actually, to try out a camper this summer though. Gulf Shores is awesome! I love it down there!

  4. Between our texts and that damn cookie picture i want to slap you for making me so damn hungry!

  5. I LOVE Gulf Shores, went there every Summer as a kid!

  6. First off, make sure to let me know about any kid activities. We totally want to join in! And yay for an anniversary trip to Vegas. That is going to be so nice. Also, let us know when Aubree has the stand out and we will stop by for some lemonade. And where is she doing vball camp? B usually does the one in Millington but it isn't until later, like August.

  7. Gulf Shores is my FAVORITE vaca spot!

  8. I have lots of comments.
    1. I want to go camping with y'all!!!!
    2. where are the camps that Aubree is going to?
    3. please, please, please tell me when Aubree does her lemondae stand. I need to come buy some!!
    4. I decided I am going to cheer at the 5k instead of run...I can't handle the heat.
    5. I just realized most of my comments are the same as Janessa's...oh well!

  9. I do not camp in a tent either. I think an RV is still roughing it. One of these days I will make it to the Mall of America!

  10. Sounds like youre going to have a blast - my baby sister lives in St. Thomas and we were there in 2010 - so fun :) Good luck on your 5K - you will rock it :)

  11. These pics make me want to go back to St. Thomas soooo bad!! No more trips for us this year. Unfortunately, I think we just got back from our last vacation for at least 3 years :( Y'all will have fun in Vegas! Go to the "O" cirque du soleil show at the Bellagio. It's the best!

  12. I soooo want to meet up!!! I am dying to get my arms around you!!! I love ya girl! Sounds like you have a great summer ahead!!

  13. You sound like you have so many awesome things planned for the summer... and can you please stow me away and take me with you to Vegas ;)

  14. Love it. We're from Iowa and just got back from Vegas a week ago. I said it was like the Clampett's go to Vegas! :)