Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Travel Bug

I was going to do this whole post tonight about what's been going on around here lately. I am just going to be totally honest with's been a crazy and busy week up in here and I don't feel like uploading pictures. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.

Have I mentioned that Brian and I are going on a trip soon for our anniversary to Las Vegas? I'm pretty sure that I have. It is a much needed get away and well deserved. We rarely spend any time together alone and the way we work is pretty awful. Opposite schedules, you know? It's good for the kids and bank account but it can be tough on a relationship. So, we need to go away for a few days and reconnect.

I am not the hugest fan of traveling. I don't sleep well unless I am in my own bed and hotel beds, well, it bothers me to think of how many different people have slept in those things. Ugh! Last year, I accidentally watched a documentary on bed bugs and how they have become a problem in our country. O.M.G! The next week we were going to Orange Beach for vacation. I was about ready to back out.

So, now when we go to a hotel I strip the sheets and make Brian lift the mattress so I can check thoroughly! There's no telling what I may find one of these days. We absolutely do NOT put our luggage on the bed. One lady took bed bugs home with her in her luggage and it cost her $4000 to rid her home of them. Wth? There is actually a website that you can go to and type in the name of the hotel you are staying at to see if there are reports of bed bugs. We aren't talking little fleas here people! These are disgusting!

The next thing that drives me crazy is the cost of the room. Geez! I have a new home and my master bedroom and bathroom are super nice so when I want to get away and relax I expect at least the equivalent or nicer.  Well, that costs a fortune.

Brian could care less. When he was moving back home we stopped one night in a hotel in Iowa that I am pretty sure was in a scary movie from the 80's. The bathroom had floral wall paper and if you needed extra light there was a bulb in the ceiling with a chain that you could conveniently pull down. There was a small console TV too. I never even took my shoes off. Just needed to rest my eyes and I volunteered to drive the rest of the way to Tennessee.

So, enough of my whining and negativity about a get away. What a cry baby! No really, I am excited! Let me tell you how we can verify that I am excited...

I am a PLANNER! I have my entire life written down in a planner that I review each night before I go to bed and I look over it again in the morning. If I lose that thing my year is shot! If you want me to be involved in any events you'd better tell me in advance because I make out my schedule at work one month ahead of time. It's safe to say I need to know where I am supposed to be on a specific day and time every day of my life.

This trip is totally opposite from any of that. We are going to fly standby to Las Vegas. I don't know which flight we will get on. I don't know where we will connect. I don't know how many times we will connect. I don't know what seat I will be in. I don't know which aircraft I will fly on. Oh, and because we aren't sure if we will even end up in Vegas or if we do we don't know when, we haven't booked a hotel room. We don't even know which one we want to stay at. We'll just figure it out when we are either wheels up and headed there or when we land. Not a bit of this bothers me the slightest! That's how I know we need a break and that's how I know that I am excited. I don't care if we end up in Salt Lake City or Atlanta. We will have a good time and make memories and that's what is really important.

When we do finally arrive at our destination, I do know that it will not be one with the light bulb and chain in the bathroom. Haha! I am all about I take reviews seriously and I share reviews after I have stayed somewhere. It's important to do that.

Ok, thanks for taking the time to let me make your skin crawl with my bed bug phobia and listen to how OCD I am.

What do you love or not really love about traveling? Fears? Ever fly to standby to Vegas? Ha!


  1. OMGosh! I have the biggest hotel bed phobia. Adam gets so mad at me. When we went to the town my son was born, I put a tshirt over the pillow so my head didn't directly touch it and I refuse to cover up with there sheets and bedspread. I will freeze before I cover up!

  2. You would write about bed bugs the day before we leave for florida. Ha! I hate sleeping in any bed other than my own too. And I'm jealous of your Vegaf trip. We went in 2009 and I cannot wait to go back with my husband again!

  3. Bed bugs scare the crap out of me, but I am more terrified of lice.

    Have fun in Vegas! The thought of a couple days alone with no children makes me super jealous of you!!!

    What planner do you use? I keep trying to find one I like, but haven't had much success.

  4. Just so you know I would die without my planner. Okay maybe not, but I wouldn't leave the house or so angering because I wouldn't be able to keep up with it all lol. Are you tomorrow night!

  5. Um I live and breath by my planner too! Jeremy makes fun of me but seriously, I would be lost without it. And I'm the same way planning out my vacations but when me and B went to DC and NYC for Spring Break one year (just the two of us), we landed in DC without a hotel room. Omg. Booked it on the ride from the airport to the metro. We ended up getting a hotel room in a hotel next to the one I was originally looking at. It was way more expensive than my choice but I booked through some travel site and got it for practically nothing! So good luck with that, could turn out to be the best place you've stayed so far :)

  6. You are not the only one who checks hotel beds. I do the same thing. Have a great time in Vegas!

  7. I have the biggest fear of bed bugs. I have that website several times to look up hotels. I am sure you will have fun!! That's a little exciting not knowing where you will end up!

  8. My absolute least favorite part is unpacking at the end of the trip. We always dump our bags by the door when we get home because we're usually exhausted and then I feel like my house is in disarray until I do the last load.

  9. Props to you! I don't know if I could fly standby or not know any details! haha I will have to check out that site!!! Not all hotels in Iowa are that awful ;)