Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Jobs

Yes...the 2 oldest kids like to pretend to have "jobs". Carter likes to walk all over the house with his toolset and fix things. He asks me all the time if anything is "broked". Aubree is going to do a lemonade stand here a couple days a week this summer. She gets good business considering we practically live in a construction zone and there's always people looking at houses too. We had to cut business short due to the weather but she had 4 customers in 30 minutes. And the lemonade really is delicious and cold!

Caleb said his first word this week. And guess what it is...DaDa! Brian loves it. He's also getting another tooth so that will be 5!

Finally get to go to a softball game in the morning. Aubree is on a traveling team and that doesn't work with me being a weekender. She's in a tournament in Germantown this weekend. Laura is going with me. We're excited! Will post pics!

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