Friday, February 15, 2013

Buddy Holly and About My Fridge

Ahhhhh...Valentine's Day. Such a commercial holiday, don't you think? It's cute and all for the kids but it can be a little ridiculous. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. Maybe I am being a bit of a hater because I have stopped eating sweets like I used to. Who knows?? Who cares??

Brian and I have a history with Valentine's dating back to the 7th grade...about 18 years ago.  OMG I had no idea it was that long ago that I was in middle school. Breathe in, breathe out!!! 

Everyday from the beginning of the 6th grade up until the night before Valentine's when we were in the 7th grade, he would call me up and ask "Will you go out with me? I like you so much."  I would always say "no". He drove me crazy yet I would spend hours talking to him on the phone even when he was grounded and my MIL was at work. His dad would let him call me. (Sorry, MIL, I had nothing to do with it! I always knew when you got home from work! LOL!)  Anyways, I finally said "yes" the night before Valentine's. He was so happy. He brought me a Weezer CD to school the next day for my gift. You know, the one with Buddy Holly and Undone: The Sweater Song. I think that was one of the greatest Valentine's gifts ever. Ha! He was my boyfriend for a while and then he switched schools and we just kinda split. I think he took it harder since he gave me ugly looks anytime I saw him afterwards. Oh, and anytime I heard Weezer, espcecially Buddy Holly, I thought about Brian Smith.

Let's fast forward to the next Valentine's Day we spent together. I will cover the years in between some other time. Maybe around our anniversary.

We had been dating a while when our first Valentine's rolled around. He was living in Wisconsin and working in Minnesota. I woke up at 4 AM to get ready to catch a plane to Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) to see him and spend 4 days together. I didn't feel so hot. I got in the shower and RAN back to bed because I was so nauseated. It was that if you don't lay down quickly you're gonna hurl everywhere feeling. I called him and I was upset. I told him there was no way I could fly in that condition and how sorry I was. There was dead silence on the other end and then he said "I don't care what you have to do, get on that plane and get here" and then he hangs up. Ughhhh...excuse me. This man has clearly lost his mind. 

I ate a few crackers and was feeling better and I did miss him and was just gonna pretend the phone conversation never happened. His dad picked me up and I was chugging Gatorade praying I didn't get sick on the plane. That would be awful. 

I flew into MSP and he picked me up. He told me were flying to Chicago later that evening and would spend a few days there. He had worked the night before and needed to sleep before we left.

Well, what do you think happened about an hour after we got to his house? He was puking all over the place. Sick as a dog! Ugh. I don't want to say that was karma but to say the least we were both sick and he was much worse off than I was. We traced it back to his youngest sister. Lol! Sorry Carrie! He'd been home the weekend before and I think you brought home college cooties. Hahahaha!

He had planned on proposing to me that evening in Chicago. So sad. He couldn't wait and revise plans to have a redo so he asked me to marry him in his bedroom where we both laid feeling like death while a blizzard took place outside dumping 3 feet of snow. It doesn't sound perfect but it was. 
About a week after we got engaged
And for Valentine's 2013...

 Carter with his box of chocolates and Caleb with some new sippy cups. Haha!
 Green polo, aviator shades, and Godiva truffles for Brian
New Nike shorts for me
It was nice outside and the boys felt better so we went out. Honey Boo Boo, you ain't got nothing on Carter in his Carhardt jacket with an orange and white robot shirt, Angry Birds pajama pants, and cowboy boots. Lord have mercy! LOL!

Holly mentioned yesterday that she was going to do a "What's in Yo Fridge" linkup tomorrow since some of us gave her a hard time about her empty looking freezer. Hahahaha!

My fridge is looking pretty bare since it's the end of the week. Beer and Milk on top. Eggs and usually meats on second shelf. Caleb's soy milk, OJ, and Wine on shelf 3. Drawer 1 is full of cheese and bacon. Drawer 3 Capri suns and Jello. Drawer 4 usually has carrots and lettuce which are all gone. In the door I keep condiments, jelly and jam, pickles, flour, yogurt, and chocolate syrup. 
The freezer. Here we have some Vodka on top with frozen biscuits, frozen pizzas, fishsticks (ugh), an emergency pack of bacon, and some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Next shelf is a box of frozen pigs in a blanket from Sam's that aren't that good...need to throw them out and some Blueberry waffles. Last shelf is a ton of steak, chicken, pork from Omaha Steaks that I am saving for a blogger cookout/blate with Lora, Janessa, Laura and any other locals that want to come this Spring.  The bottom is a storage area for frozen veggies. In the door on the top shelf we have some Tequila, and boo boo buddy for those bruises and bumps. Second shelf, well...well...well, we have some frozen breast milk that I just can't seem to throw away. I am sure I pumped it while taking a quick break from extremely sick babies at work around 3 AM so no, I am not throwing it away. Someone else can! Oh and there's a burrito next to the breast milk. Nice combo.
Next are some popsicles and on the last shelf is a bag of tater tots. Interesting enough??

I mentioned my friend, Cari, last week. She is having a Thirty-One giveaway with a cute thermal tote. Go say hello!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the story about your engagement!

  2. Aww that story and Vodka in your freezer is a WIN for me.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a bare fridge :D Thanks for sharing your engagement story!

  4. Not sure how I didnt know you were in Memphis... or are you? anyways I know something you can do with the chicken. And I probably need an invite to the cookout.

  5. I'm so excited about that cookout! It needs to hurry up and happen. and I loved that Weezer song! it made me feel so cool to listen to it. lol

  6. Ooh I can't wait for a fun cookout!!! I can't wait for spring and warm backyard weather at night. Oh my goodness!!

  7. I love Weezer and your engagement story is so sweet.

  8. Lol, I love Weezer, of course I blame in on Brian. I HAD to listen to whatever he decided to play in one of his many trucks (that he constantly wrecked!) He was probably giving you those looks too because apparently he had some resentment for you dating Will lol. I had to hear about that all the time from him griping lol. Haha, perfect gifts for both of yall! Oh, now I can't wait. Just 7.5 more hours til I can see those sweet boys (not my brother, didn't want you to be confused, ha!!) = ) See you tonight, and can't wait to grill out this spring!

  9. I love your engagement story, so sweet - and I still love weezer so good :)

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  11. That's a very sweet story! I'm down for a blate. Just tell me what to bring:)

  12. Everything in your fridge looks good! Wine and frozen biscuts... not much else a girl needs.

    And I love your Valentine's Day recap (since 7th grade???}with Brian... What a lucky guy! ;)

  13. That was such a sweet engagement story! Love it!