Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So What, Random, Whatever...

I am in a total funk, y'all. Ugh! My boys have been pretty sick. It could always be worse. I try to think that some parents go through much worse with chronically ill kids when I feel like I am about to explode but I still get frustrated.

To make this situation as humorous as possible I am linking up to a few awesome bloggers. This will be random like most of the time.
So What Wednesday
So far this week I am saying SO WHAT if...
  • I nearly choked to death on my dinner the other night at the table when Carter announced "oh gweat...I have got to have diawwhea again"
  • I have only washed my hair once since Monday and have not put makeup on either
  • Caleb puked a little bit on his shirt while we were at Kroger and I zipped up his jacket and finished my shopping. First of all, it did not get on the shopping cart that I have a cover on anyway and we have to freaking eat! This was his way of letting me know Carter was kind enough to share the flu (yes, we had all had our shots, except Brian) with him.
  • I didn't do a freaking thing for Carter's class for Valentine's. He isn't going anyways. Aubree is with her dad this week and I know her step-mom handled it for her. Her dad gets all pissy if I interfere during his week. Whateva!
  • I made chocolate cake for my little loves while they're sick. I feel bad for them and chocolate makes me feel better too when I am stressed. 
  • I am stressed and paranoid about sending Carter back to preschool since he gets sick every freaking week! Seriously!!!!
I have managed to run once this week. Let me ask y'all that have done the C25K...did you ever feel like the little lady that says "start walking" has forgotten you? Geez! J/k...kinda. I am still loving it. I've only gotten to run once this week because I had a class on Monday and Wednesday it was raining. Back at it Thursday. Just realized by the time I am done typing this it'll be Thursday. Whateva! 

 Don't you love when the Tylenol kicks in and the fever breaks for a while? It's like they go nuts! Ha! They were both spinning until they would get dizzy and fall down. I remember doing that as a child. The fun and innocence of childhood...memories.
Carter felt well enough today to dress like a cowboy/mechanic. Ha! Look at those boots on the wrong feet. He told me "Mommy, Cowboys don't fart". Thank you, son. I had no idea! Lol!
Caleb is obsessed with saying "cheese". If he sees my phone he starts saying cheese. Totally ignore his mommy with no makeup and funky hair, ok? Haha!
Cake I made for the boys. I may be a good cook but a baker I am not. Looks like someone took a small bite out of the heart. 

Happy Hump Day to y'all that work Mon-Fri!


  1. Poor babies and mommy! I hope everyone feels better soon and you crack me up about the shopping and puke and zipping the shirt up - ha - I would have done the same thing :)

  2. Oh you poor thing! Taking care of sick kids is rough! I love carter talking about his diawhea!!! Too cute! Hope everyone gets better soon!

  3. I am SOOO sorry the kiddos are sick but the diawwhea & the puke covered by a jacket made me spit my coffee out in the car this morning. I LOL'd and the Hubs was like WTH are you reading!?!?

  4. I hate you have sick babies, but the things that they've said are seriously cracking me up this morning! Too cute and funny!:) Hope your household gets better asap!!

  5. I'm sorry your kids are sick but they are hilarious! Where do you run? Just in your neighborhood? I need to find a park that has a longer track (like Shelby Farms except not forever away) so that I have no choice but to run a long time...that's why I hate running in my neighborhood. I pass my house like 10 times so it's so easy to stop and go in!

    1. You should get that running club of yours back in gear and we could meet at Valentine Park in Munford. I think it's 2 miles round trip from front to back.

    2. That sounds like a great idea!

  6. Hahah these were all hilarious! And I love that sweet cake. Where do you work in NICU? Just sister works at Egelston in Atlanta & I am assuming you work somewhere in Atlanta as well!

  7. Sorry that your boys have been sick. That's the worst. And your cake looks great! I truly think people are either cookers (?) or bakers. I can cook, I just can't bake. I can do cupcakes and that's about it.

  8. I am so sorry you have had a craptastic week! I did have to giggle a little bit at your post! I was starting to wonder about ya since you hadn't posted all week lady! :)

  9. Oh my, I think that's hilarious!! I have heard Savannah refer to poop as diawwhea too. :)

  10. You know what would make everyone feel better at your house!? Some CRUNCHY CHEESY RITZ CHICKEN!

  11. Sounds like a blah week, but it made me laugh! That's what you were going for, right?!? I hope the boys start to feel better soon.

    And, as far as the C25k woman, I've been there, where I just want her to tell me that it's time to freaking walk again! :) You're not alone!

  12. Oh girl! I am SO SORRY your babies have been sick!!!! It is never fun & helps you gain even more thankfulness for not having a baby with a chronic illness. Praying for you guys & don't sweat the small stuff!!!!

  13. I'm so happy they're felling a lote better. Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow. Mmmm cake.