Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Baby Truck and Goals for 2013!

Raise your hand if at anytime in your life you or your parents drove a hoopty car (that's what we said back in the day). LOL! When I was younger my mom drove a navy blue and cream striped van that could carry an entire softball team and their family.  At first my sister and I were really pumped about it because it had a TV (that only picked up PBS). I remember very clearly when my parents got rid of that thing because it was such a relief! I wouldn't let them take me to school or pick me up! I was all about riding the school bus. The old van was the last hoopty car that I had anything to do with until 2 years ago.

A guy that Brian works with sold him a little Toyota truck for $200! Now, yeah it was a total deal and I was all for it because Brian was driving his big diesel "Duramax" back and forth to Memphis 5 days a week. Carter named it the "baby truck". This was gonna be a great way to save money. After we bought it he was talking about how he knew I couldn't drive a stick and I just HAD to prove him know where this is going! He just about pitched a fit that I hadn't been driving it to work because we could save even more money and someone had just put a nice little dent in my door while it was parked in the garage at work. So, I agreed and started driving it to work. It wasn't too bad until I got pregnant with Caleb and it became an issue to try to drive a stick and puke at the same time while driving home from work in the mornings. Fun times! I toughed it out though. I knew if I drove my Tahoe and it got a scratch on it that I'd never hear the end of it. I drove it until I was about 26 weeks pregnant. I had to stop because the freaking thing sits on the ground and rides so rough that by the time I got to work I would be having contractions.

The "baby" truck
Now I am working at a new place and they don't know the whole story behind the truck. A lady asked me the other day what I do when I have to take all 3 of my kids somewhere with me or how do we go out as a family. I've never even thought much about it but now it's kinda embarassing because this little thing has started smoking and makes an awful squeaky noise. I think it's falling apart!  I have started parking all the way at the end of the garage on the opposite side from everyone else! LOL! It's so embarassing! Brian loves the little thing. He washed and waxed it the other day! LOL! I told him the other night when it was 20 degrees that I was gonna just drive my Tahoe the next morning. I can crank and defrost it with a remote from inside my warm house but nooooo he insisted on getting up at 5:15 and going out to crank the truck, which was very nice of him. I was running a little late and went to tell him good-bye and couldn't find him. I assumed something was broke on the truck and he was outside fixing it. No! He was in our driveway asleep in the truck because he was afraid to leave it running because someone may steal it. LOL! I'm not sure a car has ever even been stolen in our town. Why am I sharing this? I honestly have no idea! Prob because I drove my Tahoe today for the first time in about a week and felt like I was driving a Cadillac and laughed as I passed the "baby truck".  It has to stay parked on the street because it leaks so bad. Ahhhhh!
Ok...moving along! I stopped making New Year's resolutions long ago because I usually forget them or just don't follow through but I do have some very realistic goals for this year. I am excited about 2013!  Here's my to-do list:
1. Work MUCH harder on my relationship with God. I am joining a small bible study group and I am very excited. I miss church on Sundays because I work. This will be good for me.
2. Worry less about how clean my house is! I wait until my kids are in bed then I clean like a mad woman. That should be time I take for myself and I am going to start doing that!
3.  Go see my Meemaw more often. You really don't know how much your grandparents mean to you until you only have one left! She doesn't live that far so there's no excuse for me not to go visit her at least once a week.
4.  Take a short trip with Brian for our anniversary this year. It will be 5 years!
5. We have talked and talked and talked about taking the kids to Disney for years and we really are going to do it this year. Planning on October! Heard it's awesome around Halloween!
6. Start finishing the upstairs in our house. There is only one bedroom up there that is finished now. We did it back during the summer and it's Aubree's room. We want to add a full bathroom, bonus room, and another bedroom. Possbily a half bath but we will see. It's very pricey!
7. Start running again! I want to do some 5k's, etc but they're always on the weekend...ya know, when I work.
8. I have been nominated for 4 Liebster Awards and I am sure the sweet friends that nominated me think I am a real lazy/bad blogger! I am sorry, ladies! When I do these posts I have one kid hanging from my leg while my laptop is on the counter so he can't reach it while the other kid talks non-stop. I am sorry!
So, those are my goals! I'm counting on ya'll to hold me accountable! Anybody every finished an uncompleted part of your house? Disney suggestions?


  1. How the heck did I end up marrying someone just like my brother?! I think we both know Shane would even freak if he heard you had a scratch in your vehicle and leaking vehicles aren't allowed in our driveway either. It's insane lol. Dont even get me started about mom's old ChooChoo Customs Astrovan with pink blinds.

  2. Went to Disney this past June with a 2 year old! She talks about it everyday. She wants to go back. So we are planning to go the 2nd week of October. I have read its the least busiest, the weather is perfect, and the prices are the lowest!

  3. Haha love the story about the baby truck. Too funny!

  4. Oh I have so many comments!
    1. I LOVE your baby truck. I wish we had one since FH drives to fedex everyday in my new freaking car!
    2. when/where is your bible study? I REALLY need to find one of those to join. You know, have some friends that don't come over just for the keg stands....
    3. I love Brian, he is such a retard.
    4. run more so you can sign up for the half! yay!!

  5. oops and
    5. do you want to do a button swap??

  6. Thanks for stoping over at my blog and Im so glad you did I am also loving your blog. O cant wait to read more. Im cracking up I havent heard the term hooptyin a long time it took my back to those days. The baby truck I can relate we have a truck without a bed on it for a worktruck and when things go crazy with yukon I get stuck with that hoopty.
    We love Disney and you can check out my post on Disney. Also if you have any questions I will do my best to help ya