Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Keeps You Running...

Yeah, it keeps you running...are you picturing the scene from Forrest Gump when he was running? Best. Movie. Ever. So, I started running again yesterday. Why? Because I want to be cool like everyone else I workout a good bit but I miss running. I used to run after I had Carter and quit when we were trying to have Caleb because it was causing some fertility issues and I never started back. I miss that feeling you get when you run. I always have so much energy afterwards and it's a great way to relieve stress. Another reason is that I have a really, really bad family history of cardiac problems. My dad has 12 stents! The first time that he  had angioplasty he was basically a walking dead man who had been driving across the country in his 18-wheeler jamming gears and blasting 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses. My Paw Paw and his father both had massive heart attacks and there's this valve problem on my mother's side of the family. So...yeah...I have got to stay in shape so I can stay healthy because we all know from the pics that I post of my dinner almost every night on Instagram that I don't eat right most of the time.

We have a few nice tracks to choose from in our town but I chose this one right here.
I chose this one because not only is it the closest to my house but if you look in the distance you will see a building with a green roof. That would be the Atoka Fire Dept and that would be the primary reason that I chose to run here. Hahaha! I had an issue with the fountain in the pond. It was very windy today and every time I would make that turn it would spray in my face! Ugh! All I kept thinking about was E.coli and Legionella! Yuck! So I had to turn my head away when I would get to this point. I prob looked like a freak to the cars passing by. 
Easing back into it! 

Follow my blog with BloglovinIt was around 70 degrees here today. Carter wanted to go play outside so we waited until Caleb was taking a nap because it was way too windy for him with all the ear issues he's been having. I told him to go put on a shirt (he hardly ever wears a shirt while we are at home) and some shoes. He came out wearing this. 
What do you say to that? I mean...he did what I told him to do. This was a shirt he wore when they were learning about Native Americans. Ha! He's so silly!

My little Caleb is having a hard time with his ears and he's getting a couple teeth too. He's been feeling rather miserable, crying frequently, and has a serious case of the mud-butt going on! This morning while I was changing his diaper Carter had to come sit with us. He got a big whiff of what was in little brothers diaper and he froze, his head dead this weird Parkinson's Disease like shake, and then he started dry-heaving. Y'all I laughed so hard that I was crying. 
He looked at me and said "Chee" today. It was so cute. 

One of my favorite bloggers, Mel, at 4KOTTEZ is going to have a giveaway when she reaches 300 followers and she is almost there. She is adorable and makes me tired just looking at all the pics of her working out. She is a mother to 2 beautiful children,wife to "E", a runner, and a hard working lady! I don't see how she does it all. I get to meet her in March and I can't wait!

Check out my new friend, Stephanie, at The Not So Secret Lemne Life. She told me last week that when she got to 10 followers she would have a giveaway and she is at 12 now! She is a mommy blogger and a nurse. Go see her. You'll love her. 

I know you have heard me talk about my friend, Jamie, that does my airbrush tan and how awesome she is! Well...she now has an online boutique with some very stylish clothing at auction prices. She is currently taking pre-orders via paypal. You can find her on Instagram at southerncoco2! Here's a few of my favorites!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway that ends on Friday. You can go here to enter! My SIL will be doing another giveaway starting tomorrow with a gorgeous bracelet. You can go enter but I plan to win that one! Ha! 


  1. I just found your blog and I really love it! I am so glad you are running again. Isn't it the best stress reliever ever? And your boys are too cute.

  2. "Mud butt" seriously had me laughing out loud. Never heard that phrase but I will be using it! My Caleb has been crazy sick.
    Way to go on starting C25K-I AM starting this week!

  3. Hahaha that shirt is awesome!!!!!!! Oh my gosh hahaha!

  4. Oh love your blogging about you kids! Thanks for keeping it real for all of us Moms out here!!!!! Good luck with your runs & keeping your heart healthy! I heart food so workouts are a must for me too! I just don't do well with the running...maybe one day.

  5. You must live in B. Estates(dont want to type it all out for fear of internet phsycho's). My MIL lives in a little cove back in that subdivision:)

    And I hope you get back in your groove of running!! It is the BEST therapy EVER!

  6. We need to go running together! You are super close to where we are now. Also B has friends that live close to that park. B, Aubree, and friends could hang out while we run

  7. Hey! I just started reading your blog and Im so glad I did - I just started week 2 of the couch 2 5K - Im repeating week 2 because last week got away from me and I didnt get to the last 2 exercises ;) Cant wait to watch your progress :)

  8. Mud butt, poor little Caleb! He looks so adorable though, and Carter's shirt, ha. He seriously is the coolest, most hilarious kid I know. Debating on taking a day off work soon so I can come see the little monkies! Congratulations on your running - that's awesome! You will definitely be ready for STL!

  9. ooooOoOoo.. Loving that chevy dress! Just added her on IG!

  10. I'm with J, we need to run together....I have been thinking of going to that park once it warms up a little. if it would just STAY WARM!!!!