Friday, March 15, 2013

Not So Pinteresting

What's up, y'all? It's Friday and I am making my first post of the week. Yay! I worked 3 days over the weekend and it's been a while since I've done that so it took me a minute to recover. On Tuesday, Lora and Janessa came over for our Teen Mom 2 date. We had LOTS of fun! It's always good to sit around and laugh with friends. I am really glad that we all live about 3 minutes apart.

I haven't worked out ANY this week. What?!? Yep! Caleb's reflux lost total control on Wednesday night. He is having a hard time and not sleeping. He's got an appointment with a GI doc in a little over a week. Keep him in your thoughts. He's had problems since birth with his tummy. Also, I am down with an old lady disease that they don't even start passing out immunizations for until your 50! Shingles, anyone? What a pain! Oh well...thankful for medication and wine!

So since I have had a bit of a craptastic week I am saving all my wonderful blog topics that I had planned for this week until next week.

You know how there's a linkup called "Oh So Pinteresting" or whatever. I like it and I read it. I am addicted to Pinterest but thought I'd keep it real and share some realistic things that go on around here that sometimes make me giggle and think I should pin that! Hahahaha! Here ya go!

First we have the "butter bowl." I can't tell you how many times both mine and Brian's Meemaw have repurposed these things as a way to store leftovers. I know this one is gonna go viral on Pinterest. Your're welcome!
When you can't find a gate that properly fits your classy iron railing on your stairway, what do you do? Duh! You take one suitcase and turn it sideways and sit another one upright. Be sure to put clothes in them to weigh them down. Oh..and those pieces of luggage will keep items from rolling down the stairs so you can store things behind them. Bonus!
I had my first total Christmas holiday off 2 years ago and I sliced my finger while peeling sweet potatoes. Did it need stitches? Sure. Was I about to spend my holiday off in a hospital? NO! I am one of those freaks that is allergic to latex so I couldn't use the kids Cars 2 bandaids. So...I just went and took a "light day" pad and wrapped it around my finger until my cousin arrived to drive me to Walgreen's. It worked much better than a bandaid! The only problem was I was sticking to everything. Next time I would wrap a paper towel around the sticky outer covering. In the words of Chevy Chase from Christmas Vacation, BINGO!
Some of you have already seen this masterpiece! Haha! This was a flower made from Carter's handprint that didn't go so well in the beginning. They make this stuff look so easy! It's not! We ended up getting it right but it took a couple tries. Lol!
Who doesn't love all the Wedding pins on Pinterest? Well, here's mine! The books in the courthouse gave off a nice aroma and make a nice backdrop for this photo. I also wasn't afraid to go "green" in my wedding. No sir'ee. I think I could've used more color on my lips. Looking a little anemic. The groom looks nice in the baby blue. Guess he had a hunch that the baby was gonna be a boy. I am totally digging on the shades around his neck. Hahahaha! Btw...I did not marry this man because I was pregnant. Nope! We love each other! Sometimes more than others.
There you have it, ladies! Don't everybody start pinning at once! I hope this made someone laugh today. Laughing and a sense of humor are 2 important things! If you find this inappropriate or not funny, I feel for you and this may not be the place for ya!

Lora is having her Friday linkup again where we post our favorite posts from the week. I was a bad blogger this week so I didn't read much but here are a few that I loved!
RaisingSteppe Sisters
Lora did a post yesterday and she talked about our TM2 date! How could I not love that?? I think the 3 of us are gonna have lots of fun this summer. Oh, and we need to start our Bunco group ASAP!

Jake is a new blogger and he makes me laugh so hard! Anyone that can make me laugh til I cry is a total winner! I am looking forward to his daily posts. This post was a story about the good ole college days. Go check him out. He's an Arkansas fan but we can't all be perfect! Lol! Plus he's doing a giveaway!

My girl, Chrissy, showed me some love this week! Well, she does it quite often. She made a post about her bucket list vacations and Memphis is on it. Let's just hope it works out for me to see her when she comes! She is one of my biggest fans! I heart her!

 I hope everyone has a nice weekend. The weather here is supposed to be nice. I'll be working but at least we have lots of windows so I can see out and I can go eat my lunch outside. The Duck Dynasty party is tonight. I'll do a post on that next week. Wish me luck! Ha!


  1. YAYAYAAYAY!!! I am soooo excited to see this Duck Dynasty party! If I didn't have ballet and tap with little one, I might drive my happy butt down there just to see it in person! Maybe I'll throw myself a Duck Dynasty party for my birthday! You know you're man would have looked way more wedding ready had he been sporting the aviator look. I'm a little disappointed.

    The light day pads! Glorious idea! I've been looking for something to do with all my extras since I had my tubal ligation/ablation last April. You have made my day. Pinning away!

    In KY, it's not just the butter bowls. A big one here is the Cool Whip bowls. Thanksgiving Day, never leave home without it, so you can bring home them leftovers!

    Seriously, I love you for this post. I hope you have a great weekend and send me a camo cupcake!

  2. That is the only way my grandma gives me leftovers is in butter bowls, ricotta cheese tubs, etc. You name it. Have a good weekend! I've missed your posts all week!

  3. I LOVED this post. You're hilarious!

  4. Good stuff. I know who to call now if I have an emergency situation and pinterest doesn't answer all my questions. by the way, you are adorable when pregnant, can you please get knocked up again????

  5. You made me laugh!

  6. AHAHAH! I think what you meant to say is "she's completely obsessed with me and talks about me all the time. I can't seem to shake her. And she's one of my biggest stalkers." St Louis and Memphis are def my Top 2. Good fun, good times, and good bloggin friends! Thanks for showing me some love lady!!!

  7. Oooh, Duck Dynasty party...I wanna come! HAHA!

  8. you made me LOL and I HATE that phrase...Thanks for the shout out! Have a good weekend!

  9. Lol. = ) He probably knew it was meant to be when you showed up in green. = )

  10. I have a collection of butter bowls. Beat that!

  11. Praying for you with your shingles AND Caleb with his reflux! Love your Pinterest stuff!!!!

    I have sucked at blog reading this week & have slacked on my posts. It will get better.

  12. This post had me cracking up! Your kitchen counters are gorgeous, by the way. New follower here, stopping by from runninglikeamother! :)

  13. My Grandma uses butter containers all the time, and my aunt uses sour cream containers. I haven't been driven to that yet, I'm only three years out from the wedding so I still have my wedding tupperware. :P Yep, in real life you do "make-do" in very creative ways, and I think that's fun, even if it's not as picture perfect!

  14. Omg! A light days bandage? Totally a repin :)