Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Letters

Linking up with Ashley at The Sweet Season for some Friday letters. I've got some good ones! Several are to my lovely children!
Dear Self, What is the freaking deal with you not being able to correctly open the bag of cereal in the box. It can't be that hard. You are way to OCD to have the bag all split down the side with excess cereal dropping into the box!

Dear Cookie Monster Toy, Thanks so much for giving me a heart attack at 2AM when I realized someone had placed you under my bed when you randomly yelled out COWABUNGA!! Shaved a good 3 years off my life!
Dear Carter, Thank you for explaining the male and female anatomy to me about a million times this week. I promise that I will not forget that mommy's don't have weiner's but they do have butts.
Dear Caleb, Mommy thought she really hit the jackpot when you were sitting on my back the other night and playing with my hair. Who doesn't love for their hair to be played with? It wasn't until I was getting ready for bed that I realized you were massaging snot into my hair. Thanks, baby boy!
Dear Aubree, I am glad you were able to look at a word you aren't very familiar with and pronounce it correctly. We both know you have made up some crazy words. So have I. I just wish this word didn't happen to be "Vagisil" while we were on the soap and deoderant aisle at Kroger that had about 5 people standing there. Three of which were men...can you say awkward?? Thanks for not asking what it is for!
Dear Carter, Mommy gets aggravated too at the constant ringing of the doorbell with people selling stuff. I don't think it was necessary, however, to yell loudly while standing at the door "mommy, there's some moron at the door." To put the icing on the cake, Pop Pop was here and asked what'd you say and you repeated it loud and clear.

Dear Hubby, Aubree and I spent 20 minutes removing every single one of those tiny charcoal rocks from the fireplace months ago after Caleb discovered them and a couple weeks ago you decide to put them back because "he needs to learn to leave them alone." I truly wish I could have seen the look on your face as you cooked Hamburger Helper for us while I was on my way home from work and you turned around to discover he had shoved about 30 of them in his mouth. Glad all the black stains came off his little face within a day or two.

Dear Pandora, When one requests Playa Fly don't play "Hey Ya" by Outkast. That's really not all. When you are in the mood for Playa that's the way it is. There is no similarity! You may have to be from Memphis to understand this one!

Dear Hobby Lobby, I've put a lot of thought into it and I have finally decided that a husband must have designed your shopping carts. I really have no other explanation for how small they are. A mom with 2 little kids can't use the cart for much of anything. You need to re-evaluate the situation! STAT!

Dear Jenelle and Kaylan,  I think I am just gonna start fast forwarding when y'all come on Teen Mom 2. How much drama can one create? Y'all are getting on my nerves! If we aren't battling a manic episode with Jennelle we're dealing with Keefah! I can't deal! And Kaylan or however you spell it, your baby daddy does not want you! He is moving on just like you...oh wait, it's ok for you but not him! Whatever! I am skipping over Leah! Lord knows I don't have the strength! Team Chelsea right here! Hahahaha!

Dear Aubree, You thought you threw me for a loop with the Duck Dynasty party but it's coming together perfectly thanks to some awesome friends! Thanks y'all!

Dear Friends, Pain is having a baby, a kidney stone, or stepping on a pile of 30+ Cars II cars at 4AM! My foot ain't never gonna be the same! Thanks, Carter!

Dear 3 kiddos, Thanks for keeping mommy entertained and the dull moments to a minimum around this place! Love y'all to the moon and back!


  1. I do the same thing with cereal! It drives me crazy that I cannot open the bags correctly!!

    Your poor feet - stepping on cars in the middle of the night, that's enough to hurt and wake you up without being able to go back to sleep, yuck!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Lindsey - Just hopped over to your blog! I try to do Friday's Letters once in a while and you reminded me I need to do it again next Friday. I MUST train Drew to play with my hair... it's one of the best feelings out there! If I was a millionaire, I'd probably have a personal massage therapist and personal hair stylist. Love them BOTH! Couldn't agree more about the HL carts.... so annoying! Anyway, I'm your newest follower and I hope you stop by and follow back!

    1. Hi Sarah! Glad you're here! I will visit your blog too. Just be sure if he plays with your hair he doesn't use snot like Caleb did! Lol!

  3. LOl yes to the cars and hobby lobby basket sizes.

    also I am mad you ripped that cereal like that too! my total pet peeve!!

  4. Teen Mom 2...we should start having watch parties so we can discuss this together! I love those crazy trashballs...and seriously, can we ship a burger to Leah? she was soooo cute when she had a little more meat on her. now she looks like trailer trash. #sorryImnotsorry

  5. Omg I keep forgetting we need to have a TM2 Watch party! Seriously though, what night does it come on? I always watch it on DVR and never remember when it actually comes on live. Jenelle is the biggest hot mess. I wish they would show like a month's worth of time for her instead of being on the same time period as the rest of the girls. That would make her more interesting. It's like a soap opera. Keeps repeating the same ole junk. Team Chelsea! And I don't even want to see Leah because we all know she is married to Jeremy now and has another kid. Team Corey! lol

  6. I hate Hobby Lobby carts! It's almost like they want you to have to have your kids walk so they can break all their shit. You know as soon as you leave they are praying for you...

    I can't handle teen mom 2 anymore. They are all a bunch of idiots!!!

  7. Hilarious!!! We have a puzzle that reads the shapes as you put the pieces in and almost every night when we turn the light off we hear "Trapazoid". Still scares the crap out of me every time!

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  9. I love love love this - my daughter knows damn well that if Daddy steps on a toy, it goes in the trash :) And hell yeah Team Chelsea - I cant stand those other ones and that's half the reason Im not watching this season...they give me anxiety!

  10. Well I'm behind. Can you tell? Sounds like you had a busy and eventful week thanks to the kids lol. : )