Monday, March 4, 2013

A Shaved Head and A Couple Margaritas

Look out, now! I am blogging on a Monday night or avoiding my laundry like the plague.  I hope that errrrybody had a nice weekend. I did have a nice weekend even though I worked. If you follow me on Instagram (linzlee1982), take a deep breath and bear with me. I don't mean to blow up all social media sites with my pics but it happens! Ha!

Last Thursday night, my youngest SIL, Carrie, came to watch the kids so I could go have dinner with some friends in Memphis at On The Border. It was my first time eating there...shame, yes I know. Anyways, it was really nice to sip on a DELICIOUS margarita with some friends. I laughed so hard that my face was hurting. I think there were about 10-12 of us. A very good time!

 My sweet friends, Ann and Lindsey
My Strawberry Margarita! was sooooo good!
After I got home from work Saturday night, Carter informed us that he wanted his hair to be cut like his daddy's...shaved, buzzed, whateva you call it. He really was PAST needing a haircut. I wasn't excited about it at all. Brian, on the other hand, was so pumped. So, we had just snapped this pic...
I posted it to all Social Media sites! LOL! I had no idea it would be the last pic before his haircut!
Look at all of that sweet boy's hair!
He loved it! I think he could tell I was a little upset. He hugged me and said "don't worry, mommy, it will grow back tomorrow."
Monday for us is kinda hard for me to describe. It's like a Saturday I guess. We went to pick up a truck part at a dealership in Memphis and, OMG, I almost traded my Tahoe. I looked at it and I almost cried! Over a freaking car! I brought the gas guzzler back home with me. At least she's paid for with plenty of equity. Afterwards, we went to a local Mexican place here for lunch. The boys loved it. Caleb ate his first enchilada.
Of course, I had another Strawberry Margarita. It was good but On The Border was better!
The temperature was in the upper 60s here today so we took full advantage and played outside this afternoon. It was pretty windy but it was warm!

Look at that hair! Lawdy!

The happiest kid on the planet!
Mondays bring major laundry issues to the Smith House. After working for 2 days, it really piles up. I am drowning today. Ha!

Ugh! Yes, there's a basket in there somewhere!
I got a text while sorting through that hot mess and anytime Caleb see's my phone he says, "Cheese" so we stopped for a small photo session. Haha!
I went for an afternoon run today. I am typically a morning runner. I waited until later today because I knew it was going to warm up. Aubree wanted to come with me. She isn't a big fan of running but she ran a little. As I lapped her she said, "Man, mom, you run fast for your age." Hmmm...well, alrighty then. Glad 30 doesn't bother me! Lol!
Did anyone else drink some Margaritas this weekend? Ever run with your pre-teen? Ready for Spring?


  1. I am so jealous that Mel gets to see you this weekend!! Drinks lots for me. :)

  2. You need to let me know next time you and Aubree go least one of my girls will run with me and we can all do it together. :)

  3. Carter's hair looks so cute! Like a big boy :) And seriously, laundry is the pits. Remember when you only had clothes for yourself? Laundry could pile up for weeks for me. I can't go a day without doing laundry or the hamper is jammed packed it seems.

  4. I love that you brough Aubree with you :) So cute :) And his hair looks great!

  5. Love me some Margarita's - love them...

  6. This post has me craving a margarita! Yummmm!

  7. I hate laundry. I swear it is like a gremlin who is fed after midnight.

  8. You know what would make you faster? Ritz chicken!

  9. He looks adorable with the new do, but I'm still scared to let Bennett try it. Girl, you're laundry mound is seriously lacking in comparison to mine and we have two less people in our house.

  10. I'm from the Memphis bloggers group. Just wanted to say hello!

  11. I canst believe that was your first time at OTB! I worked there for a few years. It was my first job. They are so cute. I like his better then I bought I would. It's definitely growing on me but he looks too grown up!! Are we supposed to dress up for the party?