Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking Cute and Feeling Comfortable While Working

What's up friends?!? I hope everyone is having a nice week. I am so ready for Spring! I know that I've mentioned it at least a million times. There is a slight chance of frozen precipitation in our forecast this week. I realize that in certain areas this is still acceptable but not in the South! Ha! I have been wearing some Spring clothing already. I've been making a slow transition.

I can tell you this will be a favorite oufit of mine until the Tennessee heat and humidity kicks in. I paired this Piko style top from Ophelia503 with a pair of leggings, a cute necklace, and flip flops. I am a total flip flop kinda girl! Cute and comfy!
We all know that I am a nurse, duh! Ha! Well, I like to look cute and be comfortable at work too. I have been wearing lots of bright colored scrubs already.
I love this blue top! I knew it would be a favorite as soon as I opened the package. Why? Because blue is my absolute favorite color AND the stitching is mint. I swear this top was made for me. I received this top from Uniformed Scrubs. It is made by Dickies and I love their tops. I own about 10 Dickies scrub tops. I have a hard time finding tops that fit me just right. A lot of tops that I have tried on are too short. It is important to me that my tops "fit" me just right or I will be uncomfortable. Who wants to spend 12 hours uncomfortable? Not me!
I paired the top with gray scrub pants on this particular day. I also wore it with a pair of black pants and neon green pants. I work in pediatrics so the brighter the better on most days. Another thing that I love about this top is the pockets. I keep pens, a pager, and plenty of other stuff on me during my shift. There are 2 standard sized pockets on the front and one smaller one too. I really liked it. Y'all know me well enough that if I didn't like it...well, I would tell you.
If you work in healthcare, I do recommend giving any style of Dickies tops a try. They have several styles to choose from. As a special treat, my followers will get 15% off their purchase by using coupon code "15pbrm".  Yay! Discounts!
Ok...that's all I have for today. I have a sick hubby on my hands. Lawd have mercy! I plan to make a post this week on one of my favorite rooms in my new house...my beautiful kitchen. I know, those 2 words don't go together for some but I adore my kitchen! Have a lovely day!


  1. I love the piko top! It's friggin 37 degrees here. No spring clothing for this lady! This Ophelia503, is it an online shop, local shop??

  2. Spring needs to get here soon! It's freezing!

    Dickies scrubs are the best. I've been wearing the same scrubs for years....maybe it's time for some new ones. Thanks for the discount!

  3. First day of spring and it's barely above freezing in NJ. Cute outfits! Yes, your nurse scrubs are cute too! :) Have a good day.

  4. only professional bloggers give out discounts. I'm so glad I knew you before you became famous. :)

  5. Apparently Memphis didn't get he memo that its spring. I swear we are usually swimming in march! Ridiculous! I love the mint stitching. I can't wait to live in my flip flops.

  6. Love the scrub top. Comfy (and cute) scrubs are a MUST!

  7. I am so insanely jealous that you are able to wear colored scrubs. I have to wear navy every day.. boring! I haven't ever tried Dickies, but I'm obsessed with the Jockey scrubs!

    1. I had to wear navy at my first job and I'm still there PRN. So, I know all about some navy blue! Lol!

  8. Thank your so much Lindsey for such a great review!