Monday, March 18, 2013

A Duck Dynasty Kinda Birthday!

As most of you already know, Aubree turned 11 last week and she wanted a "Duck Dynasty" theme for her party. My awesome blogger buddies, Meredith , Chrissy, and Natalie offered up lots of suggestions! Thanks, ladies! Y'all rock!

I had to basically throw together what I could because Duck Dynasty is not like Elmo or Cars. You can't find a section at Party City with everything you need and if you could I can only imagine how freaking expensive that would be!

First up is the invitiation. I waited until 2 weeks before the party to get this done. Actually, February flew by so quickly that it caught me off guard. Anyways, it was a bit difficult to find just what I was looking for. I kept finding lots of army style camo but that's not the the same. I found the perfect one on etsy. Krystal, from Sparkle N Shine Too, designed the invitiation. She was so prompt! All I did was tell her what I wanted on the invitation and within 3 hours it was a done deal. It was also only $10. I saved the image to my iphone, uploaded it on the Walgreen's app for photos and picked them up within 45 minutes. It doesn't get much better than that! The first pic I sent was a bit blurry so she messaged me to ask if I wanted to change it. She wanted to be sure that I was completely happy! Thank you, Krystal!

How cute is this? I added the daisies to cover up my address and phone number so none of the crazies try to get me! Ha!
Now, for the party!
As far as decoration, could I have done more? Sure! Did I want to spend that much? No! It was pretty simple. I had a burlap table runner that I used in the center of the table. My good friend, Marty, who is a duck hunter lent me some of his duck decoys. I really had intentions of hanging some duck calls from the light fixture but those things are not cheap. So just pretend there's some hanging there, ok? I placed the brown and pink cupcakes made by my friend, Brande, on a hunter orange colored platter. Also, I bought a Duck Dynasty Season 1 DVD that played in the living room during the party.
For plates, I bought tin pie pans. I thought "if that ain't country" the pink Mossy Oak ones that I ordered were backordered. We had pink and brown napkins. The pink cupcakes were wedding cake flavor and the chocolate were chocoloate chip cheesecake. If any local friends want Brande's info let me know. They were beautiful! I had intentions of putting some sort of topper on them but never found just the right thing but it turned out fine.
I purchased these beards that my friend, Lauren and I are modeling from Party City! The kids liked them.
As far as food for the party, I made all of Aubree's favorite things. We ordered Papa John's for the main course...her favorite.
I made homemade sausage balls. Another Aubree favorite!
She also loves Oreo truffles so I made those too. She says "they'll change your life." Lol!
She also wanted a cookie cake so I grabbed this during my last minute run to Kroger. It was $5.00! Holla!
The girls hanging out!
I took a tin bucket and filled it with water and the girls bobbed for rubber duckies. The winner was Janessa's daughter! Lol! She had a record of 7 seconds. Go, B, Go! She walked away with a $10 Walmart gift card! This was a total hit! I had no idea they would enjoy it as much as they did.
Carter...apparently, this is how cowboys stand to bob for ducks! Ha!
Aubree's gift from us was getting her ears pierced and a pair of diamond earrings. She received lots of great gifts including earrings and an adorable jewelry box. She is loaded with Justice gift cards and patiently waiting for a couple days off from school so we can head to Mall of America and do some shopping at one of the two Justice that are located there.
I think I enjoy making party favors more than the kids enjoy receiving them. She's a pre-teen so I didn't want to give anything that they'd roll their eyes at.
I figured they'd all like a cosmetic bag, cute notebook, nail polish and remover.
To keep with the theme, I placed all of the goodies into a brown paper bag. I flattened out a cupcake liner, placed duck stickers on them and topped them off with a small clothes pin. Pretty cute, huh?
All the party favor bags!
It turned out really well. Aubree loved it and that's all that mattered to me! I have very few crafty and creative bones in my body! Ha!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love it lady!!! You wanna come here in a couple of weeks and help me with G's birthday party!!?!?!

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