Thursday, November 29, 2012

Celebrity Sightings

One of my favorite bloggers, Holly, is hosting another linkup with Erin. I love these things. This one is about your personal celebrity sightings. After posting this, I feel that I need to get out more and meet some famous people...yeah, right.

Yes, Holly, I have met and touched the hand of Bill Clinton. You are not the only one that loves this man. LOL! He came to Covington, my hometown, during one of his campaigns, many years ago. It was crazy. Here we have this small, quiet town and in rolls Bill on his big bus and there's metal detectors all over the court square and FBI on top of all the buildings. I think our town is still recovering from the excitement.
Next, we have Peyton Manning. Peyton was a speaker at a steak dinner sponsored by The Gridiron Association of the high school I attended. My mom was a county official in our county so of course she got the hook-up on tickets. He was still in college at the time and played for the Vols, and, by the way I am the only one in my family that does not bleed orange or sing "Rocky Top" in my sleep.

Harry Connick, Jr. Well, wouldn't he make a cute Christian Grey? Hmmm....anyways, while on the elevator of the building that a condo we were staying in at Destin, FL, he was on the elevator with my sister and I. My shy sister was about to have a come apart. I kept looking at her like what is wrong with you?!? Stupid me, had no idea who he was! I was still clueless after she told me. My mom comes up later all excited because she saw him too. So, sorry Harry! I would know you if I saw you again! about going from one extreme to another. Here we have Playa Fly. Unless you are from Memphis or "The Dirty South", you may not be familiar with Playa. He is a rapper, whom I believe is locked up, yeah, ok so anyways. He's a cool guy and has lots of gold teeth. I am not sure what the sign he is holding up means either. Hmmm...
John Calipari...JERK! Yeah, I've met his trifling, two-faced self! The only reason I included him was so I could post this ugly pic of him. I met him when I was a student at The University of Memphis, before he became a TRAITOR!! Whatever, Cal, whatever!
Not sure Mayor A.C. Wharton, Jr. counts as a celeb, but he's well-known around here. I worked on a project with him during my senior year in college. He is an extremely nice man. At the time he was the mayor for Shelby County but is now the mayor for The City of Memphis. I like the man. He tells it like it is. He's got his hands full, that's for sure!
And finally, another Manning boy. Yes, I have met Eli. I met Eli at the airport in Houston while connecting from Las Vegas to Memphis. Brian was so mad that I wanted to talk to him and get his autograph. Whatever Brian, I owed it to all my Ole Miss friends! He was on our flight to Memphis, which was the worst flight ever. They couldn't even bring out the beverage cart and the pilot kept coming over the speaker telling the flight attendants not to get out of their seats. Love flying in storms...not!
So that's all my celebrity sightings! I can feel your excitement! Ha!



  1. You met Bill Clinton and the Manning's?! Oh my gosh, we were destined to be friends!! :)

  2. haha, "trifflin' two face"! I don't know if anyone outside of Memphis really understands the hate we have for that man, lol. Ah, and I remember good ole Billy boy stopping in TCounty!

  3. OMMMMMGGGGG I AM SERIOUSLY DYING ABOUT YOU MEETING ELI AND PEYTON!!!!! Even though they traded Peyton, I still bleed blue for the Colors for him :) And I still sport my Colts Manning jerz OFTEN :)

    This makes me like you EVEN MORE NOW!!!!