Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm a Slacker

True story. I have been slacking in the blog posting department lately. I have meant to write a post the last several days but it's a tough one. So, I saved it and doing my usual. Lol! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know that we did. It's always wonderful to spend time with the ones that the mean the most to you and the food and wine is a bonus. The kids and I spent most of the day with Brian's family while he slept after working all night then my dad's side of the family came here for dinner.

Carter and Spiderman bonding during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
 Caleb and Laura
 Carter, Lightening McQueen, and Shane
Haha! Sometimes you still have to farm, even on the holidays!
Meemaw and me
Aubree's shoes for a future "I Wore What" blog post! LOL!
And "Chevy" came back. The skittles spell out "Be Good". Ha!
In other news, Tuesday morning while dressing Carter for preschool, I noted that his jeans were more like capris and his shirt was more 3/4 sleeve rather than long sleeve. This is called a plan that has backfired, ladies. Yes, before I left for work Saturday night I noticed that Carter's clothes needed to be washed but thought of ALL the Mondays that I have gone to get him dressed and he had nothing to wear because Brian "forgot" to wash his clothes. He washed them this weekend...and when I say washed I mean in HOT water and dried them on HIGH heat. So, today I took the kids shopping for almost an entire new wardrobe for Carter. Luckily, I think this is funny. Mainly, because I will never forget the look on Carter's face when he put his clothes on.
 Tuesday night was the first annual "Lighting of the Christmas Tree in Atoka", our town, so we went and it was cold. Aubree is in honor choir at school and they sang. It was nice. The free cookies and hot chocolate weren't bad either.
Oh, and I got a flu shot this week. First time ever! I know what you're thinking, you're a nurse! Why don't you get a flu shot yearly? Frankly, because I hate shots and once upon a time had a bad reaction to one BUT a certain little boy shared the flu with me last year and I swore never again would I go without getting my shot. Get yours, people! They predict this flu season to be BAD! Everyone here has been immunized except Brian. He says we're protecting him. Yeah...
Next week, I am starting the C25K. I am planning on going to St. Louis with 2 of my local blog peeps, Lora and Janessa, to meet Holly and Melanie for the St. Louis Half Marathon. I hope I'll be able to run. I'm definitely gonna work hard at training!
And finally, I caught Carter about to pee on the Christmas tree tonight. What?!? Yes...I was cooking dinner and I look into my living room and he was really just about to start peeing and I screamed. He jumped and said "what"? I asked what are you doing, he said peeing! Like...duh, lady, what does it look like I am doing. I told him to put that thing up and go to the bathroom. I think he really thought it was ok to just pee on the tree like he's outside or something. Males!!!
I hope I finish this other post I am working on but it doesn't look good. Ha! It's about some big changes in my life. No I am NOT pregnant or getting a divorce! LOL! Can you tell I am from a small town?



  1. Haha, I would have LOVED to see the look on Carter's face when he tried his capris and 3/4 length sleeve top. Well, at least it was a tree, right?! Ooh, yall have to add me to the list for the half marathon. It's been on my calendar for a while now and I've been putting it off each year!

  2. I'm so excited about our trip...and LOL'ing at your little boy and his peeing. Men, I tell ya, they never grow out of being boys. :)