Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brian is Back!

After leaving for work in Atlanta, Brian is finally home. We missed him and we are glad that he is back. I took the boys to visit him last week. It had been almost 2 weeks since he'd seen them. He was afraid that Caleb was going to forget who he was. Poor thing! So yeah...that means that I flew to and from Atlanta with a 1 year old and a 4 year old by myself. Fun times, people! Seriously though, I never knew that there are still so many nice people in this world. I had multiple people ask me on both flights if they could help me with my carry-on, the stroller, etc. Carter has flown so many times so he did fine but Caleb hadn't flown since he was 3 weeks old. He did well but descending really hurt his ears. Poor little man!

While in Atlanta, we went to Legoland while Brian was working one day. Carter enjoyed it. Let me just say that I have never EVER driven in anything like Atlanta traffic. OMG! Plus I was in a little rental car and I'm used to driving my big Tahoe. I thought I was gonna have a panic attack. LOL! It was worth it though. We made some good memories.

My FIL visiting the boys before we left

Caleb watching our plane pull up
Daddy missed his little baby
Carter is a pro at traveling. He needed no assistance with his luggage. Ha!
Legoland! He had fun but said the one in Minneapolis is better. Agreed!
He was feeling a little overwhelmed at all the Legos.
Carter making legos in the lab.
We took the early flight home since it had the most empty seats and Brian came home later. I made his favorite dinner, Spaghetti and surprised him with another favorite, Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Poor guy hadn't had a home-cooked meal in weeks.
On Saturday, we switched out Caleb's carseat. He is big enough to face forward now. My baby is growing up.

He liked it!

He was passed out before we got to the highway. LOL!
So for now, things are back to normal. You know...the usual craziness of a home with 3 kids but I love it. 


  1. Little Caleb is growing up so fast! <3

  2. Your kids are so cute!! Lego land looks like fun. We have never been. Glad to have met you through Becky's link up :)