Thursday, December 6, 2012

How in the World?!?! all you mama's out there that work Monday-Friday 8-4, 9-5 or in the world do you make it? Geez! I have been working just Saturday and Sunday nights for the longest so basically I have been a stay-at-home mom that has a bad sleep schedule. LOL!

I was in orientation at the new job this week during the day. Luckily, Brian was able to take vacation time and stay here with the kids all week. So, you would think we would have felt like a normal family, right?! We are so used to working opposite schedules and living like single parents which these kids had better appreciate one day that we were both like why are you doing that, what you are doing?? We are really used to doing our own thing. I don't think that's good but it's just kind of the way it is. For example, I always give Caleb his reflux medicine, some oatmeal, a bottle and he's off to bed then I have blog time for a little while followed by a hot bath, pinterest on the iphone then it's time to snooze. Oh nooooo...not Brian and that wasn't flying with him either. Apparently after he puts the kids in bed he tiptoes around here in the dark and goes to bed. Hahaha! I was driving him nuts and he was me too!

On Tuesday, Brian texted me asking if I needed anything from Walmart. I felt so excited! He was grocery shopping like I always do on Tuesdays. I get home and he tells me he spent $200. I was like well that's about how much I spend every week on groceries and he tells me that he only got enough food for 1 meal for the week. Brian, what in the world?!? I will give credit where credit is due though...he did stay home all week with the kids and never complained about it, cooked dinner 2 nights, gave 2 baths, swept the floors and did a little Christmas decorating. Carter made it to preschool on time both days this week.

So what if he wore his shirt backwards to preschool?!? Yes...I noticed this at 7:00 that evening. We all had a good laugh. Well, it took Brian a minute to find it funny.
Don't worry, I will be back to my weekend schedule in a couple days.  I start on dayshift Sunday.   Thanks for all you did this week, B-rian! I love your mean, grouchy self! Tomorrow night the hubby and I are going to stay at a nice hotel in Memphis and go get some back massages while the inlaws watch the kiddos. So excited!
Tomorrow I am doing a linkup with Lora. True and funny story, Lora and my hubby are friends. They went to high school together and we are all the same age. How do you think I found Lora in the blog world? I found her through my friend, Holly, from St. Louis! What?!?! I know. And to think we live in the same small town too.
Ok...I am done for the night. Sweet dreams!



  1. Brian is such a dork! lol what in the world did he buy at walmart if he only got one meal. This makes me die laughing and remember how goofy he was in high school. impressed with the stay at home mom skills he has though!

  2. Aha poor Carter. Ha, your lucky Brian did any shopping or cooking or well really anything. Shane and I are the same way. We completely so our own thing and prefer it that way!!

  3. Haha I asked Carter if he had been good, and he said "a little!" Lol!