Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Randoms

This could possibly be my most random post ever. Haha! So, my hubby comes home yesterday morning and is watching all this stuff about how today is the last day for the world and I was kinda listening but not really because my opinion is any day could be your last so I feel like I am good with the man upstairs and I have no worries. Anyways, I did hear them say something about losing electricity and major crashes within the "technological world" and what do you think I woke up to this morning? A cold house with NO POWER! What?!? It wasn't out for very long...perhaps our local electric company was playing a joke? Now I have to reset all my clocks...firstworld problems I tell ya!

I haven't said much on the blog about our Elf on the Shelf, Chevy. I post lots of pics on Instagram (linzlee1982). Well, last week Chevy took our milk and brought back some green "North Pole Milk". It was cute. The kids loved it.

While I was at work Saturday, I got a text from Brian with a picture of what he cooked for himself and the kids...Hamburger Helper Stroganoff with North Pole Milk. Ughh! I don't think I could have brought myself to eat it and Carter didn't.

 Caleb saw no problem at all with green stroganoff! Hahahaha!
About this crazy weather...we survived very windy conditions yesterday with gusts around 50 mph...if nursing doesn't work out I sound like I'd make a good weather girl. Just checked the weather forecast for us this morning. Look closely at forecast for Wednesday, December 26.

You see the pretty snowflakes? Well, unless you're not from here, you see a headache! Why? Because a lot of folks around here like to run to the grocery store and wipe out everything like they are hoarding food and water for the end of the world and guess what?!? The stores will be closed the day before so that means the panic for the blizzard, lol, will be on Christmas Eve like it's not going to already be crazy enough at the local Walmart.  It took living in the upper Midwest for a while to realize that we can act CRAZY down here over snow. I didn't adapt well to the winters of Minnesota. I woke up one morning to 8 inches of snow and was shocked. I'd just been to the grocery store the day before and everyone was acting normal. The news didn't have any "breaking news" about the snowy situation either. Hahahaha!
Last night while eating dinner, Brian asked Carter what he asked Santa for and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have not taken my kids to see Santa this year!! What kinda of mother am I? I suppose we will go stand in line at Christmas City tonight and wait with all the other locals who waited until the last minute to go see Santa. I am not sure how it slipped my mind. Christmas totally crept up on me this year. Carter didn't think much of it. He said he wrote him a letter so that made me feel better. At least I remembered the letter!
Last but not least by any means, I wanted to share the green ribbon in remembrance of those in Connecticut a week ago today. I am still shocked and disgusted. Just the thought of waiting on your child to come out of that school building that day is unbearbable. I can't imagine what those parents are going through. Yes, this is depressing to talk about, but people this is what the world we are living in today is becoming and I never want for something like this to become something that I get so used to that I don't feel like it is worth mentioning. I read a story about a teacher killed, Vicki Soto, she shielded her students in a closet and was shot to death while doing so. Is that not the ultimate sacrifice? If that isn't the most Christlike thing to do than I don't know what is. May God be with those effected this holiday season.



  1. I don't take mine at all. Mine freak out the whole time we are in line... Poor Santa - maybe one day my kids will like him. Happy Friday girl.

  2. I love the North Pole milk idea. I am in Oklahoma and everyone freaks out here too when they here that snow is in the forecast. It's CRAZY! The green ribbon is a sweet idea. My heart is still broken.

    1. Girl! People around here will wipe out the milk and bread at Kroger like there's no tommorow when snow is in the forecast! And my heart is so broken. Everytime I see a picture of one of those precious children I feel like I can't breathe.

  3. Ha, leave it to Brian to make green Hamburger Helper. I wonder if carter would have eaten red Hamburger Helper??

  4. the hamburger helper is hilarious! and I totally didn't take my kids to see Santa, I always fogret!