Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Linkup!

This looks like a fun linkup! Btw...I am so not vlogging this because today I refuse to do anything with my hair or put on makeup! Hahaha! Here we go...
What's your favorite holiday movie? My favorite holiday movie, without a doubt, is Christmas Vacation! Home Alone is a close second!

Do you have any special traditions? I try to but sometimes my husband and I have to work on holidays so that can make it difficult. If we are off on Christmas Eve we always watch Christmas Vacation and go to communion at church. Christmas City is also a tradition we have here. It's a church campground decked out in lights that you can drive, walk, or ride a train through. Santa is there on the weekend too. You're never too old for Christmas City!

What's your favorite ornament or decoration? My favorite ornament is this little straw basket with a plastic Baby Jesus wrapped in a blue blanket that my mom has on her tree. Baby Jesus may or may not be missing his painted on eyes from me bothering him when I was younger.
Best gift you've ever received?  Well, this is a tough much as I use my iphone I would def have to say that is the best one BUT anything that my kids make for me is a favorite!

Worst gift you've ever received?  A very ugly ornament but it's the thought that counts! Right?
Favorite winter accessory?  It used to be my UGGS but geez those things are awful for your feet. I love gloves because they are an extra barrier to keep nasty germs off my hands because they keep my hands nice and toasty.

Real tree or fake?  Def a FAKE tree! I have too many allergies to chance buying and decorating a tree just for it to make me sneeze a million times plus I don't have time to deal with the mess a real tree makes.

When and how did you find out that Santa was not real? I was about 10 years old I think. We were on Christmas break from school and I was doing my chores...hanging up something in my mom's closet and there on her closet shelf for all the world to see was everything off my Christmas list. I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if she was going to wrap the stuff from her and my dad BUT come Christmas morning it was all from Santa...=(
I am excited about Christmas this year! How about you? Is anyone else around here afraid they may blow away today in these 50 mph wind gusts? Lawdy!



  1. The the Christmas card - so cute. I love Christmas Vacation too.

  2. Love the Christmas card! So cute

  3. New follower. I love your blog design. Merry Christmas!