Thursday, August 30, 2012

This week is creeping by!

Usually the week flies by but this one has been creeping very slowly. Anyhow, Carter went back to preschool this week and is still liking it. He's still well and I guess it still hasn't been enough time to make friends because he claims he doesn't have any yet. Not sure I believe that. He goes back today.

Aubree and Carter had dentist appointments yesterday and they both have NO cavities! Carter has never had any. Aubree has had one when she was 5. He said Carter may start losing his teeth soon but it's hard to tell and Aubree still has 3 to lose before we will know if she needs braces. I hope not!!

Last night we celebrated Aunt Wanda or I had better call her Nannie (spelling?) or Carter will get upset. Ha! We had a good time and ate some good food, especially Carter. He had about 5 Hershey Kisses (thanks Hunter) and cake with ice cream for dinner. Aubree too with her 2 BBQ sandwiches, chicken wing, and dessert. I won't even detail what Brian ate. You would think my family was starving!

About Caleb...there's no way to put it except he has been grumpy this week but he did finally sleep good last night. Not sure if he's missing his old feeding habits. Poor guy!

Hoping for rain or even a flood from Hurricane Issac to bring us somewhat out of this drought but just noted the projected path. Surely we'll get something!


  1. I love the name of your blog... Very creative! And thanks forth comment today, I hope you link up on Tuesday. :)

    Also... I don't see a followers button? So I'm going to book mark you! :)

  2. Thanks! I'm new to blogging so I am clueless. I have 2 followers but not sure how they are following because like you said there is no button. I think I may need your hubby to fix this and give my page a new look! And I will be linking up Tuesday! So excited!