Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sick!! Yuck!! I said earlier Carter has only stayed with us and my inlaws. I have been overprotective at times, I know. I have always felt so bad for all that I missed with Aubree and the sickness she encountered at the babysitters or daycare while I was in college.

I knew Carter was going to get sick here and there after starting preschool but not the first night!!! Geez!!! He was up all night with a stomach virus and it was a nasty one. He's never been sick like that. Heartbreaking!

I was just on the verge of having a major hissy fit considering Brian, Caleb, and I are already feeling crappy with a cold (which Carter now also has) BUT then I thought of Kate Krull and all they've been through with Lucy. There are lots of people in this world who would give anything to only have a cold go through their family and one night of cleaning up puke. So, for the first time ever, I thanked God for just a stomach bug.

Also, the nurse in me wanted to call and ask if they are allowing sick kids to come to school and are they cleaning?!? NO...Lindsey...remember all the Lysol etc you had to buy for supplies...just chill, kids are gonna get sick.

I'm happy to report that by noon he was back to his old self! He wanted spaghetti o's but got only clear liquids and Popsicles.

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