Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Caleb is 11 months old!

I can't believe in less than 1 month my little baby will be 1 year old!! This has been the fastest year of my life. The poor little guy is still battling a cold. He's been sick ever since the last round of immunizations.

Some big news is that we found a milk that he loves besides his mommy's! Sorry if that's TMI but it's been a huge part of life at "The Smith House" for 11 months. He would NOT take formula no matter what!! Not even with chocolate syrup. Finally got the ok from his pediatrician to transition him to whole milk and he loved it but within 5 minutes broke out in a rash and hives! Ahhhh!! So I gave him a week to get over that and found vanilla flavored soy milk at Kroger. It actually has more calcium and other minerals in it than whole milk and is organic. He loves it! By the end of the week it will be all he's getting as this factory is shutting down! Ha!

He's standing up in his 11 month picture! He'll be walking before long!

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