Friday, August 10, 2012

Caleb is 10 months old...almost 11!

I figure since I'm sitting here wide awake at 0540 I'd do Caleb's 10 month update considering he's nearly 11 months old now.

At 10 months he has 8 teeth, can stand alone very briefly, loves getting into drawers and cabinets, loves eating, takes 2 naps a day, still is a biter and hair puller. This boy will eat anything. I've started feeding him the same food that we eat a dinner just mashed up. He loves potatoes, rice, eggs. I only feed him organic baby food. It's not only better for him but has a wider variety to choose from like pumpkin, strawberry, blueberry, peach. He loves the spinach, apple, and blueberry combo. Of course he's still breastfeeding. I'm told I'll be sad when it's over...

I'm including a pic of our awesome looking yard thanks to Brian's hard work and dedication as well as a sprinkler that could water a football field. It looks great and we are the leaders in the Oak Creek subdivision lawn competition. Too bad our neighbors are not aware that there is a competition and my husband is the judge! Lol!

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