Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneaky Little Carter

Well, so much for trying to update my blog on Fridays. Better late than never! We were pretty lazy around here until Wednesday. Vickie took the boys to the Freckled Frog in Covington to get silhouette's done by Tim Arnold aka "The Silhouette Man" and let me say, he is awesome! He was done in like 10 minutes and they look great. He is recommended by The Smithsonian and I can see why!

We also got out and enjoyed the Spring-like weather that we had for a couple of days. Little Caleb loved it outside. And speaking of Caleb it was a year ago last week that we found out about him. Time really flies. So a year ago I was spending lots of time with my head in toilets and trashcans but he was worth the 1,000,000 times that I got sick! =)

So, about the title "Sneaky Little Carter"..well, I waited until he was good and passed out Thursday night and I took a nice, hot bath. Got out and was getting dressed next to my bed and someone's little hand grabs my foot from underneath my bed. Now keep in mind this was around midnight in a dark room. Of course I had a small heart attack and it probably shaved off about 2 years of my life. Luckily common sense kicked in before the fight or flight response and I recognized that little hand! I don't think that I will have to worry about him doing that again. It scared him just as much as it did me. Sneaky little turkey!

We ended the week with dinner at the Cast Iron Grill in Munford with Brian's parents and sisters to celebrate Brian's 30th birthday early. If you haven't eaten there you really should! It's nice to finally have something besides another Mexican restaurant down here. Carter went home with the in-laws so we had a quiet evening. Brian even took me to see the paint job on the truck that he is rebuilding for Carter. Looks much better than when I last saw it. I don't think that Fred Sanford would have driven it!

Caleb and Carter's Silhouette's
My little Georgia Dawgs enjoying a nice afternoon!

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  1. Love these little guys!! Glad I got to go out to eat with y'all...I really liked that restaurant! =)