Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bye Bye Facebook

I have been asked many times recently where I have disappeared to. I have deleted my facebook account. I just don't have time for it anymore. I had an account since 2005 and enjoyed it but it's time to close that chapter of my life. Anyways, I want to stay in touch with my closest friends and family so that you will know what is going on with us and so you can see pictures of the kids. So I created this blog and I will try to update it weekly maybe more often. My goal is to update on Fridays since Brian is off and can help keep an eye on the boys and I can share our weekly events.

A few new things going on with us are that Caleb is getting his first tooth and it appears that 2 more are trying to come in. He has been handling it well. He's such a sweet boy. Also, he rolled over last week. He's growing up so fast. Carter is staying busy with his Cars toys. He was excited to spend the night with his Pop Pop 2 times last week. It was a nice little break for me too! Aubree and I went to get fitted for our dresses for Carrie's wedding. She was so excited. This will be her first time in a wedding and she said her dress made her feel like a Prom Queen...slow down there princess! Ha! Brian is staying busy with work and the truck that he is rebuilding for Carter. He just started a new schedule at work and for the first time in over 5 years he now has weekends off.Last, I have gone part-time at work! YAY! I am now working Saturday and Sunday nights. It is nice because Brian and I have Friday together and then he stays with the kids while I work on the weekend and I am home during the week. It's a huge blessing!

Here's a pic of the boys last week:
Caleb is really getting big! Carter calls him "big baby".

Happy Boys!

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  1. So happy that Aubree is excited about the wedding! It'll be here soon =) "Big baby"...lol! The things he comes up with!!