Monday, February 13, 2012

House Hunters Atoka

Last week flew by! Brian and I decided to finally buy a house. After looking at several I think we have found one. We shall see. Let's just hope that Delta plans on staying in Memphis for a very, very long time! I didn't realize how time consuming looking at houses could be. It was fun though.

The kids had a good week. Poor Caleb is still teething. He's having a hard time. Aubree and Carter would fuss some and then a tooth would magically appear but poor little baby screams, bites, and has decided that he doesn't want to sleep.

I decided to try something new to make my life easier and it gives me more time with the kids so I thought I'd share. Cleaning house is a major ordeal no matter what size house you're dealing with if kids are around. I've started dedicating one area of the house to one day out of the week. It makes cleaning much more pleasant and even better the house always has that clean smell because something is cleaned everyday. I wish I'd done this long ago! My house and I would have been happier! It only takes a few minutes too. Here's the schedule I'm using:
Monday- Just laundry. It's massively piled up after I've worked 2 days.
Tuesday-Kitchen and Laundry room. Wipe countertops and appliances, check expiration dates on everything, sweep and mop floors.
Wednesday-Living room. Dust, windex windows and mirrors, vacuum floor and couch cushions.
Thursday-Master bedroom and bath. Wash linens, dust, windex, scrub shower, bathtub, toilet, wipe countertops and fixtures, sweep and mop floor.
Friday-Guest bathroom. You get it by now...
Saturday-Dust and windex kids rooms, wash sheets, and clean their bathroom. Well, that's actually more than one room BUT it beats trying to do all of the above in one day while dealing with a pre-teen, chasing a 3 year old, and nursing a 4 month old.
Next post I will share a recipe! That may be more appealing than cleaning. :)

And now the part you were waiting!
It's not everyday that you wake up to your 3 year old fixing his hair!
As they say in Minnesota, it's cold out don't cha know?
Caleb is 4 months, well really 4.5 but I'm a little busy! ha!
Aubree in her Alabama houndstooth coat! I have accepted the fact that she is truly a Bama fan!
Carter is the only guy I know who can pull off wearing his mommy's UGGS!


  1. I really like the cleaning's much easier than trying to do so much at once and then getting frustrated and just quitting! Poor little Caleb...hope his teeth come in quickly so he can feel better!

  2. I love the cleaning schedule. I hope Caleb's teeth come in stat! Haha! He's gone back to waking up every 3 hours at night. He was sleeping 8-9 hours. I guess maybe it's a comfort thing.