Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finger painting and hipscotch! ;)

We've had a low-key but fun week. I'll be so glad when Aubree is out of school. It's been tough getting homework done and getting up early this week. You can tell its the end of the school year. Carter did some finger painting this week and loved it. Thankful for washable paint! And he taught me how to play "hipscotch" after shooting me with a million bubbles using a bubble gun. Thanks Aunt Carrie! Lol! And I am posting a pic of both boys doing a semi-handstand. Last but not least, the kids helped make a birthday cake for me as this is my last week in the 20s.


  1. Hipscotch haha too cute! I love that picture of Carter and Caleb...two peas in a pod :D Happy birthday again! Hope it was great!