Monday, January 5, 2015

The Time I was Gluten-Free for One Day read that correctly. One. Day. No Gluten. Nothing but healthy food for a whole 24 hours.

I chose to try the no gluten diet because my stomach hurts like all the time. I didn't buy a lot of stuff. So I did well the morning and afternoon before I went into work and all night at work. Before I went to bed the next morning I snacked on some all natural, gluten free, no gmo's, blah blah blah chips. They were good but before I went to bed my chest felt tight. Great! One day of healthy food and now I have a heart attack?? I had reached the point of exhaustion to where I didn't care how I felt and passed out. can be that tired. 

So I woke up that afternoon feeling alright. I had my coffee and got ready for work. On my way to work I snacked on those healthy chips again. I started sneezing and by the time I got to work I was developing hives. I narrowed it down to one specific ingredient. 
Boom! Ugh! I do have a few weird and confirmed food allergies...watermelon, sesame seed, pecans, seafood and now I guess safflower. You can imagine my frustration by 5 AM after sneezing and itching. One of my managers got to work early with hot donuts and you better believe I ate 2! Give the gluten to me!!! I even felt better afterwards. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a bottle of Benedryl after I got home. So benedryl and 7 hours of sleep and I was back to my old self. I totally hope this makes you laugh because I laugh. I would lose my mind if I couldn't laugh at the situation. I mean the worst thing I have to do to avoid this scenario is eat some French fries! 

I looked into the Paleo-Primal diet. I would starve. Positively. You people are super dedicated. So I've decided this...I'm going to eat my regular diet but try to remove breads and sweets, fried food and start working out again. I really don't eat much. I've always eaten small meals throughout the day. I NEVER drink sodas. I only have coffee, water, and occasional wine and margaritas. Lol. It's worked for me all these years. I just need to tone up. 

What are y'all doing with your diets these days? Any suggestions? 
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  1. That's funny but not funny! Plus the gluten free stuff is so bad for you anyway. I've been counting macros and it's working great. I eat paleo about 70% of the time and the rest whatever I want;)

  2. I laughed but only because you are ok now and there's no permanent damage, lol. This year I am going to keep eating as clean as possible. I'm trying to eat as much fresh food as possible. Trying to avoid fried stuff, avoid sugars, etc. And I think I'm going to mix in a week of avoiding bread and dairy every few months.

  3. I've wanted to do this, but just can't. Give me all the gluten!

  4. Ha! I knew healthy food was bad for you. But seriously, no bread or sweets. You're a stronger woman than me. I'm going to work on not snacking after 8 pm. It seems after I put the kids to bed I become the cookie monster. It's a problem. I also need to cut back my coke intake. I was doing so good then Chris took 2 weeks off and somehow that man drove me to drink. just kidding. But I do need to get it back to one splurge soda a week. (not saying what size that splurge will be though.)

  5. That sounds like a story that would happen to me!