Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mommy's Wish List

In case anyone still reads or is wondering what to get me for Christmas I have been kind enough to compile a list as I battle my lovely night shift induced insomnia. #longestsentenceever

This list is in no particular order. Who has time for that shiz? Ready. Set. GO!
I think one of these would be spectacular to own but I also noticed this the other day...(see below)
I thought this may be nifty too. Anyone out there own either? Suggestions and reviews welcome!

This stuff is like magic in a bottle but it's pricey. Great for a mommy stocking stuffer. 

I'm def not a huge Merle fan. I'm a Clinique gal but I swear by this primer. It's pretty awesome.

For crying out loud...someone please get my special ass a high tech corkscrew. I have broken corks and recently my hubby dropped a whole bottle on the floor trying to open it. #alcoholabuse Btw...said bottle cracked one of the kitchen tiles. 

I refuse to say how long it's been since I bought a bra for myself. Lawdy! I wear push-ups for obvious reasons. My bras are so old there's no longer a bomb in the shell. Help me, VS! 

For me there are no other jeans but Silver. I've been wearing these babies since high school. I need some new skinny ones.

I realize I'm 31 but these are too cute. Blue is my favorite and I'm loving this shade. Size 8! Ha!

O. M. G. How gorgeous is this?!? Wow!

The holiday season is never officially here until I'm burning these bad boys. They smell delicious. 

My favorite. I've been wearing this since high school too. Carter says "I smell mommy" when Caleb gets into my lotion. 

My friend, Summer, owns a clothing boutique in my hometown. You can find her on IG @ophelia503. I love these socks but this mommy can't pay $28 for some socks! #privateschooltuition

Really need these tech touch gloves. I'm prob like the only person left that is removing the gloves to text. 

Steve Madden is my boy. I swear he makes boots just for my feet. I own this style in brown so why shouldn't I have black too?

Well...that was fun. A mommy can dream. Haha! What's on your wish list? Anyone have corkscrew issues too? 


  1. I did a post like this last week! LOL. Black and brown boots are high on that list for me.

  2. Can you just copy this list and send it to my husband and family too? Perfect! Except the Keurig. I have one of those and it is amazing! Kohl's runs a good sale on them around Christmas time. Let the hubs know, lol. And I cracked up at the bomb no longer in the shell, haha. It's been a while for me too so I went and treated myself this weekend. Two bras....over $100. Damn it's expensive being an adult lol.

  3. Let me tell you what I want. I want a day home with no kids or husband. Then I want to stay in my bed or maybe the couch, but only because we don't have TV in our bedroom. Then I want to watch like all of my favorite movies while eating donuts and mcribs (don't judge me. they are amazing). What are the chances that will happen?

  4. Great list!!! Maybe I should do this too, then at least he will know for sure what I like!!

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  6. Hey Lindsay...........I have sure been missing your funny REAL blogs.....Hope after the holidays, you have time to settle down and blog again.

    1. Thank you, Kay! That really means a lot to me! I plan to get back at it in 2014! =) Happy New Year's!