Thursday, October 17, 2013

Locked Up

Well, it's 2:12 AM and I'm wide ass awake. It could be because I stayed up past midnight and my body thinks I'm at work and it's my lunch time or it could be the large piece of caramel cake I inhaled after the kids were in bed. 
Dear Kroger, stop cutting up cakes you don't sell and selling individual pieces! I lurve cake while watching House Hunters. #oldlady

This morning, or I should really say yesterday morning, I woke with intentions of knocking a visit to the Pumpkin Patch off our Fall Bucket List that we haven't checked a damn thing off of. 

Started out by stepping on a cheez-it as I entered the kitchen that I apparently missed during my evening sweeping session. Lovely. 

Carter, the insomniac, was wide awake and wanted "ceweal" so I went to grab the box from the "pantwy" and it's locked. Yes. We have to keep our pantry locked or else these children would weigh 500 lbs and we would have no food. I am serious. The eldest and youngest of my three are the worst. 
Who the hell invented these kind of locks and keys? Talk about a pain!

Next comes the milk for the cereal and of course the fridge is locked too. Seriously, if it weren't Caleb would drown himself in Capri-Suns. If you're saying, well if you'd watch them you wouldn't have such a problem then get lost! Seriously. 
Yes. This is real life. 

Carter decided he wanted yogurt instead. Ok. So what I just wasted 5 minutes of my life unlocking the pantry door. That's cool. I trusted he could walk to the table with said yogurt...but, no. Next thing I hear is "sowwy, mommy...accidents happen." My floor and wall were decorated with yogurt. 

Yogurt leaves a nice greasy stain on neutral walls FYI. When you proceed to clean the stain with Mr. Clean's BS Magic  Eraser it will also remove the paint. Yay! 

So, next I throw on some clothes and makeup, don't even bother to brush my hair but I did brush my teeth. Dress the kids and head out for the pumpkin thing only for it to be pouring down rain. 

At this point I decided to do what any woman in her right mind would do when dressed with 3 children in the car and nowhere to go... I headed to Target and the rest of the day was all good. ;)

Sounds crazy I know but I promise I wouldn't trade my locked pantry, fridge, and yogurt walls for anything in this world. 

Happy Thursday to ya! 


  1. Haha! A day in the life of a mom. It's never boring. Graycie sounds so much like Carter!

  2. Oh boy! I swear sometimes one thing happens that sets off a chain reaction of other things.

  3. I am only laughing because I feel your pain!!!

  4. House Hunters is my jam :) Giggling over here - not at you of course :)

  5. Oh my god, this is all hilarious! I think I've been in your shoes one too many times to count! If stuff gets spilled or touched all over my walls, it now gets mopped up! That's the only way I can clean my walls without leaving giant streaks!

  6. ahhhh! I just stumbled upon this blog, and I feel in love! I F'ING hate those single serving cakes (which are actually like 5 servings). I CANNOT say no to them. My daughter also changes her mind on her snacks after the first bite.... awesome.

  7. Oh man a House Hunters marathon with a tub of nutella and some pretzel sticks (yes, I did just say a TUB of nutella)... that's one of the few ways to my heart, haha. ♥