Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6th Grade

This morning Aubree will walk into Middle School as a 6th grade student. Where has the time gone? I clearly remember the day before she started kindergarten. My Meemaw told me on the phone that once kids start school they're grown before you know it. She was so right.

Aubree's first day of Kindergarten.
I worry about all my kids but she is the one that I worry about the most. Her dad and I divorced when she was 5 and it was ugly. She saw and heard much more than she should have. She is my child that doesn't tell you when she is upset or when something bothers her. She just has a total meltdown out of the blue.
She recently went to a summer camp and one of the counselor's told me how loving and caring she was to a child that was a few years younger and was being picked on. She has a kind heart and tends to be nice when she shouldn't. This is just one reason that I am so worried about her going to Middle School.

This pic is a prime example of how sweet she can be. We met this lady on a tour at St. Thomas and Aubree loved her. She just had to have her pic made with her. 
I feel like they go from Elementary School with recess and they get to wear shorts and there's little kids there and then BAM...here you go...no more shorts, no recess, big 8th grade kids who are doing whatever kids in 8th grade do these days. It's like a culture shock! I remember those years. They were some of the most awkward years of my life.
Her only worry is being able to work the lock on her locker...something else that is new. I am hoping and praying that she will make some good friends and focus on  her grades and balance it well enough to participate in extracurricular activities. I am sure that she will already know a lot of the kids there but the Elementary School she attended has no Middle School so she is going to the one in the next town.
I have thought today about when I started 6th grade. I remember that school year very well. I met my husband that year and he was the first boy to call me. I was so embarrassed when my dad came and asked why a boy was calling me. I remember him saying 'boys are gross." Yeah...ok, dad.
Say a little prayer for Aubree, please. We really need this to be a great school year!
Pre-school graduation 
 Loving on Carter
 Family lunch. Before Caleb.
 Gatlinburg trip

80's day


  1. She's so cute!!!! I'm glad you are experiencing middle school this year so you can help prepare us next year! :)

  2. Sending prayers for the 6th grader and mommy! I hope she (and you!) have a great day!

  3. Saying prayers for you and Aubree for this year. Oh my my my, 6th grade...Yea. It was a culture shock for me too. And I remember worrying about my lock too, lol. And it really did feel like high school. No more recess or teachers giving you a little slack at all. Changing classes and more responsibility. What a big year. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers this year. B will be going through some of that same stuff next year too.

  4. As, she's adorable!! Good luck Aubrey! I hope this year is great! Such a big step! I feel for you mama!

  5. She is a doll and it sounds like she takes after her mama. How was her first day?

  6. We got Annabeth A lock with letters that go across. It was easier than 2 turns right 1 turn left, etc. praying that

  7. We got Annabeth A lock with letters that go across. It was easier than 2 turns right 1 turn left, etc. praying that

  8. She is going to be great! She looks like such a great kid!

  9. So sweet! EK had her first Meet-the-Teacher today for Day School. I cried when I left the house to take her.. I can't imagine how I will feel when she is actually in grade school.

  10. She is such a gem!!!

    I've nominated you for a sunshine award!