Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 teeth, a helicopter, and a birthday celebration =)

Wow! Just getting a chance to update about last week and here it is the end of another week!

When I woke up Monday afternoon so Brian could go to work, my little Caleb smiled at me and there were 2 little pearly whites gleaming at me. They're so pretty. =) He's a much happier little fellow now. He's decided that he likes rice cereal too. So we are going to let him get good and used to it for several days then we may try a different solid. No rush though. He's definitely thriving well and he's our last little one.
Caleb is 5 months old!

On Wednesday afternoon, I got the baby settled in for a nap and Carter was watching "his show" so I thought I would try to sneak in a moment on the internet. Nope. Not gonna happen. Why? Because a helicopter landed practically in my backyard. Carter, being the son of an aircraft mechanic is slightly obsessed with all aircraft so you can only imagine his excitement. Of course we had to go outside and check it out. It was a moment Carter will never forget. He talks about the helicopter everyday now. I will never forget him yelling across the yard "Hey, who got hurted?"
The wing
Spending an afternoon outside. And yes, Carter is in his pajamas. We spend lots of time in our pajamas here.
Caleb with his book
Carter and his newest toy, "Mr. Tatoehead"

Aubree will be 10 years old on March 11. It's so hard to believe. We celebrated her birthday here over the weekend. She and I went shopping. We spent an hour in Justice. We had her favorite things for dinner, ribs, baked potatoes, rolls, and of course, birthday cake.
Happy Birthday, Aubree!
Carter wanted to help blow out the candles.

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  1. I can't believe she's 10!! I hope she had a great birthday, and I have a little something for her, too =)