Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Clampett's Go to The Bellagio-Day 2 Anniversary Trip

We were so excited to make our flight to Vegas. We could've cared less that we didn't get seats together because we were so close to having to take separate flights. So what if I sat with a Russian man and woman who were probably talking about me the entire flight! 

The flight was pretty good. We experienced some moderate turbulence over Nebraska but other than that it was smooth and pretty scenic. We had a great pilot that would tell us where we were every now and then and told us when we were flying over the Grand Canyon and The Hoover Dam. 

Nebraska. If I were a Midwestern girl I'd def be a Nebraska football fan!


Not sure but it looked cool.

Near the Grand Canyon. You could see it from the left side of the plane. I was on the right praying for people to stay seated because I was afraid of a shift in weight. Haha! 

Grand Canyon vicinity 

Near Hoover Dam

I bet you'll never guess what our first discussion was after landing. Did you say food? If so you're correct! We had to starve for a little while though. We wanted to rent a car and you have to catch a bus at the airport and ride to the car rental place. After we got our Kia we headed to Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Approaching the strip!

We were way too hungry to check in to our room and way too hungry to wait a long time for our meal. In and Out Burger was on my Vegas bucket list so we figured it was a good time for that.
So after cursing our GPS and getting all turned around AND Brian smacking me in the head twice while stretching his arm in that tiny car we found In and Out Burger.

It was PACKED!

But they had a lot of people working there so it didn't take very long.

The best fast food burger I've had. Sorry Steak N' Shake! 

After stuffing our faces we headed to The Bellagio to check in. We weren't sure about parking but were told we would get free valet. We felt like some rich folks! Check in was very smooth. It took about 15 minutes which is not bad around 2:30 in the afternoon in Vegas. 

The room. Beautiful! It was modern and had lots of blue. My favorite color. The bathroom had Italian marble floors and had a separate  shower and bathtub.

 I can't believe I didn't take pics of the room. Here's Brian chillaxin' on the bed.

We had an amazing view. The Bellagio is known for the dancing fountains out front. They go off every 30 minutes and channel 22 in our room played the music they danced to. You can also see them from the strip and the music is played as well. 


The fountains at night.

We were across the street from The Paris.

The Bellagio

After watching the fountains we started putting our clothes away. We noticed a refrigerator that had small bottles if just about every whiskey or liquor that you can imagine, red and white wine, coca cola, bottled water, OJ...of course we knew the stuff wasn't free. 

We also knew the stuff was probably super expensive. We decided to just set it out on the counter while our wine and liquor chilled for a couple hours. 

Just as I removed the last drink from the refrigerator I noticed a little red light flash under it. "S**T!!!!!" Ummm...yes, this high tech fridge charged you anytime a drink moved. We figured housekeeping did some kind of inventory erry'day and restocked it. Wrong!

I started putting the drinks back...QUICKLY while Brian called the front desk to let them know how sorry we were and it wouldn't happen again! She said she noticed our entire fridge had been emptied and was like $600 but she would clear it for us. Needless to say, we didn't touch it for the remainder of the weak out of fear of knocking something over!

Next were the snacks on the counter. I'm talking $10 m&m's and gummy bears. I told Brian not to touch them but the man would press a huge red button that says do not touch in bold print. I saw him checking it out and he said the tray holding the snacks wasn't plugged in and so he picked up a box of gummy bears and flash goes the red light. Geez! It's The Clampett's go to The Bellagio!

$10 gummy bears anyone?

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. There are 5 to choose from along with a bar and a pool cafe. I drank Miami Vice's all week long during pool time. 

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Battista's Hole in the Wall that my friend, Meredith, recommended. It's just behind the Flamingo and is a Vegas must! My dinner was $24.95 and Brian's $28.95 and included red or white wine, soup or salad, delicious bread, a little short old Italian man that comes to your table and serenades you while playing the accordion, and a cup of cappuccino following dinner. It was wonderful! 

We sat in a romantic corner booth. 

After dinner we were pretty exhausted. We played on the slot machines for a little while then headed off to bed. Our first day in Vegas was great!

Ever had a refrigerator incident like ours? Love Miami Vice's? Ever had In-N-Out Burger?


  1. You make me wanna go to Vegas soooo bad!

  2. In & Out Burger is the BEST!!! I've only had it once in California. If it ever came anywhere near NJ it'd be a huge problem for me. Sounds like a good trip so far. :)

  3. That is crazy about the mini fridge and snacks. I wish you could request to not have that stuff in the room at all! I love Vegas and cannot wait to go back!

  4. We had an incident like the fridge on a family trip to California. My mom was taking Ambien at the time and woke up in the middle of the night. She ate a $10 bag of M&M's and had NO idea! We all just woke up and my dad was like, "who at the bag of M&M's" and my brother, mom and me all denied it. haha.

  5. Omg you crack me up! The Clampetts do Vegas! That is how it would be if we went too, haha.

  6. OMG- The Clampetts do the Bellagio! Hilarious! I cannot believe that ish was that high tech!! CRAZY!

    Give me that burger and fries please!

  7. This is hilarious :) And what's a Miami Vice?? MMMmmmmm In and Out...I would break some serious calorie rules if that was in any town I lived!!

  8. Go Huskers!! haha I just had In-n-out burger a couple months ago and it was soo good. I was surprised. I stayed in the Paris when I was in Vegas but loved the water show at your hotel..wish I could have seen it at night. I want to go back there again! Glad they cleared your bill...that would be awful!!

  9. That's awesome that you stayed at the bellagio! I'm jealous. :) glad you enjoyed the restaurant!!

  10. My husband and I honeymooned in Vegas...back in 1997. I'd love to go again! Thanks for the tip about the fridge and snacks. Ha!


  11. I'm so glad there aren't any In & Out's here - I'd be in trouble! I've never been to Vegas but I've heard about those fridge's...LOL, crazy! Looks like you guys had a great anniversary trip! :D